PVC Insulated Cable with Rated Voltage up to 450/750V

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ApplicationIt is suitable to used in power equipments, daily used electrical appliance, instruments and so on rated voltage up to 450/750V.Type and designationDesignationStandardGB5023.1~7(IEC 60227-1~7)JB8734.2~5TypeSingle hard conductor cable with no jacket for ordinary use227  IEC 01BVSingle soft conductor cable with no jacket for ordinary use227  IEC 02RVSingle solid conductor non jacket cable for internal wiring with the conductor temperature of 70℃227  IEC 05BVSingle soft conductor non jacket cable for internal wiring with the conductor temperature of 70℃227  IEC 06RVSingle solid conductor non jacket cable for internal wiring with the conductor temperature of 90℃227  IEC 07BV-90single soft conductor non jacket cable for internal wiring with the conductor temperature of 90℃227  IEC 08RV-90Light PVC jacketing cable227  IEC 10BVVFlat soft wire with no jacket227  IEC 42RVBSoft wire for internal decorating lightening circuit227  IEC 43SVRLight PVC jacketing soft wire227  IEC 52RVVAverage PVC jacketing soft wire227  IEC 53RVVCopper conductor PVC-insulated twisted connecting flexible wire-RVSNote:  this kind of products also contain flame-retardant type and  fire-resistant type; its properties are in accordance with the  requirements of flame-retardant and fire-resistant test stipulated in  GB/T18380 and GB/T19216 respectively.        SpecificationTypeRated voltageVCore numberNominal cross-sectionmm2227 IEC 01450/75011.5~400227 IEC 02450/75011.5~240227 IEC 05300/50010.5~1227 IEC 06300/50010.5~1227 IEC 07300/50010.5~2.5227 IEC 08300/50010.5~2.5227 IEC 10300/5002、3、4、51.5~35227 IEC 42300/30020.5~0.75227 IEC 43300/30010.5~0.75227 IEC 52300/3002、30.75~2.5227 IEC 53300/5002、3、4、50.75~2.5BV300/50010.75~1BLV450/75012.5~400BVR450/75012.5~70BVV300/50010.75~10BLVV300/50012.5~10BVVB300/5002、30.75~10BLVVB300/5002、32.5~10RVS300/30020.5~0.75Structural representation                        

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That Xbox power supply cable is pretty cool! I've never seen those before. Ok, as for the power supply questions: Peak power is the maximum amount of power the unit can supply for a short period of time (a few seconds at most). A computer, during start-up, will use quite a bit more power than once it has achieved steady state. This is because drives have to spin up, semiconductors have to power up, etc. Once everything is up and running, the power draw drops to nominal or steady-state Sustained power is the amount of power the unit can supply non-stop. When purchasing a power supply, always give yourself leeway. If a supply indicates it is 650 watts sustained and 80% efficient (gotta look at that efficiency!) then it can supply 520 watts of power continuously. Even at that, I wouldn't want to run it past 450 - 475 watts continuously. 12v DC is the high rail on a power supply. Different parts of the computer require different voltages to operate. Drive motors typically need the 12v DC, where as memory needs less than 3 volts. A computer power supply has different rails or supply wires which supply the following voltages: +12 volts DC, +5 volts DC, and +3 volts DC (there are some others but those are the key ones). I don't know what the power requirements are for an Xbox 360, but it obviously needs the 12 volt and 5 volt DC rails to power it. Anyway, the power supply you've listed above is more than adequate.
Q:Can PS3 FAT use any standard PC power cable?
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avmLV yes you can due same due its only a cable
Q:Will i have enough Sata/Power cables?
You only really need one SATA cable, for your HDD/SSD. Even then there are some hard drives that don't take it. Usually, a hard drive comes with the cable/strip included in the box.
Q:Why does my laptop shut off when I remove the power cable?
Your battery may not be any good anymore. You may need to get a new battery.
Q:ATX power cable missing pin?
are u talking about the 4 pin connectors on the power supply if so there should be more then 1 and interchangehable. if your talking about the pins on the ide cable slot on the board then u might be able too straighten them with tiny needle nose pliers or jewelers screw driver but be very careful u break a pin the board is done.if u can maybe be more specific ill try too help!!!!!!!!!!
Q:Do most computer MB does not contain a power supply connector for a SATA power cable coming from the SATA HD?
You okorder.com/
Q:my laptop restarts when i connect my power cable?
go in control panel and set ur laptop settings to not to start while swith in
Q:Fourth, what causes the power cable fire accident
After the cable is burned out, the repair time is long and the loss is serious
Q:Video Card Power Cable Help?!?
you only need to connect one, the reason why there is 2 is because there is one with 4 pins and one with 4 sockets, its just incase you dont have a cable with 4 pins coming from your power supply to connect to the 4 sockets, but you have an extra lead with 4 sockets to connect to the other end of the cable.
Q:my PSU doesnt have a 4 pin power cable!!!?
Before purchasing a power supply you should always first check to see if it is compatible with your motherboard in the following two aspects: 1) Does it provide enough power for the motherboard 2) Does it have the appropriate connectors for my motherboard. There are also issues with certain high performance processors requiring very clean or high regulated power supplies (i.e. very little ripple, etc). As long as the power supply offers the voltages you need on one of the connecters, there is probably some sort of adaptor you can purchase... or you could hack something together. But, again, the power supply may have intentionally left off the connector you need because it does not fulfill the strict electrical specifications required by your motherboard. In other words, if you don't know what you are doing, it is probably best to just purchase the correct power supply for your hardware. Forcefully adapting an inappropriate power supply into your machine may later result in unstable system performance.

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