solid copper conductor PVC electrical cables wire

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  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

  • Type:
    InsulatedModel Number:

  • Application: Indoors

  • Conductor Material: Copper

  • Conductor Type: Solid

  • Insulation Material: PVC

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Packaging Details:roll
Delivery Detail:4 weeks or as your request


cables wire
1.450/750V solid copper core
2.PVC insulated
3.ISO CCC IEC standard
4.factory direct sales

Solid Copper conductor PVC electrical  cables wire  


This  electrical wire is suitable for fixed laying in power plant with AC rated voltage up to and including 450/750V.


1). The rated voltage of the  electrical wire should equal to or higher then the rated voltage of the system when wires are used at AC system. If the wires are used at DC system, the rated voltage of system should lower then 1.5 times as high as rated voltage of cable and wires. The working voltage of the system could be 1.1 times as high as the rated voltage of the cable.

2). The long term working temperature should lower then 70oC. The working temperature of BV-90 should lower then 90oC. And the laying temperature should higher then 0oC.
3). The curve diameter of the wire should longer than 8 times of the diameter of the outer diameter of cable and wires if their outer diameter is 25 mm or above. If the diameter of cable and wires is above 25 mm, the curve diameter should be at least 12 times of the outer diameter of the cable and wires.

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Q:Ignition Wire Fried? New Wire?
all electrical wires are power wires. For an authoritative answer, we'd need to know which one you mean, and which make model it's on. However, to generalize, I'd be wondering why the wire was in that condition, fixing whatever it was, then replacing the wire with one with a slightly greater cross-sectional area (gauge).
Q:Wire production is not to be a few meters ahead of the extension line
10 square to wear . 16 square . 35 square . 50 square . if it is copper or turn more PVC pipe should be enlarged on the 1st. Polyvinyl chloride (English: PolyVinylChloride, referred to as: PVC) is a use of a chlorine atom to replace polyethylene in a hydrogen atom of the polymer material. PVC is an amorphous structure of the white powder, the degree of branching is small. Industrial production of PVC molecular weight is generally in the range of 5 to 12 million, with a large polydispersity, molecular weight increases with the reduction of polymerization temperature. No fixed melting point, 80 ~ 85 ℃ began to soften, 130 ℃ into a viscous state, 160 ~ 180 ℃ began to change into a viscous flow. Its tensile strength of about 60MPa, the impact strength of 5 ~ 10kJ / m2; has excellent dielectric properties. The stability of light and heat is poor, above 100 ℃ or prolonged sun exposure, it will decompose and produce hydrogen chloride, and automatically catalyze the decomposition caused by discoloration, in practical applications must be added stabilizer to improve the stability of heat and light. PVC is very hard, can only be dissolved in cyclohexanone, dichloroethane and tetrahydrofuran and a few solvents, the organic and inorganic acids, alkali, salt are stable, chemical stability with the use of temperature rise.
Q:Can you get electrocuted using a water gun?
If you are referring to standard residential overhead electrical wires extremely unlikely. You would have to spray a section of a live wire (not a neutral) while in contact with water in the gun, while also touching wet ground in bare feet. The zap would be fractions of a second because your arm would twitch and redirect the stream away from the wire. The odds of feeling anything are slim at best. Most wires going from utility poles to houses are cable TV or phone, which pose near zero risk. However, if you are referring a high voltage primary (the very high wires that feed large transformers), these wires are commonly not insulated and can carry in excess of 4,000-100,000 volts. It would kill you in a second, arcing through the squirt gun to your hand. There are restrictions as to how close these wires can be to the ground, and the average squirt gun simply can't shoot that far. So in short, unless you have a very good squirt gun under a high tension wire, you're fine.
Q:Why does my parrot bite the electrical wires in the house?
parrots are jsu curious animals that like exploring and using their mouths to do so. the best advice i can think to tel u is to get her focused on something else and when she continuous trying to bite them put her away in the cage for a little while so she knows what she did was wrong hope this answer helps D
Q:Why is the terminal metal housing of the power cable to be grounded?
It seems that there is no one, but the toilet outlet to leave the shower area, not less than 1.2 meters.
Q:what is AL and CU as it pertains to electrical wires?
AL is aluminum wireCU is copper For Installations in USA Aluminum wire should be TWICE the size of Copper for the same ampacity. Four wires in a 110VAC circuit should be as follows: White Neutral Black Hot Leg Green Metal Frame of Switch/Outlet or Box Bare Metal Frame of Switch/Outlet or Box
Q:Electrical wiring problem!!! PLEASE HELP!!!?
It would be best if you could just wire nut the wires together that you cut. How did you expose the wires to cut them in the first place? Why?
Q:10KV high-voltage cable and heating pipe cross the safe distance
70 cm above can be, high-voltage cables and heating pipes are mainly insulation problems, cable insulation is not the main problem
Q:Do you think it's hilarious when people screw up electrical wiring on home renovation shows?
Yeah it starts off sluggish with the shush and ends with wanting a comprehensive demolition until someplace inbetween you hit upon a superb initiating that relatively worth saving. existence should not be so challenging.
Q:75 flat cable, copper and aluminum, each can withstand much current
Look at the following steps . you can try to clean the data cable plug, such as with rubber, dry cloth, then the iPhone's power outlet is also clean, re-insert. 2. Shut down the phone I often encounter this situation 3. The above two methods may not be able to solve the problem, if you need to solve the fundamental problem, it needs to replace the data line. If you are using the Apple iPhone6 phone, it is recommended to bring the original data cable to Apple after the sale that the situation, check to see if you can replace the data cable free of charge. I recommend buying a brand of charging lines, almost 40 to 120 between the price.

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