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All our raw material is made from prime material, not recycle material. We have more than 25 years experience in manufacturing thermocouple alloys. 

In the market, not all the Thermocouple alloys are with standard chemical composition and stable EMF. Professional and reliable is the soul of our business. 


A thermocouple is a temperature measuring device consisting of two conductors of dissimilar metals or alloys that are connected only at the ends. When the ends are at different temperatures a small voltage is produced in the wire that can be related directly to the temperature difference between the ends. If the temperature at one end is known, the temperature at the other end can be determined. 

Thermocouple wire or extension grade wire is recommended to be used to connect thermocouples to the sensing or control instrumentation. The conditions of measurement determine the type of thermocouple wire and insulation to be used. Temperature range, environment, insulation requirements, response, and service life should be considered. 


1)Manufactured according to international quality. System (ISO9001) IEC584-1 IEC584-2 standard 

2)Stable EMF and long-life span 

3)Mill test certificate will be provided after production 

4)Size range wire: . 0.05-10mm ribbons: 0.05-0.2*2-6mm strips: 0.05-5*5-250mm 

5)Good packing methods to keep goods no damage during delivery 

6)Customized lable, packing, OEM service 

7)24 hours after-sale service 


TYPE J (Iron vs Constantan) is used in vacuum, oxidizing, inert or reducing atmospheres. Iron element oxidizes rapidly at temperatures exceeding 538'C, and therefore heavier gauge wire is recommended for longer life at these temperatures. 

TYPE K (CHROMEL vs ALUMEL ) is used in oxidizing, inert or dry reducing atmospheres. Exposure to vacuum limited to short time periods. Must be protected from sulfurous and marginally oxidizing atmospheres. Reliable and accurate at high temperatures. 

TYPE T (Copper vs Constantan) is used or service in oxidizing, inert or reducing atmospheres or in vacuum. It is highly resistant to corrosion from atmospheric moisture and condensation and exhibits high stability at low temperatures. It is the only type with limits of error guaranteed for cryogenic temperatures. 

TYPE E (CHROMEL vs Constantan) may be used in oxidizing, inert or dry reducing atmospheres, or for short periods of time under vacuum. Must be protected from sulfurous and marginally oxidizingatmospheres. Produces the highest EMF per degree o any standardized thermocouple. 
Type N thermocouple (Ni Cr Si-Ni Si Mg) is the latest base metal thermocouple, developed to improve the drawbacks that type K thermocouple has. The main chemical composition of positive leg Nicrosil(NP) is Ni: Cr: Si≈ 84.4: 14.2: 1.4; Negative leg Nisil (NN) is Ni: Si: Mg≈ 95.5: 4.4: 0.1. Type N thermocouple also be used in the similar atmospheres that type K works, and the operating temperature range is -200~1300 ° C.

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