PVC Electric Wire 2 10mm with 450/750V

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China Main Port
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1000 Meters m
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300 Kilometers per Month m/month

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PVC insulated wires belong to the series of laying electric wires, which are mainly suitable for laying at the fixed places. It is widely used as connectors of drive, lighting, electric equipments, instrument and telecommunication equipments with rated voltage 450/750Vor below. Parts of the plastic wires are used at the equipment with AC rated voltage 300/500V or below. Its working temperature is different according to different insulation materials, mainly 70 and 90 degrees temperature, etc. According to the conductor type, it includes solid conductor PVC insulated electrical wire, stranded PVC insulated wire, and flexible PVC insulated wire with different colors. According to shape, it includes flat wire, and round wire with different colors.

According to core number, it includes single core wire, multi-core wire with different colors.

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Q:Will electrical tape work on spark plug wires?
will look stupid
Q:how to keep my kitten from chewing electrical wires that are plugged into outlets?
get her something else for her to chew on!! this happend to me my kitten kept on chewign wires behind the tv so i bought her a scatch post and a few toys and she soon stoped chewign on tthe wires good luck hope i helped :D xx
Q:6000 watts of electrical appliances to be large wire bearing
For example: 1000 watts of light to how much wire ah? I want to install a basketball court stadium lights, 4 × 1000 watts, the line is to walk around, each lamp a switch, FireWire with 4 square copper, zero line four common, is 4 square copper, I do not know Is it possible? What is the price of copper? According to my line to the line of the budget about how much? (The stadium around the 30m × 18m this problem is divided into two cases: the principle of power supply: the distance from the long calculation of the pressure drop, the distance from the short diameter of the wire on the capacity to say that 1000W lights with 1.5 square lines on the line But you have to ensure that there is a voltage of not less than 200V on the target, which requires that the resistance of the wire be less than 20V / 5A = 4 ohms. If the long distance from the power supply, please tell the distance and requirements (with aluminum or copper), I give you a calculation. If the four lights, with three-phase electricity better, two of which Each phase of a lamp, the other phase with two lights, each lamp with 1.5 square feet, zero line with 1.5 square enough. We all know that with three-phase power line is it. If it is single-phase power supply, shared zero Line should be 6 square, this is the design requirements, you can use the amount of fine, no matter what.
Q:How can I get my kitten to stop chewing wires?
Kittens in particular are very curious and play with everything that comes in their way. Remember that they are inexperienced like toddlers and try everything at least once. Make your home as kitten-proof as possible. Problem Keep an eye on kittens when they are young and very inquisitive. Dangling cords are particular attracting to them and dangerous if chewed through. Electric shock can be the result. Solution • Put something distasteful on the cord to discourage chewing • Tabasco sauce, cayenne pepper, bitter apple/orange, orange/lemon peel, commercial repellents • Gaffer’s tape (available in diy stores) will probably work if the substances don't • Secure exposed cords • Consider permanent wiring if you own your place
Q:Identify three different kinds of electrical connecting wires used on electrical devices and apps in your home?
The previous answer is very correct and covers a variety of applications. What is missing is the selection of a size (or gauge) of wire based on the application. The size of the conductor (wiring) must be adequate to support the electrical load. If you are going to attach an appliance to a power source, the wire must be sized based on the amount of current the appliance will draw. Look at your power cords around the house, some are much heavier, particularly on the refrigerator, laundry, air conditioner, and etc. Same with your car. The battery has to support all the electrical loads so the cables are extra heavy compared with anything else in the car.
Q:A person touches a bare electrical wire at 500V whilst repairing a power supply. A current of?
The standard formula is E I * R which can be rewitten as R E / I Here, E is 500 and I is 15 ma or 0.015 amps So, R 500 / 0.015 or R 33333 and 1/3 Ω 15 ma is probably not enough to kill you unless it causes you to have a heart attack.
Q:Can a 110v house electrical wire with an area of damaged covering cause a short?
What kind of damage? Exactly what is damaged? How is it damaged? Pictures might help. It's hard to make suggestions with the information provided.
Q:Burning/melting plastic smell coming from electrical outlet?
Burning Smell From Electrical Outlet
Q:Windows7 how to connect the TV operation (how to set up the computer)?
As the bird's feet are his step on the same high-voltage wire, the distance between the birds and the feet determine the voltage. The distance between the feet of the birds is very small, so the voltage is very small, the equivalent of 0. Do not let the birds electric shock.
Q:Can dryers can be wired directly into electrical supply instead of an outlet?
It would depend on your areas electrical code if it was legal to do that or not. I cannot see why in a residential setting anyone would need to do that. If I were you I would call an electrician to check the wires and install a proper outlet.
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