PVC Insulated and Sheathed Flat Cable 450/750V

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High quality 2Cores & 3 core bvvb cable flat cable PVC Insulated and sheathed 300/500V

These cables are used for general purpose, as building wire for power, lighting and control wire to electrical appliances, suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation

1. Voltage rating: 300/500V or 450/750V

2. Standard applied: IEC60227, BS6004, GB/T5023, JB/T8734

3. Conductor: bare solid/stranded copper; class 1 for 1.0mm2, 1.5mm2 and 2.5mm2; class 2 for the others

4. Insulation and sheath: PVC

5. Max. working temp.:  70°C, can be90°C and 110°C as per requirement

6. Main colors:sheath--white/black/grey; 2cores--red&black; 3cores--red, yellow&blue

7. Minimum bending radius: Up to 10mm², 3 x overall diameter;10mm² to 25mm², 4 x overall diameter

8. The cable can be of flame retardance, fire resistance and other property

9.  Remark: We are able to produce 2C, 2C+E, 3C & 3C+E by AS/NZS



4.Main manufacturing procedure

1. Copper wire drawing and annealing

2. Copper wire stranding

3. Outer sheath extruding and labeling

4. Spooling

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Q:The zero line is grounded, why is it still on the pole?
VVR cable for the polyacetylene insulation and external protective layer of soft copper cable, plus K (that is, KVVR) for the control cable.
Q:Why does the electrical current in a wire cause the resistance of the wire to increase?
think of of it like the bypass in a circulate. the present is the bypass of electrons and the resistance is the resistance to this bypass, like an impediment blockading the path of the water.
Q:50pe threading tube how to connect, such as to be buried 50 meters PE pipe, the connection between each pipe how to do, with what materials or tools.
If there is a group of two groups of weak lines, in order to prevent interference, should be more than 200mm distance, the specific requirements should be based on the scope of electromagnetic fields.
Q:does guitar string work the same as electrical wire?
It might work, but you won't find it easy to solder to. Steel wire has a much higher resistance per foot than copper. I would wait until I could get some proper copper wire.
Q:Cpu power supply line is not long enough to meet the heat sink, a map, how to solve?
Dedicated line is the dedicated line of electricity users. Is the user's own property rights, their own maintenance, while power supply has a high reliability. Non-green is relatively speaking, is hanging in a lot of users are using a bus on the same time. Non-green line is not caused by the substation, from the nearest capacity to meet the needs of the 10KV line attracted.
Q:Are the electrical wall outets in your home wired in series of parallel?
1)Parallel. If they were in series, every time you turned a light on the existing ones would get dimmer and dimmer. 2) Depends if the bulbs were added in series or parallel with the 1st. If in series, the current would drop because you're adding the resistance of each successive bulb. If in parallel, it would increase (Net resistance of R's in parallel is always less that the single R). 3) In series they'd all go out. Check the voltage across each bulb. The one with the higest voltage is burned out. 4)All would light up but the bad one
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Q:Mac off the machine, I press the power button, off is off, what is no longer open it!
Use the angle of the instrument . in the edge of the arrow ah
Q:Is it safe to run a 400 watt metal halide high bay light without the grounded 3 wire electrical supply?
no, use a ground wire for safety.
Q:electrical wires in a project?
just wrap the pc of paper over a magnetic needle and place it at right angles to the circular coil. Play a bit with the positioning etal-- best and safest is to try with a dc source less than 9 V. IF under suitable supervision-- u can also try AC mains

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