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Product Description:

*Specification: Solid conductor PVC insulated Single Core copper Wire


*Standard: 227IEC, BS6004


*Conductor: Copper Conductor or Aluminum Conductor


*Rated Voltage: 450/750V


*Color: Orange


*Package: Coils, Bags, Carton


*Application: Used in electric equipment, household electrical appliances, small electrical tools;


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Q:Why does the electrical current in a wire cause the resistance of the wire to increase?
Temp. increases with increasing current because the wire dissipates more electrical power. P VI I^2*R. At normal temperatures a higher temperature means more resistance because more thermal motion of ions causes scattering of electrons. Scattering is random motion rather than the expected motion in the direction of (electron) current flow. From the ref., Near room temperatures, the thermal motion of ions is the primary source of scattering of electrons (due to destructive interference of free electron wave on non-correlating potentials of ions), and is thus the prime cause of metal resistance. If you are wondering about resistance behavior at lower temperatures, the ref. says At lower temperatures (less than the Debye temperature), the resistance decreases as T^5 due to the electrons scattering off of phonons. At even lower temperatures, the dominant scattering mechanism for electrons is other electrons, and the resistance decreases as T^2. EDIT: You said why does a decrease in the current cause an increase in the resistance; I think you're talking about some nonlinear effect that's typically associated with semiconductors, not metals.
Q:The ignition wire on my 1966 Mustang is hot enough to melt electrical tape, is this normal?If not why?
You really should identify what you mean by ignition wire. However ordinary PVC electrical tape used (say) on spark plug leads, especially near the plugs or distributor ends, will probably come off, just through the heat around the engine, if nothing else. The heat mainly softens the adhesive on the tape, and it unwinds. If you are talking about the wire from the ignition switch to the coil, it is a resistance (ballast) wire, and normally gets warm. However the same comment re the tape applies if the tape is near the ignition coil end.
Q:What gauge or type of electrical wiring do I need to get?
Your best bet is to hire a electrician, willing to do the work. Inquire if they will allow you to do as much of the wiring as they will allow. Have the electrician help you, and instruct you in what to do. It is a big liability for a electrician to hook up your work. They can show you easy ways and legal practices. This would be your best bet get a real professional job, and save some dough. The technician will also have the proper tools and equipment for this kind of work. FYI Don't take on this kind of project without a lot of know how and/or experienced, first hand, advice.
Q:3 * 185 + 1 * 95 What is the price of copper cable? Thank you friends help
Is the charge line is not long enough to unplug the charger plug connected with the charger. Basically nothing to use.
Q:Difference between electrician and an electrical engineer?
To get your journeymans card is never a waste of time. The experience and the Code knowledge you will use as an engineer believe me it comes in handy
Q:2.5 square wire how long is it better?
The easiest and safe way is to buy a standard patch panel, to the big supermarket and other regular stores to buy authentic bull card, the bullet can be the first card. Note that your wall is 16 An outlet, the water heater on the plug to see what is the big, if it is 16 security, then buy a direct 16-inch wiring board can be, if the water heater is 10-amp (2.5 square Of the line, usually 10 An), it would replace the wall outlet or water heater plug, otherwise the size is not the same, can not be inserted.
Q:Electrical wiring problem?
1962 is not that old. You will likely have circuit breakers rather than fuses. Your service entrance must be grounded (or the utility would not have provided service). (1) Your branch circuits should be supplied by BX (armored cable, either AWG#14 or AWG#12) the cable armor is the ground path back to the fuse or breaker panel. If your house is wired with ROMEX (amateur work) the ROMEX (plastic covered cable) it should have three conductors: black, white, and green. Green is the ground conductor. (2) Many Service Entrances (fuse, or circuit breaker distribution panels) are grounded to water mains. However, many water meters are installed with Dresser Couplings (Rubber insulated compression fittings) which are non-conductive. The ground connection must be made on the street side of the water meter (if you use a public water supply). It's more likely that you have a poor ground path than no ground path. Ground rods driven into the earth are helpful but generally poor.
Q:How does information travel through the following media Help!?
Information can be transmitted via several methods: Electromagnetic Pulses. Electrical Waves. Radio Waves. Sound Waves. Light Waves. Now you figure out which goes with each one.
Q:Electrical conduit and wiring?
your question is how many wires will fit in the conduit? your wires should occupy 75% or 3/4 max of the diameter of your conduits (to allow movement) what i do is to take couple of wires and place it inside the conduit, using a plier i push all the wires to one side if they occupy 3/4 of the conduit then thats the max. (some times G14 and 16 wires go into a single conduit). so this is the practical way of measuring how many wires go into your conduit. yeah the other guy is right (you also can use PVC flexible conduits, so you can wire your screen directly to your panel switch. if your local electrical code permits you)
Q:Why do birds sit on telephone and electrical wires?
Many animals, birds among them, are sensitive to magnetic fields, and it's possible the lines you're talking about have just the right amount or kind of field they like. It's also possible there was a grove at that intersection in the past, and their racial memory is respondng to that. Or it could be that there is a large amount fo food in the area, and not enough tree branches nearby.
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Henan,China
Year Established 1997
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Company Certifications CCC;ISO9001-2008;SGS

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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
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Factory Size: 50,000-100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
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