XLPE Insulated Power Cable/0.6/1KV Cu/Al Conductor

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Product Description:

1 Information

a, Number of cores:

1,  2,  3,   3+1,   3+2,    3+3,  4,    4+1,    4+2,   5 and so on.


b, Construction:

Conductor: Solid or stranded copper  Insulation: Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  Filler: Polypropylene filament with lapped binding tape  Binder: Binding tape  Inner sheath: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  Amour: Galvanized steel wire armored(SWA) or steel tape armored(STA)  Sheath: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 


c, Nominal Section  Area(mm2) :1.5 2.5 4 6 10 16 25 35 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 300 400 500 630 800


d, Features

 XLPE  insulated power cable do not has excellent electric, mechanical properties,but also has powerful resistance against chemical corrosion,heat resistance and enviromental stress resistance. Its structure is simple. The long period operating temperature is +90 °C. It is conveninet to use and can be laid with no restriction of different level.


XLPE insulated steel wire armoured power cable: XLPE/PVC insulated power cable has a number of advantages over paper insulated and PVC insulated cable. XLPE cable has high electric strength, mechanical strength, high-ageing resisting, environmetal stress resisting antichemical corrossion, and it is simple construction, using convenient and higher operating of long term temperature. It can be laid with no drop restriction. 
Various of flame-retardant and non-flame retardant XLPE cable can be manufactured with three technology(peroxide, silane and irradiation crosslinking). The flame-retardant cable covers all kinds of low-smoke low-halogen low-smoke halogen free, and non-smoke nonhalogented and three classes of A, B, C.


2 Standard:

IEC60502,and BS6346, VDE, AS/NZS, UL,etc or as customer's request.


3 The Rated Voltage(kv):

1st class 0.6/1 1.8/3 3.6/6 6/10 8.7/15 12/20 18/30 21/35  2nd class 1/1 3/3 6/6 8.7/10 12/15 18/20 - 26/35


4 Application:

1)These cables are most suitable for direct burial or for installation on trays or ducts,  Where there is a risk of mechanical damage, armoured cables should be used.

2) For laying in ground along route with large difference of level able to bear external mechanical forces.

 XLPE Insulated Power Cable/0.6/1KV Cu/Al Conductor

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