Mineral Insulated Power Cable for Building and Construction

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Product Description:

Mineral Insulated Power Cable for Building and Construction

Product Description

Mineral Insulated Cable Structure

Mineral insulated cable named fireproof cable or copper core copper sheath magnesium oxide insulation fireproof cable.It named MI cable in abroad. Mineral insulated cables are composed of high conductivity copper conductor, inorganic magnesium oxide insulation, seamless copper sheath. When the cables is used in corrosion place, it can be add a layer of PVC plastic sheath on the outermost layer, and it can be add a layer of sheath which in low smoke, non-halogen any color which conforming to the provisions of the state in building or underground places for beauty purpose or accessible places.

The cable’s continuous working temperature is 250°C. It can be work 3H continuously from 950°C-1000°C. In a short time or emergency period, it can be. work in 1083°C which is the melting point of copper (Magnesium oxide insulation melting point 2800°C).                    

Cable Specification




Nominal   section mm2

Core No.

Rated   voltage(V)



Light   copper cores copper sheath magnesium oxide insulation control cable



500   (450/750)


Light   copper cores copper sheath anticorrosive outside sheath magnesium oxide   insulation control cable


Light   copper cores copper sheath for low smoke, non-halogen, without the sheath   magnesium oxide insulation power cables



Heavy   copper cores copper sheath magnesium oxide insulation control cable

1. 5-400





Heavy   copper cores copper sheath anticorrosive outside sheath magnesium oxide   insulation power cables


Heavy   copper cores copper sheath for low smoke,non-halogen,without the sheath   magnesium oxide insulation electrical cables

Standards and Application Area

Product manufacturing standards


Rated voltage 750 V and the below mineral insulated cables and terminal


Rated voltage 750 V and the below mineral insulated cables and terminal


Rated voltage 750 V and the below mineral insulated cables


Building electrical device-wiring system carrying capacity


Building electrical device-wiring system carrying capacity

Application specification

GB 50016-2006 Fire prevention standard for architectural design

GB50045-1995 Fire prevention standard for tall civil building ( 2005)

DGJ08-93-2002 Fire prevention standard for the cable of civil building

GB 50333-2002 Hospital clean operation Department building technical specifications

JGJ16-2008 Electrical design for civil building

GB50067-1997 Fire protection design for garage, parking

GB 50217-2007 Code for design of cable of electric power engineering

GB/T 13029.1-2003 Marine electrical equipment choice and installation of cables for low-voltage power system

GB 50116-2008 Specification design for automatic fire alarm system

09D101-6 Mineral insulated cable lay

Product Feature

1.Smokeless&non-toxic-ineral insulated cables will not produce any harmful gas. Even the PVC protective sheath is in order to avoid copper sheath corrosive and hurt. It is very thin. The harmful gas which happened after burn is less than the other cables. It is the real green environmental protective product.

2.Big cut discharge:very good economical.Because the thermal conductivity of magnesium oxide is much bigger than the plastic insulated material, the cable can transport more electricity in the same section compare with the other cables. What’s more. the cable can bear considerable overload current. It has less drop let without cellular and sealed bridge protection.

3.Fire proofing,thermostability:the cable can continuous working in 250°C, in emergency duration, it can continuously work in short time under the 1083. Copper sheath will be melting when the temperature reach 1083°C. But the melting point of magnesium oxide insulated material is 2800°C.The cable will not change any level under this temperature. This feature has the special effect in metallurgy and the high temperature environment.

4.Anti-explosion: the cable is composed by seamless copper sheath, and closely compaction magnesium oxide insulation material and copper wire core, it can undergo huge impact from outside, and prevent steam, gas and fire into the electrical equipment which connected with the cable. It can stop chain explosion in chemical and inflammable and explosive environment.

5.Good corrosive resistance:the cable’s copper sheath has the high corrosive resistance. In most cases it is no need to take any additional protective measures. This makes it suitable in chemical corrosive environment specially. In some particular place where has corrosive to the copper sheath(e.g.Ammonia environment),it should be add outside PVC sheath or low-smoke non-halogen sheath.

6.Long service life: it ensures the cable’s stability and long service life because of the fixed features of various materials which made the cable. It can be the permanent facility as it can be use hundreds of years in normal situation.

7.High mechanical strength:this durable cable can withstand the severe mechanical damage, and won’t harm the electric conduction properties.It can still work normally though its diameter reformatted to two-thirds.

8. Reliable earth terminal: no need the separate earth wire to this cable as the copper sheath can play the role.It can provide very good ground resistance so it can save one earth conductor compare with the other cables.

Copper sheathing mineral insulated cable main engineering data sheet

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international wooden drums   or according to your requirement.

Delivery Detail:

In 15days or as the quantity   you required

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1.Free samples can be afford if needed.

2.2 years warranty after selling

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Mineral Insulated Power Cable for Building and Construction

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