Solid Copper Conductor PVC Insulated 1.5mm2,4mm2,6mm2,10mm2 Electrical Wire and cable

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Product Description:

1. Product Specification

The products apply to electrical appliance, instrument, small electric tools, power lighting, telecommunication equipment with AC rated voltage(Uo/U) up to and including 450/750V.


2. Features:

a. Laying temperature: ≥ 0℃

b.The working temperature: the max working temperature of 60227IEC07(BV-90) and 60227IEC08(RV-90) are 90℃, others are 70℃ .

c. acceptable curved radius : the external diameter(D) less than 25mm, the curved radius isn't less than 4D;if external diameter is above and including 25mm, the curved radius should be not less than 6D. (D is the wire's actual outer diameter.)


3.Reated wire's specification


Itemold itemProduct descriptionSpecification(mm2)
60227IEC01BVgeneral purpose single core rigid conductor non-sheathed cable1core1.5-400
60227IEC02RVgeneral purpose single core soft conductor non-sheathed cable1core1.5-240
60227IEC05BVinternal wiring conductor's temperature 70single core solid conductor non-sheathed cable1core0.5-1.0
60227IEC06RVinternal wiring conductor's temperature 70single core soft conductor non-sheathed cable1core0.5-1.0
60227IEC07BV-90internal wiring conductor's temperature 90single core solid conductor non-sheathed cable1core0.5-2.5
60227IEC08RV-90internal wiring conductor's temperature 90single core soft conductor non-sheathed cable1core0.5-2.5
60227IEC10BVVlight PVC sheathed cable2-5cores1.5-35
60227IEC42BVBflat non-sheathed flexible wire2-3cores0.5-0.75
60227IEC43SVRInterior decoration lighting circuit flexible wire2cores0.5-0.75
60227IEC52RVVlight PVC sheathed cable2-3cores0.5-0.75
60227IEC53RVVgeneral PVC sheathed cable2-5cores0.75-2.5
60227IEC74RVVYPoil resistance PVC sheathed screened flexible cables2-61cores0.5-2.5
60227IEC75RVVYoil resistance PVC sheathed unscreened flexible cables2-61cores0.5-2.5
BLValuminum core PVC insulated wire and cable1core2.5-400
BVVcopper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed round cable1core0.75-10
BLVValuminum core PVC insulated PVC sheathed round cable1core2.5-10
BLVVBaluminum core PVC and sheathed parallel cable2-3cores2.5-10
BVVBcopper core PVC insulated and sheathed flat cable2-3cores0.75-10
BVRcopper core PVC insulated flexible cable1core2.5-10
BVVRcopper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable1-3 cores0.5-2.5

Solid Copper Conductor PVC Insulated 1.5mm2,4mm2,6mm2,10mm2 Electrical Wire and cable

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Q:My dell power cable isn't working.?
It could be your cable or power supply unit went bad. Or, your power socket on the main board went south. The good thing about laptops is that the power supply unit is external and easy to swap out.
Q:Yamaha HS50m Speakers making hissing noise when only connected to power cable?
Almost all powered studio monitors have some hiss if you have the input level turned all the way up - this is normal.
Q:My pc don´t start, power cable and all other cables are connected correctly. Any body help me and guide me?
Before Replacing the Power supply is pretty straight forward.... just undo the screws at the back of the casing, and it slips out from inside. Put the new one where you took the old one out, and swap the leads over (matching like for like). One thing I have noticed both times I've fitted a Power Supply is that the screw holes in the back of the Power Supply never, ever line-up properly with the screw holes for it in the back of the PC Casing........ found the trick to doing it is to loose fit the screws first (might need to go in at an angle), then tighten them all up and it'll line up properly like it's supposed to.
Q:Car amplifier power cable?
sounds you have a loose ground connection.
Q:how much will a xbox360 power cable go for, and the tv wire to connect the xbox and tv.seprate prices please?
around $50
Q:How to fix: Dell Inspiron screen brightness decreases when power cable disconnected?
This is standard on laptops. The display takes a lot of power so it is set to dim when there is no mains power. You can go to Control Panel, Power Options and change this. You will need to tell it that this isn't a laptop.
Q:where does the power cable for the headlights go to... i think my power cable broke somewhere and?
The power for the headlights comes from the front fuse/relay box, usually on the drivers side wheel well under the hood. There should be a relay in the box for the headlights.
Q:I am planning to buy a unit inside a condo which is near the power cable line. Is this safe?
I did not buy a house because it was next to a power unit that powered the neighborhood. My brother in law is an electrician and he did not think it mattered, but I did not take any chances. I bet it would be hard for you to sell the unit in the future because they will not move those cables. I would avoid it.
Q:What is the difference between a trough bridge and a tray tray?
Many, with the cable where the requirements should be used bridge.
Q:Can you use regular XLR cables for microphones that need phantom power?
Yes, you can. I have a Beyer MCE-81 that requires phantom power and it takes an XLR cable. As for why it's called phantom power, the term refers to a power source external to the microphone, usually either in the form of a phantom power module or a power source built into each channel of a mixing console. Some mikes, by contrast, require a battery for their power source--I used to have a Sony mike that took a C battery.

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