TY-ZBR Self -regulating Heating Cable

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1.TY-ZBR Self-regulating heating cable

 Theproducts are imported from ISOPAD Company in U.K.; one of the major electricsurfaces heating companies in the world. The product are manufactured accordingto BS standard of British and has been approved by EECS, The products qualitycome to the recently world advanced stage.

 Theproducts power drop(self-limiting) is very small and long-lived; It canauto-adjust the power output to the varying conditions along the pipe.Self-limiting properties occurs at every point the length of cable, Theself-limiting effect allows the cable to be overlapped without creating hotspots or burnout. It is suitable for requiring heating-trace in comprehensiveheat field.



3.ISL,  PSL self-limiting cable heating construction(See chart)

ISL, PSL is suitable for industrial applications where temperatureexcursions to 85℃(185℃)or process temperature maintenanceto 65℃(120℃)may be experienced and can be cutat any point to fit paperwork, Owing to self-limiting properties. It produces auniform heat field. It has been widely used in power stations, offshoreinstallations, pert-chemical, building services and food processing. It hasordinary range (口/TC-口)and strengthen range(口/TC-口).Ordinary range is suitable for use in non-hazardous areas andstrengthen range is suitable for use in hazardous areas.


Watts per meter: W/m

With tinned copper over braid (ordinaryrange)

With tinned copper over braid and oversheath (strengthen range Self-limiting heating cable

ISL:Low temp range PSL:High temp range

Example: ISL/TC-36: 220V 36W/m Low-temp self-limiting heating cable

PSL/T-54: 220V 54W/m High-temp self-limiting heating cable.



Service voltage:200V

Dielectric test:2.5kV/min

Insulation resistance: >500MΩ

Minimum bend radius:19mm

Min install temp:-40℃

7.Heat outputcurves

 Maxwithstand temperature:ISL:85℃ PSL:185℃

 Maxmaintenance temperature:ISL:65℃ PSL:120℃

Rated power output:ISL:30W/m,20W/m ,10W/m PSL: 54W/m.36W/m ,18W/m

8.Fuse/ circuitbreaking sizing

9.Installation method


1. The selection and installation of the power cable, Use copper wire, cross-sectional area≥1.5cm2. It’s better to choose low smoke and non halogen wire. The connection wire of power cable should be divided into the following color :

1, Phase - the same as the power color

2, N line - Blue insulated wire

3, PE line - Interphase as green and yellow insulated wire

10.Joint method of power cable and heating cable


Firstly deal with heating cable conductor leader insulation. Then deal with the power and heating cable conductor joint according to the electrical wiring rules.


1, Firstly, cut the end, separate the end and the conductor, attention: The end of two conductors is strictly prohibit articulated.

2, Using high-pressure self-adhesive tape wrapped end to 2cm, then wrapping one more layer with PVC waterproof tape, prevent high-pressure self-adhesive tape shedding and aging.


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Q:How do I find out what my wire is rated for my electrical wire?
I think an easy way to measure your wire would be to: 1) Go to the panel box and shut off the breaker. Lock it out in case someone decides to turn it on again when you are working on it. 2) Take off the Faceplate to the receptacle. Pull out the receptacle and use a pair of wire strippers to measure the wire gauge of the wire. 3) If the wire is 8awg or smaller it should be replaced with 6 awg wire. Some info from the National Electrical Code: 210.19(A)(1) Branch circuit conductors shall (this means mandatory) have an ampacity not less than the maximum load to be served. Table 310.16 shows that 8 awg is rated for 40 amps and 6 awg is rated for 55 amps. 210.19(A)(3) Exception number 2; A neutral conductor of a 3 wire branch circuit supplying a household range shall have an ampacity of not less than 70 percent of the branch circuit rating and shall not be smaller than 10 awg. This is because on a 120/240 3 wire branch circuit the neutral conductor carries only the unbalanced current between the two hot leads. To calculate this multiply 50 amps X .70. So your neutral conductor needs only to be rated for 35 amps. An 8 awg wire would suffice for the neutral. What is the nameplate rating of your range?
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If the opening you desire to plug into does not have the rest engaged on that circuit; you are able to likely try this. you should verify that the full amps of the warm water heater is under 12 Amps for a 15 Amp circuit and sixteen Amps for a 20 Amp circuit. in case you're able to try this for specific than take a 12 gauge extension twine shrink off the receptacle end and take the black and white wires in the twine hook it as much as the two wires from the warm water heater by using twisting the wires mutually and putting on a yellow or orange cord nut (one cord nut consistent with connection.) Do a similar for the two floor or green wires if there's a floor cord coming from the water heater. Plug it in it is going to artwork.
Q:How many squares of wires are used in ten
With a certainly no problem, but with four minimum also about 6A, and the other if the power to the camera is too long, then the line loss is too large may not work, the four monitoring head away from the proposed independent power supply
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I think only the electric company is allowed to do anything related to the overhead wires. Utilities control everything up to the Power Meter (the spinning wheel that shows power useage), and electricians deal with everything from circuit breaker to outlets. As for cost, probably in the 1000-1500 range for about 1-2 hours work because the utilities are uncontested. That's just my rough guess, but it won't be some 50 dollars and you're done type deal.
Q:Should a 13-year old boy be working with electrical wiring?
As long as you are good at it and you are very careful in doing it, i say do it. but before that, tell an elder person to stay with you and help you at least because you are still growing up. and if anything went wrong you should stop immediately, and i'am saying this from the bottom of my heart there should be an elder person with you.
Q:Why do birds sit on telephone and electrical wires?
They are social creatures and likely to hang out where everyone else does - like people! They tend to gather in flocks too. If it's near intersections my guess would be that's because it's between two clear fly zones, where there are not tall trees or buildings to get in their way as they fly. They like to stay relatively close to the ground for warmth, water, food, actionand wires are everywhere so they are used to hanging out there. Another thoughtPeople are not going to bother them or threaten them if they are sitting on electrical or telephone wires - those birds who sat there learned that, and the birds who chose the buildings and windowsills didn't fare as well. The survivors spread the wisdom to their offspring (a Darwinian explanation, but makes sense even if you're not a Darwinian).
Q:What could cause a odor of electrical wires burning in microwave?
a towel can leave that smell
Q:I need to buy some skinny colorful electrical wire for an art project?
A lot of times your local hardware store will have stuff like this that the big boxes don't stock.

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