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PV1-F 1*1.5-16MM2  

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Q:Describe how the electrical resistance of a wire changes as the wire becomes longer?
The resistance of a wire is directly proportional to length.
Q:Can a 110v house electrical wire with an area of damaged covering cause a short?
can i ask something really really stupid?knowing the outcome of a house fire, why havent you repaired the bare wire if youve known about it, even if for only 6 hours?geez if nothing else, electrical tape is cheap and better than(in your case)nothing.
Q:Electrical Wire loses connectivity?
There is no solution other than that. The inside of earphone / headphone cables is copper wiring, and after constant bending and straightening (much like a normal piece of metal) it will snap. This causes the sound to cut out and cut in as sometimes the snapped edges will still touch each other to pass the electricity through and sometimes won't. Only advise is to not wrap them so tightly as copper wiring isnt very durable. Maybe try and get a case that keeps them wrapped loosely.
Q:Home electrical wiring question (12/3 wire) for licensed electricians?
The AC air handler is supposed to be on a dedicated circuit. Same thing with the compressor. It sounds as if someone wired in this fan afterwards not knowing what they were doing. I would disconnect the fan from the AC circuit, and bring up another 14/2 15 amp line for the fan.
Q:Combining electrical wiring to increase gauge?
First answer is absolutely correct. Not only an unsafe electrical and fire hazard but completely illegal by all building codes. In fact, even the paralleling of larger (1/0 and up) cables is not permitted in residential applications.
Q:Will the HDMI cable only output video, and let the speaker output audio?
There should be matching things, you look for it, if the new buy to find him to
Q:Burning/melting plastic smell coming from electrical outlet?
take the outlet out and chack the wire to see they are tright , and see if the wire show burn. they be malting outcoat on the wire. if so cut off the ware it mait and hook back up . that will tell me you over load that outlet. and got it hot you should use two outlet,and be safe . also chack yor applianceswire them safe,to see they ok
Q:Electrical Wire (Shreveport)?
At that distance, you would be better with aluminum wire. BUT: #2 copper is 0.156 ohm/1000 feet. You have 700 feet, so the is a resistance of 0.11 ohms. At 200 amps, that is a drop of 22 volts, much too high. Requirement is 5% drop, and at 120 volts, that is 6 volts. #2 copper would be good for 55 amps only at that distance. .
Q:75 flat cable, copper and aluminum, each can withstand much current
Look at the following steps . you can try to clean the data cable plug, such as with rubber, dry cloth, then the iPhone's power outlet is also clean, re-insert. 2. Shut down the phone I often encounter this situation 3. The above two methods may not be able to solve the problem, if you need to solve the fundamental problem, it needs to replace the data line. If you are using the Apple iPhone6 phone, it is recommended to bring the original data cable to Apple after the sale that the situation, check to see if you can replace the data cable free of charge. I recommend buying a brand of charging lines, almost 40 to 120 between the price.
Q:can i splice into an electrical wire that runs between two outlets to power a light switch?
Sure, it is technically possible. But not while legally obeying wiring regulations the lighting and power should be on separate circuits suppose that - a few years down the line - someone tried to do something with that light fitting, and went and turned off the lighting circuit to avoid electrocuting themselves. but not the power circuit. I am sure you can imagine the results [edit - 4 thumbs down, gawd.there are some real cowboys out there]

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