Household Water Valve

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Specifications of household water valve 

Surface: Plated chrome after polish


Material: C37700, MS58(CuZn40Pb2), CW602N


household water valve
Surface: Plated chrome after finishing

Size: 1/2'', 3/4'', 1''

Material: C37700, MS58(CuZn40Pb2), CuZn39Pb3, CW602N

Connection thread: NPT, BSP, BSPT

Forge brass body, spindle, zinc-alloy or aluminum-alloy handle

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Q:What are the standard sizes of angle valves used in our homes?
Generally belong to the pipe thread, like G1/2, the inner hole is about 19, G3/4, the inner hole is about 24.5.
Q:Angle valve switch over 90 degrees screw overflow, but not leaking, can continue to use it?
Angle valves are generally mechanical structures. But the inner core is usually plastic or copper. In principle, it must not exceed 90 degrees, otherwise it will damage its mechanical structure and cause damage.Damage including internal valve wear Water Leakage, or switch handle damaged or Water Leakage interface.In your case, you are switching the switch too far, there is no leakage, because the internal spool is normal. If you can't screw it, you open the handle and see if the spool of the handle and angle valve is sliding at the joint, or the screws are loose and not tightened. If the thread is slippery. Consider changing a handle. If you send it, just tighten it.
Q:What's the angle valve for?
3, is the role of the switch, if the faucet leaks, such as the occurrence of, may turn the triangle valve off, do not have to shut the main valve. 4, is beautiful. So, the general decoration of the new house are essential parts of water heating decoration new premises, so designers are mentioned. The function of toilet angle valve: first. The inner wall of inner hole hole and the hose connected to section second, can third maintenance and repair of the toilets conveniently cut off the water after the water pressure can be adjusted by the control, the normal use of protective toilet ware (this is less, unless you are that pressure large) pneumatic angle valve role: automatic control line switch common system, is widely used in printing and dyeing, weaving, bleaching, washing, food, chemical industry, water treatment, medicine and other various automatic mechanical equipment, has no water hammer, no noise, reliable sealing performance etc..
Q:Replacement of the toilet in one of the angle valve, why the entire family of water flow has become super small?
If the main valve has been used for a long time, or the quality is not good, it may be broken. So, when you turn it off, it's probably not in place. To determine if the problem is not here, then you look at the toilet angle valve position is in the trunk pipe position, if the other is the only way which must be passed with tap, it may be the angle valve screw is too long, with raw materials around too little, the dry pipe plugging part. Maybe it's the old stuff and stuff like that in that place. Proposed removal of angle valve inspection, the main valve to open, rinse, also by the way to see if the water pressure is large enough. If the water pressure is large enough, then the main valve will be out of order. Once reassembled, the problem should be solved. If you remove the angle valve, open the main valve or not much water, then it should be the total valve problem.
Q:Where do I need angle valves?
Water pressure is too big, can be adjusted on the triangular valve, turn it down a little;The function of the switch, if the faucet leaks and so on, you can turn the triangle valve off, you do not have to shut the main valve;Handsome and generous. General new house decoration is indispensable plumbing fittings, so when decorating a new house, designers will also mention.
Q:Toilet water seepage may be the cause of angle valve?
If the angle valve and wall buried pipe joint Water Leakage position, even if there is a small amount of Water Leakage can also detect, will touch the wet feeling, use toilet paper to wipe the watermark, this situation is very common, it is also very good, making some raw materials with tightening on the line.Now the decoration, mostly used is PP-R water pipe, if the wall is buried in the wall of the pipe elbow Water Leakage, common two kinds, one is when the defective pipe, there is not easy to detect the dew point, Water Leakage in the wall, repair can destroy the wall to melt; the other is a PP-R in the elbow of copper insert is too large due to external crack damage, also need to destroy the wall of the replacement, but the damage is easy to detect, there will be water seepage.According to your description, I estimate that when PP-R pipe is buried, some elbow of the pipe is leaking, and the leaking point is the top pipe of the wet wall next to the wall. It can test the pressure of your pipeThis answer is adopted by the questioner
Q:I would like to ask the kitchen wash dishes with angle valve and the upper water pipe how to configure?
That's all bronze!!! Better corrosion resistance.On the water pipe, the general PPR can be, from the current test is considered safe material.
Q:My home is being renovated, I do not know what kind of angle valve to buy better?
Hello, in view of my personal experience, I think the most important thing is to buy two angle valves.First, the material, material must be corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust, no cracking, stable structure, less impurities. Because the angle valve is often subject to the impact of water, easy to be all kinds of material corrosion in water or the impact of some impurities, and long-term in a humid environment is easy to make the angle valve rust, these impurities will affect the water quality of water in the. Usually home cooking is used in tap water, if the water quality will affect more than health, rust can damage the liver. The general material is brass, but the purity of brass is different.Two is airtight, and the most annoying is home decoration, and with a period of time leakage occurs, and then removed the reinstall, very troublesome. General installation is not Water Leakage negligence, angle valve angle valve itself quality problems, easy deformation of thermal expansion and contraction, the ability of heat resistance, compressive antifreeze is not enough, the thread will make the sealing structure is Water Leakage angle valve, short service life.Therefore, the need for long-term use of Dongdong is to buy a good point. My house was bought at the German Omnitest angle valve, the quality is good. This brand faucet and sink also have, buy matching more cost-effective.I hope my share will help you and hope you will adopt it!
Q:Is the angle valve of the gas heater angle valve different from that of the toilet?
Angle valve should be the same, you need to pay attention to the size of the angle valve, angle valve cold and hot water points, it is best to buy hot water.
Q:Angle valve inside the valve direction is different, affect the use of it? Will it leak?
Inside the ceramic core is screwed into the thread, so after the installation inside the opening direction is not consistent, but will not affect the flow of water, because the result is through the air, even invisible openings, like water through the empty place directly to the water outlet flow out, does not affect the flow, can not normal use. Water Leakage
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