Class 155/180 Hot sale Polyamide composite polyester or polyimide enameled copper wire

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Product model: 1PEWNF,2PEWNF,1EIWN,2EIWN,1PEWNH,2PEWNH,QZY-1 2 3/155,QZY-1 2 3/180

Product standard: IEC60317-22(1990),GB6109.10,MW76-C

Product feature: solvent resistance,scratch resistance, thermal shock resistance, soft breakdown performance

Product application: coils for illuminationand telecommunication, sealing submersible motor, small motors, white goods


Polyamide composite polyester copper  round wire155

Polyamide composite polyester imide enameled copper  round wire




Thermal class







фф 3.500mm


Copper, polyester  imide resin

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Q:Is electrician the one who repairs the telephone wiring?
You were right there talking to your electrician, yet you did not ask the question then? You don't say who your phone service provider is. In the traditional situation, the carrier or service connection provider is responsible for maintaining the connection up to the point where it connects to your home. It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain the phone wiring beyond that point. Since it is not high voltage, you do not need to be an electrician to do so. Many phone service providers will offer internal line maintenance for an additional monthly fee installations for a set fee schedule. In your case, you may want to consult your local insurance agent for advice as well.
Q:Installing Electrical wiring in a 8x12 shed?
I recommend that you run 10/3 to the shed. Install a small sub panel and use 20 amp circuits to dedicate for the a/c and the fridge, and perhaps one more for each of the additional outlets so they can adequately handle any power equipment you might use. You would feed this with a 2 pole 30 amp breaker in your main panel. Keep grounds and neutrals separate in the sub panel. If you don't want to go this route, then run a 12/3 wire from a 2 pole 20 amp breaker and put the a/c and fridge together on one leg, and use the other leg to feed your other outlets. Other option there is to use 2 lengths of 12/2 and 2 single pole 20 amp breakers. Having the 30 amp sub panel will guarantee your future needs. 20 amp circuits will guarantee you no lag and no tripping of circuits if you ever use a space heater, an air compressor and saw at the same time, etc. 15 amp circuits will make it a stretch to put the fridge and a/c together on one circuit and generally don't handle power tools/equipment well.
Q:I want to drill into a wall in my house , how do I know where the electrical wires are ?
well when you feal dead then you will know. lol sorry i jest had to dude
Q:Creative uses for old electrical cords/wires?
In most places, there are yards that will pay you money for scrap wire. As long as there is no evidence that you stole the wire. Google scrap metal in your area.
Q:electrical wiring for 90 ford broncoII?
Not sure the question. But if you are looking for a/c wiring a ranger with the same engine will have the same wiring diagram. Check local parts store they stock all kinds of engine books with wiring in it.
Q:Electrical wire visible to receptacle?
No and no. What does have to be inplace is a conduit for outside wiring paths. Specific grade wires must be fed through specific grade conduit to meet most wiring minimal codes.It can take many small pieces of conduit to form an acceptable path. Don't join to another live circuit at the receptacle. This retrofit must be a single dedicated circuit that begins with a properly sized thermal breaker switch. The 'junction box' you wish to tap must have thermal breaker capacity for expansion. If not replace this box with one that does. The idea behind this way forward is to not create a fire hazzard.Many fires start with ignorance-study up.
Q:Repair house to go dark line how to line tube
The The First, the excretion of training must first start, but also the most controversial training, is to train the puppy to the house excretion
Q:AMP 24 port patch panel line order 568A and 568B what
If the cable is shorter about 1 meter, then 2.5 pure copper wire is enough, long to use 4 square
Q:There are 3 wires in a box in the back of my alyernator, where do they attach. electrical marine boat engine?
I'll GUESS that they *may* be the two positive 12VAC outputs from alternator, and common negative (ground)which would be hooked up to a bridge rectifier, to give you 12VDC.
They should have come with wiring directions.I wired mine to a switch and then to the fuse box that way while the car was on I could turn them off and on but If I left the lights on they would turn off with the car.

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