Nicrosil-Nisil (Type K) thermocouple A quality

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NiCr-NiSi (Type K) thermocouple finds the widest use in all basemetal thermocouple, at temperature above 500℃。The main chemical composition of  positive leg NiCr (KP) are Ni≈90% and Cr≈10%; negative leg NiSi (KN) are Ni≈97% and Cr≈3%. The operating temperature range is -200~1300℃(for short term) and 0~1100℃( for long term)。

Type K thermocouple has strong resistance to oxidation than other base metal thermocouples. It has high EMF against Platinum 67, excellent temperature accuracy, sensitivity and stability, with a low cost. It is recommended for oxidizing or inert atmospheres, but cannot be used directly in the following cases:
(1) Alternatively oxidizing and reducing atmosphere,
(2) Atmosphere with sulphur gases 
(3) Long time in vacuum
(4) Low oxidizing atmosphere such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide atmosphere

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