PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable

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Product Description:

PVC Insulated PVC sheathed power cable

Standards: GB/T 12706-2008; IEC60502

Rated voltage (Uo/U): 0.6/1KV

Single core/ Multi-core, 0.6/1KV;

PVC Insulated and PVC sheathed;

Copper or aluminum conductors, 70℃/90℃;

Main conductor type: stranded/compacted;

The minimum bending radius details as follows(D: overall diameter; d: conductor diameter):

  1. Single core without armoured: 20(D+d)+-5%;

  2. Multi-core without armoured: 15(D+d)+-5%;

  3. Single core with armoured: 15(D+d)+-5%;

  4. Multi-core with armoured: 12(D+d)+-5%




It applies to lay in the place such as power station, subway, tunnel, high building, industrial,

oil field, mining-site and so on.



TypeNo. of coresNominal conductor area(mm2)

VV: Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable;

VLV: Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable;

VV22: Copper conductor PVC insulated SWA PVC sheathed power cable;

VLV22: Aluminum conductor PVC insulated SWA PVC sheathed power cable.

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Q:Will a PS3 power cable work with a PS2 slim?
No, the PS2 slim has a different plug than other PlayStation systems. if you'll notice, It has a brick and the PS3 one doesn't.
Q:What size gage is the PS3 Power cable?
some PS3s have widely used ability grant. to comprehend which one you have you're able to desire to open it. in case you do not choose to open it (and void the guarantee) - use ability converter. notice: for PS3 you would be wanting a minimum of four hundred Watt. As for ability cable itself - relies upon on the socket on your ability converter.
Q:could I use an 8-pin PCIe power cable for 8-pin m/b or not?
Q:My fuse holder melted and power cable is hot to the touch...what is going on?
to much electricity going throught the wire u need thicker wire try 0 gauge
Q:Amplifier power cable?
I love bass. But don't put a system in that car. I don't believe in doing that to classic cars.
Q:is using an extention cord for car amplifer power cable safe?
It's not the voltage you should be concerned about. It's the amperage. The amperage is lower on a house ~a/c system b/c the voltage is higher; that is the electricity moves faster. Another thing noteworthy is it can be more than 12V, when your car is on the pwer is coming from the Alternator not the battery. I wouldn't go with anything less than 8 gauge wire at the least. Go to radio shack or the auto parts store and buy it bulk off the spool should only cost 10 bucks for 6-8 ft. . Good luck
Q:PS3 power cable question?
ok. the PS3 uses a standard 3 prong plug, similar to what your PC would use. plug that in, and then into the wall. older PS3's also have a power switch right above the power cord. you have to turn the system on here. after you filp the switch, the PS3 enters standby mode. on to your controller you should have gotten a very short usb cable. the larger end plugs into the system.the smaller into the controller. push the PS button on the center of your controller to sync it. it should go from 4 flashing lights to one. then, it should steady flash position 1 to show that it is charging. one it is charged, or when the usb cable is removed, you should get a steady light. no flashes.
Q:When talking about power supply's, what is Modular Cabling?
if okorder.com... you will notice on the back of the psu it has connects for all sort of power supply connections, atx, sata, etc just means u can use a certain amount of power cables, modular cabling for psu's is just done by case modders
Q:Why does car Audio power cable have such thick insulation?
Some car audio power cables have extra-thick insulation because the manufacturer is trying to sell them as larger than the actual wire gauge. These types of rip-off amp kits are often sold by online vendors. Amplifier power cables have to be very flexible, very resistant to temperature extremes, resistant to oil and gas, and they're typically designed to be used in an environment with lots of sharp metal edges. A thick, flexible jacket is preferable to a thin jacket that might crack when it's flexed in cold temperatures.
Q:Power, Resistance of cables?
a three middle 1100 volt cable will choose an insulation resistance of two to three meg-ohms making use of a 1000volt megger tester. the rule of thumb is the cable must have a minimum of one million meg-ohm in preserving with kv score.

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