Brass safety relief valve, air pressure relief valve, brass angle valve

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Angle valve is also called triangle valve, Angle valve, Angle valves.This is because the pipeline on the corner of a 90 degree Angle valve in shape, it is called a Angle valve, Angle valve, Angle valves.

Angle valve body has a water inlet, water control, outlet three mouth mouth, it is called a triangle valve.
Angle valves, of course, in the continuous improvement, although still three mouth, but there are not Angle Angle valve.

Angle valve industry said: Angle regulator in addition to the body for right, other structures similar to direct single-seat regulating valve.

Its features are:

1, simple flow, dead zone and vortex area is small, with the help of the media itself flushing action, can effectively prevent the medium blockage, namely good self-cleaning properties;

2, small flow resistance, flow coefficient is larger than single seat valve, equivalent to a two-seater valve flow coefficient;

It is suitable for high viscosity, containing suspended solids and granular fluids, or used for right Angle pipe.The flow is commonly in side out.

Special circumstances can the outfit, which flow to the side in bottom out.

Triangle valve, hot and cold two (marked in blue, red to distinguish) for the most part the material manufacturer is the same, hot and cold signs, mainly to distinguish which is the hot water, which is the cold water.

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Q:Angle valve screw short how to do?
Can be connected to external teeth on the wire, with teeth in the hoop, then connected with the angle valve, but directly change the angle valve screw length is more reliable
Q:Is the angle valve good or brass? Solving! Thank you
Angle valve material: copper, brass, 304 stainless steel, zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper, plastic, iron, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, ABS, space, ceramics, PVC, Aluminum Alloy, cast iron, cast copper, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, 316 stainless steel, POM, PP.Stainless steel and all copper materials are good, according to personal preference.
Q:Angle valve bathroom cabinet is used inside or outside the wire
Angle valves used in bathroom cabinets are now widely used outside the angle valve.The water circuit layout needs to consider some questions as follows:I. waterway section1. The design of a waterway requires all the equipment related to water, such as water purifiers, water heaters, kitchen treasures, toilets and sinks, etc., their location, installation methods, and the need for hot water;2, in advance want to use gas or electric water heater, to avoid changing the type of water heater temporarily, resulting in repeated arrangement of waterways;3, in addition to leaving the bathroom sink, toilet, washing machines and other water outlet, it is best to take one out, after the water, mopping the floor and so on very convenient;4, after washing machine location is determined, the washing machine drainage can consider to make the drainpipe inside the wall, beautiful and convenient;
Q:My house is currently in the decoration, how many angle valve?
General kitchen one Wei family decoration only need to use the 5-7 angle valve: toilet 1, basin faucet 2, dish basin faucet 2, water heater 2. Basin, toilet, dish basin, water heater and so on, these use angle valve. If you have more questions, click ID.
Q:Principle of high temperature and high pressure angle valve
When the high temperature and high pressure stop valve is opened, the opening height of the valve plate is 25% to 30% of the nominal diameter, and the flow rate has reached the maximum, indicating that the valve has reached the fully open position. Therefore, the full opening of the stop valve shall be determined by the stroke of the disc.Definition:A high temperature high pressure valve, including valve body, valve seat, valve, valve stem, gland, packing and handle, the valve seat is arranged in the valve body, the joint is fixed on the valve body through the valve stem, consists of upper and lower pieces, upper and lower stem on the lower end of the valve rod are respectively a spherical groove, by aligning the ball and two connecting half ring is integrally connected with the stem, connecting the half ring on the outer side of a concave groove, the concave groove embedded with a fixed wire. The utility model is characterized in that the valve failure, do not need to replace the whole valve, only the exchange part of the vulnerability, and reduces the difficulty of processing, installation and disassembly is simple, easy maintenance, low production cost, good economy.
Q:Want to ask my home decoration needs several angle valve, respectively, a few hot water, a few cold water, a few hoses?
Sink 2, kitchen Po 1, 2 basin faucet, toilet 1, their cumulative, no other. A angle valve, a hose
Q:Why should the gas water heater 2 angle valve? Intake is not enough?
Gas water heater with 2 nozzle, respectively (water inlet entrance) and outlet (hot water outlet), usually only in the assembly of the 1 valve on the water inlet and outlet valves do not, because the water outlet is not closed after water outflow.
Q:How do I unscrew the triangle valve? Urgent, online, etc.
Unscrew it counter clockwise. The white projection is the outer layer of the pipe. The tool stuck white fittings, basic hand valves can be screwed, careful not to spoil or have to change the pipe.
Q:Where is the angle valve for the concealed sprinkler?
Sprinkler usually does not need to install angle valve.Sprinkler installationScrew the flower, sprinkle the sealing cover of hot and cold water outlet, install into S type joint, this kind of joint can adjust the direction, and convenient to connect with the shower head. Joints must be wrapped with tape, the number of laps can not be less than 30 laps, you can prevent leakage of water pipes.Before installing the shower faucet, you must install the filter screen first. The filter screen can filter sand and gravel from the water. Although there may be a blockage, the most important part of the guard head, the valve core, is not damaged by sand and gravel friction.Use horizontal ruler to measure whether the faucet is horizontal or not, then install sprinkler, rod and sprinkler.Some details should be noted during installation:1., sprinkler should be installed according to the actual needs of the owner: to determine the installation height of the sprinkler, the installation staff in accordance with the owners of the site trial, determine the most appropriate height, to facilitate future use of the owners.2 cloth protection: tighten the tap, tap careful people will use a relatively thick cloth or plastic film bag in the screw cap at the faucet, faucet is to prevent the wrench squandering.3. installed to clean up the scene dust: in the installation process will inevitably produce some dust, dust, should be installed after the completion of all work to be cleaned, to ensure that the site clean, and can be washed with water again.The answer is recommended by Lu Hongshuang, a healthy lifestyle classification
Q:Angle valve, water faucet, water trap is within the quota range of sanitary ware installation
See if the quota ware Fucai, which contains, it belongs to.

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