PVC Insulated And Sheathed Flame Retardant Control cable

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Product Description:

1.     Introudction

This product is used in metallurgy,electric power, petroleum and chemical industry and other industrial and mining enterprises of electric instruments of AC rated voltage (Uo/U) 450/750V and below, signal transmission of the power distribution device, control and measurement system.

2.    specifications


 Voltage class

450/750 V






 Specification range(mm2)

2~61 core: 0.5~10

 Carried Standard

GB/T 19666-2005, GB/T 9330-2008


3.     Charactistics

①   Rated voltage(Uo/U):450/750V

②   The maximum allowed working temperature of the cable conductor:

PVC insulated cable is: 70℃

③   The minimum allowable temperature of cable laying:

PVC sheathed cable: 0℃ ( should be preheated when below the minimum allowed laying temperature).

④   Permissible bending radius of the cable:

Cable with armored or copper tape wrapped shield structure should be no less than 12 times of the cable diameter; the cable of the rest of the structure should be no less than 6 times of the cable diameter.

⑤   The combustion characteristicsof the cable:

Cable of flame retardant should be according to the GB/T 19666-2005 design.

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