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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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1000KGS m
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30000 MT PER YEAR m/month

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Product Description:

Enameled wire is making for metal wire winding of the electromagnetic coil,  by using insulating coatings of insulating points.


Enameled wire is key material for making motor, electronics and home appliances, telecommunications, electronic instrument electromagnetic winding.


 Enamelded copper wire is made of inner conductor and insulation layer.copper wire after annealing and painted repeatedly then baking. We have several kinds of enameled copper wire, such as corona resistance enameled cu wire, polyester enameled cu wire, modified polyester enameled cu wire. QZY enameled CU wire QA  cu wire, wich  can be weld dirctly, polyester imine composite polyamide imide round enameled copper wire.


This product is edley used for refrigerator compressor, special moter, speical electrical appliances. etc.

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Q:Electrical wiring. How to permanently remove chandelier?
With respect to the wiring instead of connecting wires to a new fixture they need to be capped with wire nuts instead. With respect to the empty area there are two approaches. If the box is neatly recessed in the ceiling then a larger decorative cover plate will do the job nicely. You do not want to use an electrical cover plate for the normal round box as it will leave unsealed edges around it. If the wires are long and the box is short you might adapt to a wiremold box that will include an adapting plate and the external round box that will project an inch down from the ceiling. Then you will need to add the decorative (wide) blank cover plate. Since you are asking this question there is also an obvious suggestion that you might have someone who is familiar with electrical wiring to do this as someone new to wiring might easily overlook something that a more experienced eye will catch.
Q:Electrical Wire question?
Q:Electrical Wire loses connectivity?
There is no solution other than that. The inside of earphone / headphone cables is copper wiring, and after constant bending and straightening (much like a normal piece of metal) it will snap. This causes the sound to cut out and cut in as sometimes the snapped edges will still touch each other to pass the electricity through and sometimes won't. Only advise is to not wrap them so tightly as copper wiring isnt very durable. Maybe try and get a case that keeps them wrapped loosely.
Q:How do I increase electrical current on 200' wire?
If the motor you are running is 120 Volts, consider getting a new one. A 240V volt load will draw 1/2 the amperage, and save you from replacing the wiring. You'd have to replace the breaker, and means of disconnect, but should save you some of the grunt work.
Q:could you insert wire into an electrical outlet?
Yes, why not? Other than safety of course. A plug end is really only copper wire that has been flattened to form a spade end. I have done this to test motors or ??? I do not recommend it, better to get a plug end and wire it to the wire and electrical tape it prior to plugging it in.
Q:12 cable to the weak box, not on the distribution frame is good?
GB- Code for Design and Acceptance of Electrical Cable Installation and Installation of Electric Installations GB-
Q:Electrical wiring baseboard heat and digital thermostat?
Assuming your using a 120V/240V thermo and heater, Wire nut the whites together and then hook up one from the wall to the thermo and then the others. You may need to find line and load. Line from panel Load to heater
Q:Electrical engineering bridge; two sets of cable bridge in the same height parallel laying, during which the net distance should be at least the number of centimeters. Thank you hurry
Are common, can not find the words you go to sell the computer market to buy a can
Q:how many amps can you run thru 12 gauge wire?
i would say around 30 amps would be the maxing level lastnthebest88 Hes talking about AMps the power unit not the car amplifier
Q:Electrical Safety Questions?
1. Check electrical wires and extension cords and appliances for wear and tear and faulty wiring. 2. Do not stick your fingers (or anything not meant to have electricity run through them) in sockets. 3. Keep electrical appliances clean and in good working order, and have them serviced regularly. 4.Never run cables under mats or carpets where you can not see wear and tear. 5. Never use water on class C or electrical fire.

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