PVC Insulated Copper Wire

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

This prodcut is widely used in the construction of buildings airports, power transportation, urban and rural power network reformation and other main projects.

For electric wire, aerial cable and power cable, the Minimum Order Quantity is 1000 meters each type. The capacity is 20 kilometers per day.

For electric conductor (AAC, ACSR, AAAC, AASC) for transmission line, the Minimum Order Quantity is 1 ton each type. The capacity is 50 tons per day.

Our payment term is 30% deposit in advance, 70% rest against copy of B/L; or 100% irrevocable L/C at sight


2. Product Characteristic:

1) Copper (aluminum) conductor PVC insulated wires (BV)

2) Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible wires (BVR)

3) Copper (aluminum) conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round wires

4) Copper (aluminum) conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires

5) Copper conductor PVC insulated flat and flexible connectors

6) Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round and flexible connectors

Size: 0.5-240 mm2

Packaging Details:

PVC insulated copper wire, Rool or as your request

Delivery Detail:

7-30 days or as customers' demand



 sectional area
 mm 2


Nominal Insulated thick

Max overall

 Resistance at

Min insulated
 resistance at













































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Q:Yc rubber cable and wdzn yjv What is the difference
In general, the choice of how much wire and voltage relationship is not great, mainly to see the current, the voltage is only that the insulation layer of the insulation level, the general wire can be achieved, so do not consider, 16A current can Select 2.5 square millimeters of copper wire, which is the national standard, 2.5 square copper wire allows long-term load current: 16A - 25A
Q:Electrical wire size?
We can't do your homework if we don't know the wire size.
Q:5 4 * 95 + 1 * 75 cable should choose what size of the bridge
- Insulation thickness can be so much ah. With 20MM dimensional insulation blanket heating tube wrapped up on it.
Q:Electrical Help with wiring of Light Fixture?
umm it could be the neutral is loose , you need to check it with a volt meter to see if its on then check each wire splice and i don't know what you mean brass connectors they should be plastic wire nuts
Q:Will the HDMI cable only output video, and let the speaker output audio?
You do not tell me that you do not have that white box transformer. The The The This is the transformer
Q:Attention all neuroscientists: If the brain is just a bunch of electrical wiring why is there learning?
The says that each thing could nicely be envisioned and defined via technological awareness. this is somewhat regularly occurring that our brains artwork like a gadget in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it does not end there. this is regularly occurring that connections of Neron's and rely are happening each and all the time and while one short circuits then the suggestions will discover yet another direction to take. the electrical powered shocks in case you will from one stem to the different is fairly like the firing of a piston and spark plug interior the vehicle. It does not merely take place, mixed products make this reaction inflicting a firing. It does not pass away merely transfers into something else that if broken down could nicely be scientifically defined. i somewhat have faith interior the darwin, mechanic, scientific motives of existence, the universe and each thing else, yet there is no denying that there is something that makes me unique and distinctive from all of us else, and that i do no longer think it may all be defined away with the concept our atmosphere and up bringing and dna explains our character. sure all of it impacts it, yet there is something that over rides mechanicinism and evolution that sits interior the backtrack my head that proclaims it is what makes me me.
Q:Mac off the machine, I press the power button, off is off, what is no longer open it!
Use the angle of the instrument . in the edge of the arrow ah
Q:Repair or replace chewed electrical wire?
I have rehabbed many buildings over the years and have found many with mouse damaged romex cable. I would advise that you hire an electrician and do a through inspection. Remember that the lives of many may be at risk ! Best of luck !
Q:Block Electrical Wire for Interfering with Network wire?
Tin foil won't do anything, especially if it's not grounded anywhere. If anything, the foil is it starts to corrode and rub against itself, may cause more RF static if it has any induced currents in it already. That may interfere with the TV even more The ethernet cable is not sensitive to the electrical cable, it should not cause any issues for that distance. Your cable TV cable, though, may get some induced 60hz hum, albeit very little over 35 feet. If using good quality CATV cable, like proper RG6, you should be ok.
Q:Electrical wiring for 30x30 workshop?
I would put the fluorescent lamps on two separate circuits. The reason is that you will still have lighting if you have to do maintenance on one of the fixtures. I would also put the 8 120vac outlets on two separate circuits. Your air compressor should be on a 40 amp circuit. Your welder is on a 100 amp circuit from a sub-panel. It's highly unlikely you'll use the compressor at the same time you would be using the air compressor. Both are intermittent duty. From your limited info, I would go for a 150 amp service.

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