PVC insulated control cable

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Product Description:

I. Product properties:

1. The products shall comply with GB9330-88 national standards.
2. The cable can withstand high voltage test with AC frequency and voltage of 50Hz and 3000V for 5 minutes.
3.After the insulated wire core is soaked for one hour, it can withstand high voltage tests and would not be breakdown.

II. Using characteristics:
1. This product is applied to the conditions with AC rated voltage of 450/750V (Uo / U) or DC 1000V and below to control, monitor loop and to protect wires and other occasions.
2. The long-term maximum operating temperature for the cables should be 70 .
3. The working voltage of cables should be no more than 1.1 times the rated voltage.

Type and Specification:
The main use scope
Copper core PVC insulated polyethylene sheathed control cable
To be laid indoors, in cable trench, pipelines and fixed places
Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed braided shield control cable
To be laid indoors, in cable trench, pipelines and other fixed places requiring shielding
Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed steel armored control cable
To be laid indoors, in cable trench, pipelines, directly buried places and fixed places that can withstand great external forces
Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed control flexible cable
To be laid in indoor places demanding being soft and mobile and other places
Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed braided shield control cable
To be laid in indoor place demanding being soft and mobile and other places requiring shielding
Rated voltage
Conductor Nominal cross-section mm2
Number of cores

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Q:Laptop power cable won't stay connected?
the power plug is damaged and will have to be replaced the cost about 90 to 125 dollars. look at it and make sure if it is the plug or the socket
Q:Will a 2-Prong US to Spain Power Adapter work with my 3 Prong Laptop Power Cable?
The third is a ground, you should try and find an adapter that will accept a 3 prong plug. It' s not necessary, but its good to have. Your laptop should accept the voltage, look on the power adapter thing inline with the cord and look to see what its voltage rating is. It should have a bunch of written stuff , one of the lines will say input AC 100-240v 1.5A or something similar. If it does not read 100-240 but instead reads 110v, then DO NOT plug it in, the second you do it will break. my friends plugged in an xbox to a 220 volt system, they didn't even turn it on, something exploded inside almost immediately.
Q:Can you use any power cable with any amp?
It means that it has 300 watts of power . Thats a lot of power. 120VAC means that you connect it to a regular wall plug. If you can connect it to the amp and the wall socket , you got yourself an amp.
Q:Can I use the power cable to my laptop AC in countries with 240V?
usually most all computers made within the last 5 years automatically work overseas. However, don't assume that. I would think because it has a sticker.... it means that it may only take 125V so don't push it. To be safe just pick up a converter at the store. Walmart has them for about 10 dollars or less. Make sure you read the package to find out if it does change the voltage!!!
Q:Where is a good spot to run my power cable for an amp?
In that vehicle the battery is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment. There should be a large, rectangular rubber grommet located at the front of the passenger side footwell, with a large wire bundle running through it. I usually route the power wire through that grommet, or drill a hole right next to it. It's important to carefully route and secure the wire in the engine compartment so it can't touch hot or moving engine parts. You'll also want to make sure you seal up the hole around the power wire because it's easy for water to get in at that location.
Q:please any one tell me the formula to find the current capacity of power cables?
The area of a cable is the CMA (circular mil area). The attached link shows calculations for conductors like house wiring. Ampacity varies not only by CMA but material and temperature.
Q:where do i plug in the six pin power cable?
follow your power supply unit (PSU) main loom and try to find one that is the same on the video card if there is not one you should have at least one of those 4 pin ones it is usally white or black about 5mm thick and 25mm wide you can get adaptor plugs I had to get some for my new video card just goto to a decent computer store and they will have them I paid about $4 for each and they had 2X6pin from the one adaptor plug
Q:Which guitar amp cable do I use?
A power cable is a power cable. The end.
Q:Why are there differant ends to the power cable on the xbox 360?
cause they felt like makeing them different
Q:The TV shows no signal. The What is the reason for this?
We usually say how many square millimeters (wire) refers to the cross-sectional area of the wire core, that is, according to the diameter of the core calculated cross-sectional area. The larger the cross-sectional area of the wire, the greater the capacity of the power transmission.

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