pvc insulated PVC sheathed fire-resisting control cable

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1.Short circuit and the fault will be avoided in a period when cable is burned directly
2.Protect circuits and control the loop

Rated voltage:450/750v
Cross-sectional area: (2-8)*(0.75~10mm2), 9*1mm2, 10*(0.75-10mm2), (12,14)*(0.75-6mm2, (16-61)*(0.75-2.5mm2)
The highest rated working temperature: 70°C
Excellent electrical performance, resistance to chemical corrosion
They can stand advisable traction when laid
Protect circuits and control the whole loop
Short circuit and the fault will be avoided in a period when cable is burned directly
Used in construction, industrial,mining,power station...

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Q:how do you reconnect the speedometer cable on a 1987 Toyota Supra?
Hi If the car has cruise control, you will need to check three connections 1. Check to see if thr cable is connected to the speedometer via the firewall. 2. Check to see if the cable is connected to the cruise control speed unit 3. Check to see if the second cable is connected to the cruise control speed unit. if all of these cables are connected, then you will have to check the last connection near the transmission where the cable enters the trannny. This will require jacking the car up to get under the vehicle.
Q:Does anyone know how to program a Time Warner cable box remote control?
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Q:PC-DVD ROM drive no audio output cable?
Actually if your computer is recent vintage (last 5 years or so) probably even older than that, You don't need the cable. If you mark it as a digital sound output in the control panel Under SystemHardwaredevice manager you don't need a cable. Actually this will probably happen automatically when the device is detected by the OS. Computers have actually not used the 4 pin cable in a good while. Most people think they need it but their computer has already marked the device as digital so the cable isn't in use anyway. The system will transfer the sound as digital data through the drive cable to the sound card. Thats one of the things DMA is used for. You only need the cable if you want to do an inferior analog sound connection to the sound card. I have two drives in my rig both DVD and they both work fine as a digital device. If you really want one go to any computer shop where they build computer's and they probably have spares. Or try an electronics store. I am assuming you have XP or later or even Linux.
Q:Will the usb camera long when the monitor, you can access an external power Well? (5V)
There is no law, is based on the number of straight up the site to set the equipment
Q:Outboards, how do the remote controls work?
Q:Power cable, signal cable, control cable laying laying specification
Water pipe wall thickness is much. Can withstand more than .8MPa pressure line pipe wall is very books, can not bear pressure
Q:Is the RVV model cable a control cable?
The RVV model cable does not belong to the control cable. The RVV model indicates a lightweight PVC insulated sheath cord. KVV (KVVR), KVVR (control cable), KVV22 (armored control cable) KYJV, KGG, etc., usually K, that control cable.
Q:How to program Time Warner Cable remote to change sound system volume.?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How to program Time Warner Cable remote to change sound system volume.? I bought a sound system for my TV and wish for the volume control on the cable remote to control the volume on the sound system instead of the TV volume. How do i do this.
Q:can I watch cable tv on my pc?
You didn't say if your pc has a tv tuner program on it. If it does then I believe you can watch tv on your pc or at least recored to your pc and watch later. Without the tv tuner you can only load am much of the program as you have RAM, so the program stops ever few seconds to clear the RAM and reload it. I don't have the tv tuner on my pc and I have tried to watch tv programs direct from the network sites. It might work different if you hook up the cable to you pc.
Q:Can someone please help me with installing 2 VCR's to one TV?
television has 2 scart sockets a million is going from digital field to television a million is going from disc participant to television then your television could swap right away to disc mode once you swap the disc participant on or you will could use source button on distant to observe a different participant

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