High quality wire BV 4 single core environmental protection home installs wiring

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Product Description:


PVC insulated wire (JB8734-98)




Product use:

This product is suitable for rated voltage up to and including 450/750 of household electrical appliances, instruments, instrumentation equipment, power line fixed laying cable (wire).


Conditions of use:

1, ac rated voltage up to and including Uo/U for 450/750

2, cable long-term allowed working temperature does not exceed 70 ℃ (except BV - 90, BV - 90)

3, the cable temperature under installation should not below 0 ℃

4, outer diameter (D) is less than 25 mm cable allowed bending radius should not less than 4 D,

Diameter (D) of 25 mm or more permissive bending radius of cable should be no less than 6 D.




Model and name

BV copper aluminum poly ethylene insulated wire

BLV aluminum core poly vinyl insulation grade aluminum wire

BVR copper aluminum poly ethylene insulated flexible wire

BVV copper aluminum copper poly ethylene vinyl insulation poly aluminum sheath round wire

BVVB aluminum core aluminum copper poly ethylene vinyl insulation poly aluminum sheath parallel wires

BLVVB aluminum core aluminum copper poly ethylene vinyl insulation poly aluminum sheath parallel wires

BV - 105 copper heat 105 ℃ PVC insulated wire


Working temperature

BV - 105 does not exceed 150 ℃, and the other does not exceed 75 ℃, laying temperature not lower than 0 ℃.


Technical performance

1, finished product wire, insulated wire and finished products in 20 + 5 ℃ for at least 1 h at room temperature water, can withstand voltage test stipulated in the table below.

2, cable has good electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties and ductility can, quality is reliable, convenient and durable.

3, finished product lines of the surface of the insulation or sheath should be continuous sign production name, type and voltage.



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Q:Electrical Wiring Check?
sure, just connect the black lead to the ground wire, then try the two legs the nuetral will not read voltage. but the hot wire will.
Q:I would like to know the power cord plug the production process, the equipment used, the details better. Thank you!
The amplifier is connected to the speaker cable, and the other parts are connected using an audio signal cable (microphone cable). Audio signal line also known as the microphone line, you can use the lotus head, Cannon head, big Samsung, and other different connector connection. Audio signal line refers to the kind of input and output balance signal with a shielded signal line (usually replaced by a microphone cable) to connect the front and power amplifier, balanced line. It is used to transmit the signal, is the carrier of the signal. It transmits signals in two distinct ways. The cable itself can transmit signals, or the cable can transmit the energy emitted by the external signal source. Speaker line for connecting the amplifier and speakers, which flow the current signal is much larger than the video cable and audio lines mentioned above, because the signal amplitude is very large, this line is often no shield, for this wire, the key is to reduce Its resistance, because the output impedance of modern amplifier is very low, so the requirements of the speaker line also increased, such as the use of large cross-sectional area or stranded strand.
Q:Running electrical wires and cable wires?
Unless you're installing this TV in a motor vehicle, you're in the wrong category. Why not look for a better place to ask your questions.
Q:AMP ultra-five 24-port patch panel use, including cable, card line and a series
Computer and external equipment more, looks a bit messy, in order to beautiful and tidy, but also for safety, it is recommended to tie the wire behind the rope, aside, if necessary, tied with the computer table.
Q:How do I wire the electrical system for an HHO cell in my truck?
What's an HHO?
Q:There are 3 wires in a box in the back of my alyernator, where do they attach. electrical marine boat engine?
I'll GUESS that they *may* be the two positive 12VAC outputs from alternator, and common negative (ground)which would be hooked up to a bridge rectifier, to give you 12VDC.
Q:Cable Model Specification Meaning! I would like to know what the model means! The
You first need to understand the cable model you need, and then ask the manufacturers how much money one meter, it is best to say that you need the total amount, there will be more concessions.
Q:electrical wiring code for basement?
Wiring A Basement
Q:Are all electrical wiring insulated so you will not get electrocuted?
Wiring is normally insulated. If you have ever seen old wire with cracks in the insulation please know that it is not safe to use or handle and should be replaced or repaired. Be careful in handling any wire especially if it has current going through it. It could have a faulty spot and you could get a shock. It doesn't take much to crack the insulation or wear a bare spot on some wires. Usually if the insulation is hard or brittle the wire has been over heated and the insulation may not be very good. It may break off of the wire and expose the wire. Never touch the bare wires or exposed connections on a car battery. And be very careful not to touch bare electrical wires in general.
Q:why people using cloth insulated wire for electrical iron and toaster ?
i don't think it would be cloth, that would catch fire

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