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PV1-F 1*1.5-16MM2  

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Q:Anyone know about the electrical wires on a 1981 Ford F-100?
if its a 3 wire solenoid then the two big wires go to the starter and the battery positive post,the small wire comes from your ignition switch,if its automatic it goes thru the neutral start switch as well if its a four wire the nthe extra small wire goes to the alternator field terminal to supply power to energise the alternator for charging
Q:Old electrical wiring in shoddy condition. Safe?
Have your home inspected by a licensed electrician or electrical contractor. If you have exposed wires, it really is unsafe. Have it checked asap. Don't try and do the work yourself unless you know exactly what you're doing. Really. If it was a plumbing problem, you'd just get wet. But with gas or electricity, you can be hurt or killed. Please have it checked. Best of luck to you.
Q:Electrical wiring wall sconces by fireplace?
If you have a gas fireplace you can run the wire trough the wall but it may be better to run it out of the ceiling down to the location you want. Your switch should match the rest of the house so measure one of them first.
Q:The ignition wire on my 1966 Mustang is hot enough to melt electrical tape, is this normal?If not why?
No it is not normal - for ANY wire to run hot enough to melt electrical tape. The resister wire for the coil generally runs warmer than one might expect, but this wire is a special case - and even this wire is only warm to the touch, not anywhere near hot enough to melt electrical tape. Something is definitely drawing too way much current. You'll have to isolate the defective or shorted component or wire.
Q:Does anyone know anything about electrical and wiring?
Seems to indicate some faulty wiring. An electrician should be able to do a resistance check on that circuit. There is an outside chance that it is the heat from the lamp. Replace it with an energy saver lamp as these run cooler.
Q:How about the decoration wiring charges, about how much?
I do not know your computer has no 1394 interface, some words can be used to video into the computer, and then see you upload to that site, you can go to the site you want to upload to download the client
Q:HEI Electrical Starting system/wiring. 1974 HEI 454 Chevy?
454 Engine Diagram
Q:What is more common in electrical wiring, feed at the switch or feed at the light?
Feed at the switch.
Q:A question about electrical wiring regarding air conditioner.?
I'm afraid that merely changing the receptacle to suit the configuration of the AC plug isn't going to solve your problem.The fact is you need 240 volts but the wiring is only delivering 120 volts. The other end of that wiring is connected to a single pole breaker of 120 volts. a 230 volt breaker needs 2 poles in order to supply the higher voltage. Now- If this was your house, you could do as you pleased with the electrical circuit to suit you. But I'm pretty sure if you tampered with the wiring in that apartment it would be illegal.I think the best thing to do is trade it for a new one of the correct voltage.
Q:Are normal house electrical wires 75C?
Most electrical codes require wiring for lighting to be rated at 90 degrees C. Make sure the fixtures either have insulation where it mounts to the outlet and/or the light bulb stood off the base by the design of the fixture. Coach Lamps are designed this way and would be ideal for your purpose. This type of design keeps the heat from the building wiring. Purchase only fixtures that are rated for outdoor use. Good Luck

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