Single Core PVC Insulated Cable 450 /750 V

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100000 m/month

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Product Description:

1. Product Description

1. Range of Application

Wire is fit for AC rated voltage450/750v and below of domestic electric appliances of smaller size motorized tools of instruments of various meters and motorized lighting installations.

2. Service conditions

Working temperature: not more than 90.

2. Product Characteristic

Maximum Conductor operating temperature: +70°C

Lowest ambient temperature for fixed installation:-30°C

Lowest installation temperature: -5°C

Maximum short-circuit conductor temperature: +160°C

Test voltage: 2500V

Flame retardant: IEC60332

3. Product Specification

insulation thinkness(mm)

sheath thinkness(mm)

Min. insulated resistant at90(MΩ.km)














Annealed Copper Conductor acc. to IEC 60228:

Class 1 solid H07V-U,

Class 2 stranded H07V-R,

Class 5 Flexible H07V-K,

Insulation: PVC

Color of Insulation: Green/Yellow, Blue, Black, Brown or other colors

4. Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: In wooden drum, Iron drum, Iron wooden drum, or according to your request

Delivery Detail: 2-3 weeks after receipt of the payment

5. Reference Picture


Single Core PVC Insulated Cable 450 /750 V

Single Core PVC Insulated Cable 450 /750 V

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Q:Where can I order a good power cable for a powersupply to outlet cord?
all you need is a bog standard power lead. The power unsit runs off mains voltages so a 500W supply uses only 2A (ish) (if on a 220V system) and 4A if on 110 (approx)
Q:Buying a Xbox 360 without a Hard Drive, Power Cable, AV Cables, and so on.?
i recently bought an xbox 360 from gamestop and i bought it all seperate the console hardrive cables ect it was used but in good condition for a cheap price i would check your local store like a game stop
Q:power cable for eSata?
There is a specific eSata power cable you should use - assuming you have the correct eSata outlets on your system.
Q:What is a good place 2 run the power cable from my amp?
Look around under the steering column. There should be a place where other wires and things come through already. Its pretty easy to run through there. That's usually the best place to run wires through. After you get through the firewall run the wire under the plastic floor paneling. hope this helps.
Q:Power and Ground Cables?
you could go to walmart and get a kit for about $50
Q:UPS to Laptop Power Conversion Cable?
The battery included in your laptop will out perform any external UPS. The UPS/computer cable is to signal to the computer that the UPS is active so the computer should shut down all active files and applications and wait for the power to crash in a minute or two. The battery in the laptop automatically engages if the power from the AC converter stops. Your computer has several hours to function normally not the minute or two you would get from the UPS.
Q:I replaced my Western Digital hard drive. Can I connect it externally? How? It has no power supply cable.?
Get an external adapter kit. Tiger direct sells them.
Q:Can I connect CD drive to the same SATA cable.?
Hi, No you can only have one hard drive or cd drive per sata data cable. Do you perhaps mean a power cable, if so yes that should be OK. Arnak
Q:Amp power cable in a renault clio 2002?
Yes. You will have to drill your own hole, and add a grommet.. I reccomend a step bit. Do not forget to add a grommet to protect the wire from rubbing against the firewall.. As I was taught, Look Twice, Drill Once.. Good Luck!!
Q:PS3 power cable question?
ok. the PS3 uses a standard 3 prong plug, similar to what your PC would use. plug that in, and then into the wall. older PS3's also have a power switch right above the power cord. you have to turn the system on here. after you filp the switch, the PS3 enters standby mode. on to your controller you should have gotten a very short usb cable. the larger end plugs into the system.the smaller into the controller. push the PS button on the center of your controller to sync it. it should go from 4 flashing lights to one. then, it should steady flash position 1 to show that it is charging. one it is charged, or when the usb cable is removed, you should get a steady light. no flashes.

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