Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable

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Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable


Fixed protected installation inside appliances and in lighting fittings.Suitable for installation in surface mounted or embedded conduits, only for signaling or control circuits.


Key Features
Bare copper conductor,PVC insulation
Temperature Rate: 70°C
Voltage Rate:450/750V
1 core,1.5-70mm²cross section
Packet:Roll,Carton box,Pallet etc.,Or special package according to customers needs


Technical Data

Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable

Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable

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Q:I would like to know the power cord plug the production process, the equipment used, the details better. Thank you!
The amplifier is connected to the speaker cable, and the other parts are connected using an audio signal cable (microphone cable). Audio signal line also known as the microphone line, you can use the lotus head, Cannon head, big Samsung, and other different connector connection. Audio signal line refers to the kind of input and output balance signal with a shielded signal line (usually replaced by a microphone cable) to connect the front and power amplifier, balanced line. It is used to transmit the signal, is the carrier of the signal. It transmits signals in two distinct ways. The cable itself can transmit signals, or the cable can transmit the energy emitted by the external signal source. Speaker line for connecting the amplifier and speakers, which flow the current signal is much larger than the video cable and audio lines mentioned above, because the signal amplitude is very large, this line is often no shield, for this wire, the key is to reduce Its resistance, because the output impedance of modern amplifier is very low, so the requirements of the speaker line also increased, such as the use of large cross-sectional area or stranded strand.
Q:Will the HDMI cable only output video, and let the speaker output audio?
You do not tell me that you do not have that white box transformer. The The The This is the transformer
Q:if you have hot wires, then electrical energy is being used to heat the wires, is this efficient?
Yep, about 90% of electrical power goes into heating (the heater is constructed for that, with high resistance wiring to get heat). The rest goes into visible light (glowing). For a light bulb electricity it is NOT efficient, about 90% is heat, which you do not want in that case, you just want the light
Q:What does the cable factory need for technical change?
3 generally showing yellow-red,, blue phase line represents zero, represents the yellow-green ground.
Q:Can i use old headphone wires like normal electrical wire?
Generally, the answer is NO. This is because the headphone wire insulation voltage rating is normally not high enough. However, if the headphone wire has a voltage rating printed on the insulation, that is equal or greater than the voltage of the circuit you want to use this wire for, it will be OK. If the wire has the type, such as TH, THW, THWN or something similar, you can look on the internet to find the voltage rating of that type wire. TexMav
Q:Does splicing electrical wiring effect the baseboard heaters on the circuit?
If the opening you desire to plug into does not have the rest engaged on that circuit; you are able to likely try this. you should verify that the full amps of the warm water heater is under 12 Amps for a 15 Amp circuit and sixteen Amps for a 20 Amp circuit. in case you're able to try this for specific than take a 12 gauge extension twine shrink off the receptacle end and take the black and white wires in the twine hook it as much as the two wires from the warm water heater by using twisting the wires mutually and putting on a yellow or orange cord nut (one cord nut consistent with connection.) Do a similar for the two floor or green wires if there's a floor cord coming from the water heater. Plug it in it is going to artwork.
Q:Can I use Ethernet cables as electrical wiring?
Yes and it is a very good idea for SMALL electrical prodjects. What you need to do is clip the 2 ends of the ethernet cord and throw them away. Then you need to strip the rubber case that is on the outside of the cables. Its about 1 MM thick so be careful. Use like a scissors and make a little shallow cuts around the cord (O and by the way we are stripping the case of the real cords right now). Do this every foot or two and pull the rubber case off. There should be many little cords in there called CAT 5. Take two of those cords out and strip the ends of them and you have two perfectly good cords to work with (you can use the other cords as well of course). Thats pretty much all you have to do. Hope this helps!
Q:YJV22 10KV cable buried when the need to set galvanized pipe? Under what circumstances need to wear galvanized pipe?
Cable, wires are lines, of course, can be used to exchange each other, but the size and industry standard division of the problem, but the general network cable is too small, as a telephone line can also, but you use the network cable 220v AC, I really did not dry Over this matter.
Q:i need help for my honda crv 2006 electrical wiring on car stereo?
Simple answer, it is time to pay an installer, unless you are an electrical engineer. the steering wheel control can be connected using a steering wheel controler. The company that makes this part is called PAC. The part is called a PAC SWIX. The controller comes in several versions (on OKorder). You must buy the Right Part for your DVD Player. If your dvd player is Kenwood/JVC/AlpineClarion you need SWI-JACK. If your DVD player is Pioneer or Sony you need SWI-PS, and Eclipse dvd needs SWI-ECL. If you have a non name brand generic DVD player, then you have a 50/50 chance that nothing will work. You must follow the instructions on the PAC package to locate the correct wire (every car is different), you must use 2 or more resistors that come in the package, wire them together correctly, then spend 10 minutes programing the controler. Or Pay an Installer $200.00 bucks to do the job right.
Q:How to hook up my fuel pumps electrical wires on a 1990 chevy celebrity wagon?
Easy way? The gray is the pump. Run it to a hot key wire or a toggle switch. Run the other two black wires to ground.

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