pvc insulated PVC sheathed fire-resisting control cable

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description
1.Short circuit and the fault will be avoided in a period when cable is burned directly
2.Protect circuits and control the loop

Rated voltage:450/750v
Cross-sectional area: (2-8)*(0.75~10mm2), 9*1mm2, 10*(0.75-10mm2), (12,14)*(0.75-6mm2, (16-61)*(0.75-2.5mm2)
The highest rated working temperature: 70°C
Excellent electrical performance, resistance to chemical corrosion
They can stand advisable traction when laid
Protect circuits and control the whole loop
Short circuit and the fault will be avoided in a period when cable is burned directly
Used in construction, industrial,mining,power station...

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Q:how to use ir blaster to control cable box?
Use that when you play the game Good luck!
Q:How can I access my cable TV at home from my computer?
try this link for information, the gadget is designed especially for this and is relatively inexpensive.
Q:What is the difference between cable KVV and VV?
KVVR cable is PVC insulated and sheathed control flexible cable, core number up to 64 cores. BVVR lightweight PVC sheathed flexible cable BVR is PVC insulated flexible wire BVV is a lightweight PVC sheathed cable, RVV light PVC sheathed cord, above are copper wire,
Q:Staticy sounding cable?
Time Warner cable boxes DO HAVE THEIR OWN VOLUME CONTROL. So crank it back up all the way to maximum, but make sure your TV's VOLUME is set to 1/3 scale so you don't blow your eardrums. TV -- volume down to 1/3 CABLE -- Volume set to maximum.
Q:Use Cable Remote to control DVD player!! HELP!!?
Did you get a manual with the remote? Are you even sure the cable remote is even programmable?
Q:Auxiliary cable question?
I hope your using a external box of some sort as a tuner like a cable or satellite set top box.If so, you can draw the audio off that device to send to your Bose system. If your already using the A/V out of a tuner box, you can either use the Bose as your primary audio system or use anything as cheap as Y cables to split the audio or as nice as a proper distribution amplifier dependent on your budget. If your cable goes in direct to your TV or your using antenna TV, Its a bit of a Challenge. I'd suspect your best bet in that case would be to buy a new TV.
Q:1989 caprice. intake manifold was replaced and the car aint shifting right, is it the TV cable?
I detect a problem receiving channel 6, move your antenna a little to the right. I have to say that I have been a mechanic for 40 years and have never seen a car with a TV cable, unless you are talking about the cables hooked to TV's found in limousines and heavy trucks. Transmission kickdown cable is what you are trying to talk about. The only adjustment is that: at wide open throttle the cable is fully pulled. Upshifting and downshifting issues are controlled by this cable (adjust as mentioned) the arc the end of the cable operates at (the rate at which it is pulled by the throttle) which there is little you can do with your backyard conversion, and the transmission modulator valve.
Q:what is the difference between pilot cable and control cable in high voltage electrical engineering?
Control okorder
Q:2002 ford escape stuck in reverse?
Just get a really good rear view mirror.
Q:My TV set makes me use 2 remote controls?
Read the remote's instructions, or buy a new universal remote.

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