Copper conductor single core PVC insulated cable 450/750V

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Product Description:

Single Conductor Stranded Wire H05V-U, H07V-U, H07V-R, BS6004 6491X, BV, BVR

The cable has the advantage high mechanical strength,good ambient stress resistance,good electrical properties and anti-Chemical corrosion. It applies to electrical power transmission and distribution lines with AC rated Voltage up to 450/750V. The cable is for general purpose, as building wire for power, lighting and control wire to electrical appliances, suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation.

  • Rated voltage: 300/500V,450/750V

  • Standard applied: IEC 60227, BS 6004, VDE 0281, GB/T 5023, JB/T8734

  • Max. working temp.:70°C,can be 90°C,105°C per requirement

  • Conductor: Class 1/2 plain annealed copper wires, solid or stranded.

  • Insulation: PVC material

  • Cores: 1 cores

  • Cross section area: 0.5~630sqmm

  • Color: Brown, Grey, Black, Blue, Green/Yellow or others on request

  • Packing: 100 meters per roll or as per requirement

  • Certificate: ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSMS18001,CE,CB,CCC,SAA,etc.

  • OEM can be available

  • BDK cable has very good sales over the world, enjoying a very good reputation based on top quality and   most competitive price and best service.

  • Flame retardant or fire resistance or Low Smoking and Halogen free or other property can be available

Product photo

Parameter sheet
H07V-R H07V-U H05V-R H05V-U BY 227IEC01/05 equivalent to VDE 0281 BS6004
Cross section (mm2) Conductor construction (No/mm) Insulation thickness (mm) Overall diameter max (mm) Min insulation
70ºC (ohm/Km)
Weight approx (Kg/Km)
1x0.5 1/0.80
1x0.75 7/0.97
1x0.75 1/0.97
1x1.0 7/0.43 0.63
1x1.0 1/1.13
1x1.5 7/0.52
1x1.5 1x1.38
1x2.5 7/0.67
1x2.5 1x1.78
1x4 7/0.85
1x4 1/2.25
1x6 7/1.04
1x6 1/2.76
1x10 7/1.35 16.80.0065110
1x10 1/3.57 16.40.007110
1x16 7/1.70 180.005165
1x25 7/2.14
1x35 7/2.52 1.2110.004360
1x50 19/1.78 1.4130.0045490
1x70 19/2.14 1.4150.0035685
1x95 19/2.52 1.617.50.0035946
1x120 37/2.03 1.6190.00321181
1x150 37/2.25 1.8210.00321453
1x185 37/2.52 223.50.00321821
1x240 61/2.24
1x300 61/2.50 2.429.50.0032983
1x400 61/2.85 2.633.50.00283800

Main manufacturing procedure

1. Copper wire drawing and annealing

2. Copper wire stranding

3. Outer sheath extruding and labeling

4. Spooling

Production  facility

Main Quality Inspection Equipment

Sparker tester,Heating aging Chamber,High resistance machine, Oxygen index equipment, Partial discharge inspection instruments, Fireproof testing device,High-power voltage withstand tester,No-rotor Vulkameter,Pull tester,Analytical balance,Direct current bridge,Plastic tester,Projector, Punch machine,Cross-linked cutting machine,etc.

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Q:Residential electrical wiring question?
from the fan box in the ceiling run a romex cable to the outlet so you have a hot, neutral and ground. the black wire coming from the fan box and going to the outlet should be tapped from the hot wire being controlled by/downstream of the switch and powering the fan, not the hot wire powering/going to the switch. make sure your switch is rated for the amount of amps needed.
Q:Beginner cost, do not know how the calculation of power cable works, is directly from the drawings on the amount of it?
Line in any case can lay the pipeline (including the Ming Tu and dark laying), laying trunking can only be laid, the general requirements for easy maintenance
Q:Will the HDMI cable only output video, and let the speaker output audio?
GB wire insulation tape off the pipeline line card is another tool hardware building materials stores have
Q:How about the decoration wiring charges, about how much?
According to the area of the house count or by meters. Line has 2.5 square feet. 4 square. 6 square feet. Different specifications charges are not the same. 2.5 square meters by the meter, then the charges are generally 28 yuan a meter
Q:How do I increase electrical current on 200' wire?
If you have a under rated wire in the line, even that shorter distance you created, it would over load that gauge capacity and heat up. Hazard Warning. But to analize the drop for study sakes. I don't know.
Q:I need to know if it is Legal to use non metallic electrical wire in my home in Queens,New York.Thank you.?
like what ? carbon fiber ? I don't know of any non metallic wire
Q:What gauge electrical wire to use for rewiring a stove hook up.?
10/2 is rated for 30 amps. (It'll be 10/3 actually, if you're in the US, because 220 volts requires 2 hot feeds and one neutral, one ground) The lady is full of **** and/or trying to rip you off by making you spend a LOT more per foot of wire. I'd also suggest running it through conduit for the outside part, but since you're tearing the place down in 3 months, it's not going to decay from sunlight in that short of a time. And don't worry about the length of the run, you're not going to be going far enough for significant enough resistance to raise the amperage. As it is , 10-3 is rated for 30 amps, but can often handle 40 amps peak. And your stove is not going to be pulling 30 amps continuously, if at all, otherwise it would constantly be tripping the breaker. Considering the price of copper now, the price difference between 10 ga and 86 ga is NOT insubstantial enough to just go with the larger gauge. Especially when it's not remotely necessary. EDIT: Like the guy below pointed out, check your stove. If it is a 40 amp, you will need to use 8/3- and should definitely put it on a separate circuit from you water heater, because using both at once will draw too much current and trip the breaker. My range/oven is 40 amp, and the circuit it's on at the new house here is 40 amps, so your mileage may vary. Electric stoves have gotten a lot more efficient over the years.
Q:How to wire a parallel electrical switch ?
sophisticated problem. do a search over google. that will could help!
Q:what type of electrical wires are used to install a solar panel on the roof?
It sounds like it would be best for you to find local help, maybe a friend or neighbor that is handy with electricity. Anything that generates AC at household voltages is potentially dangerous.
Q:Can I splice a foot of extra 110 electrical wire on existing power wire?
Add a new outlet, and run your new wire from that. Electrical inspector, since when can you run 20 amps on 20 gage wire?Don't you mean # 12.

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