Fire-resistant Environmental Protection Power Cable

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Product Description:

0.6/1kv Halogen-free Low Smoke Low Toxicity Flame Retardant and Fire-resistant Environmental Protection Power Cable


The material of filler and tape is low smoke,halogen free and flame retardant material.



The product is manufactured according to "Extruded insulation power cable and accessories for rated voltage from 1kV to 35 kV" of GB/T 12706-2008 and "General rule for flame retardant and fire-resistant wire and cable"of GB/T 19666-2005. Meanwhile, the cable can be manufactured according to IEC, BS, DIN and AS when customer needs.



The cable is suitable for power transmission and distribution and can be used in construction, large mall, hospital, gymnasium, station, subway, port, wharf and other public places.


Operating Characteristics

Low smoke, halogen free and flame retardant property:

The product has excellent electrical performance and mechanical and physical performance. It is flame retardant, halogen free, low smoke low toxicity and without lead, cadmium,phosphorus. The gas emitted has little harm to people and surrounding facilities, so it has high safety. Meanwhile, it will not pollute the environment for using and abandoning.

                                                                     Low Toxicity Flame Retardant and Fire-resistant




Smoke Density

Min Light Transmittance




≤, us/mm

Flame Retardant Level

Toxicity Index




A, B, C

< 5


 Operating temperature of conductor: 90 ℃;

Allowable operating temperature for long time: 90 ℃;

Max operating temperature when short circuit occurs(max duration should be no more than 5S):250 ℃;

Ambient temperature when laying: no less than 0 ℃

Min. bending radius: no less than 15 times the outer diameter

Single core cable: 20(D+d)+5%             Multi-core cable: 15 (D+d)+5%

D=outer diameter of cable

d=outer diameter of cable conductor


Type & Designation of cable 








Copper core XLPE insulated LSHF flame retardant environment friendly power cable




Aluminum core XLPE insulated LSHF flame retardant environmental protection power cable





Copper core XLPE insulated LSHF flame retardant environmental protection fire resistant power cable




Copper core XLPE insulated steel tape armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection power cable




Aluminum core XLPE insulated steel tape armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection





Copper core XLPE insulated steel tape armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection fire resistant power cable




Copper core XLPE insulated steel wire armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection power cable




Aluminum core XLPE insulated steel wire armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection





Copper core XLPE insulated steel wire armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection fire resistant power cable



Range of production


No. of cores


2, 3, 4, 5

3+1, 3+2, 4+1

Unarmoured(Nom. Cross sectional of areas: mm²)




Armoured(Nom. Cross sectional of areas: mm²)








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Q:What is the difference between ZR-RVV and ZR-KVV cables?
Most of the current use of CPVC, PVC as the base material, into other polymer materials to improve the high toughness of the high-voltage power cable sheathing. Mainly used for cable laying to guide and protect the cable when the role.
Q:What is the design of the Chinese-style exhibition hall?
There is no BVVR model in the standard specification! KVVR conductor is the fifth kind of conductor and RV, BVR than the second kind of conductor is much more soft.
Q:Attention all neuroscientists: If the brain is just a bunch of electrical wiring why is there learning?
The says that each thing could nicely be envisioned and defined via technological awareness. this is somewhat regularly occurring that our brains artwork like a gadget in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it does not end there. this is regularly occurring that connections of Neron's and rely are happening each and all the time and while one short circuits then the suggestions will discover yet another direction to take. the electrical powered shocks in case you will from one stem to the different is fairly like the firing of a piston and spark plug interior the vehicle. It does not merely take place, mixed products make this reaction inflicting a firing. It does not pass away merely transfers into something else that if broken down could nicely be scientifically defined. i somewhat have faith interior the darwin, mechanic, scientific motives of existence, the universe and each thing else, yet there is no denying that there is something that makes me unique and distinctive from all of us else, and that i do no longer think it may all be defined away with the concept our atmosphere and up bringing and dna explains our character. sure all of it impacts it, yet there is something that over rides mechanicinism and evolution that sits interior the backtrack my head that proclaims it is what makes me me.
Q:How about the decoration wiring charges, about how much?
If it is DV machine, SONY camera are called ilink interface, the 1394 line (also called FireWire, buy the card when the card), connected to the computer with a 1394 interface can be. If it is H Geng ridge bluntly plaster Huan lan Ili camera, with the video line of the collection. Need to buy a video line with the input function of the video capture card. If there is no other video editing software, XP comes with WindowsMovieMaker can also be competent. I hope to help you.
Q:copper is better than aluminum in electrical wiring because.?
Aluminum and copper are both very good electrical conductors. Aluminum is less expensive and lighter in weight, and is preferred in higher voltage industrial/utility applications. But in residential applications, copper is preferred. The reason for this has to do with two metallurgical properties of aluminum. First, aluminum corrodes, and the corroded aluminum is an insulator. Unfortunately, aluminum corrodes very quickly, and the corrosion is not visibly obvious. As a result. corrosion can be present in a connection involving aluminum conductors, and this corrosion can lead to localized heating in the connection. The other problem is 'cold flow' - specifically, that when aluminum is placed under pressure, it will gradually conform to whatever physical constraint caused that pressure in a way that leads to a reduction in pressure. When connections are made to aluminum conductors, this characteristic causes those connections to gradually loosen over time as the aluminum 'flows' out of the joint. When aluminum is used in industrial or utility applications, special connectors are used that incorporate springs that maintain clamping pressure on the connection in spite of the tendency of the aluminum to 'flow'. In addition, a conductive grease, basically high-quality petroleum-based grease containing fine particles of zinc is use in the connection. The zinc particles pierce through the surface corrosion on the aluminum to assure that the connection is electrically sound. Unfortunately, these techniques aren't very practical in residential wiring applications. Hence. most building codes discourage the use of aluminum wiring in homes.
Q:What is the safety distance between the bridge and the bridge?
Cross-sectional area * length * density = mass such as: 1 m YJV-1KV-3 * 90 cable 3 * 90 * 1 * 0.0089 = 2.403KG
Q:Can I Wire an Electrical outlet off a Switch?
Turn the light OFF. Check the COM (or Common) or C terminal of the switch you want to draw power from (typically black wire). If the light is OFF but you have power on the COM, then you wire that to the brass screws on the receptacle. You wire the white wires that are connected together in the box the switch came out of to the steel colored screws. There is another scenario where you have a 3-wire going to each of the switches, and the power comes from the fixture box but you would handle that the same way. Note that this solution may NOT meet your local code, and whether the reptacle works for your application depends on what you plug into it. You should hire a professional electrician if you don't understand how wire sizing and amperage loads work.
Q:How to distinguish between high and low voltage power cables
Control cable transmission is the signal, the current is relatively small (that is, the conductor cross-section is small), the voltage range is narrow (450/750 ~ 10KV), cable core number is more, from 2 core ~ 61 core, or even more Control cable also uses a variety of core structure, shielding and other measures to obtain a satisfactory electromagnetic compatibility
Q:if the electrical wiring in your apartment catches fire out of nowhere, can you sue?
the fire department has ways to prove who`s fault it is. Or if it was an accident. if some one is to blame there is room for a law suit!
Q:House is bank owned, wires clipped from electrical box, missing copper pipes from furnace?
by the time you are done you are going to spend about 10k. why are you even thinking about this? the bank should be fixing it, not you.

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