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PV1-F 1*1.5-16MM2  

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Q:A question about electrical wiring regarding air conditioner.?
I'm afraid that merely changing the receptacle to suit the configuration of the AC plug isn't going to solve your problem.The fact is you need 240 volts but the wiring is only delivering 120 volts. The other end of that wiring is connected to a single pole breaker of 120 volts. a 230 volt breaker needs 2 poles in order to supply the higher voltage. Now- If this was your house, you could do as you pleased with the electrical circuit to suit you. But I'm pretty sure if you tampered with the wiring in that apartment it would be illegal.I think the best thing to do is trade it for a new one of the correct voltage.
Q:How hard is it to run electrical wire, I want to install some sconce lights in a room?
its actually alot easier than you might think. i have set up a couple of these before and i am only 19 if you have ever messed around with wires here and there it should be very easy i suggest following the instructions on your first time though or also try looking up on youtube or somthing like that they have to have ways to install sconces you will need a fish for the wires almost certainly also just invite a couple buddies over buy a case a beer and take a day to mess around with it, it might take longer then expected but it is fun and learning just dont get to drunk lol hope you are able to do it and have fun
Q:Silicone rubber insulated power cable blistering, stomatal reasons What are the improvements?
Give you a piece of my experience material is the display + system board (power board + signal board + button board) + metal frame + plastic shell Note: 1 & gt; lamp line do not fold, short will be fired 2 & gt; ; The system board and the screen under the metal floor can not be in direct contact to be isolated 3> system board grounding to connect, to avoid the signal of the hybrid 4> other are mechanical parts, with the lock in place can be thank you
Q:in renovation particular in electrical is their any lifes span of the wires that need to reconsider?
If the house was built in the 1970s, it may have aluminum wiring. Its terminations will probably need attention. If the insulation is brittle, it all needs to be replaced. If the wiring has been exposed to water, via flooding, I absolutely would check the insulation some places in the walls, low near receptacles and such. If you are altering the load, increasing power demand, you will need to run larger conductors.
Q:what is AL and CU as it pertains to electrical wires?
Aluminum wire is dangerous and should be removed whenever possible.
Q:can you splice the electrical feeder wires to make them longer?
Actually it is not a code violation. There is a provision in the electrical code that says that any splice must be in an approved box with cover and it must be accessible, meaning do not sheet rock over or put cabinet in front of j box. The 8/3 part worries me. Most ranges are rated at 50 amps and number 8 is to small for 50 amps. Check the rating plate on the range. Make sure all connections are tight. Dan
Q:Using electrical tape to ground wire in car?
I just want to be sure that i can use electrical tape to hold the wire in place on the metal.you need to crimp a ring on the end of the wire. Soldering the connection and using heat shrink wouldn't be a bad idea either. Then find a bolt or nut that provides a good ground and attach there. Sloppy wiring will just provide you with many future headaches. Better to do it correctly the first time.
Q:I'm wiring the electrical on a new dishwasher?
the green is the ground , the smooth one is the black, the one with the ridges runing down the length is the white. use wire nuts unless you like fire
Q:What are the principles of laying the cable in the pipe?
Plastic wire belt is also known as: cable ties, cable ties, lock belt
Q:Electricians/Home Electrical Wire Question: Attach Ground Wire to New Light Fixture?
The black wire is the hot wire, the white one is neutral, and the bare or (sometimes green) wire is always conneted to the ground point. Connect all the like colored wires together, and connect the bare copper wire to the rest of the bare copper ones.

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