Slow Open Brass Angle Valve

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Brass angle valve


Angle Seat Valves:

body: High-polished and chrome plating


zinc handle

Angle Seat Valves:

1)External pneumatic guide may prlong the service life, maintenance free;

2)Self-adjusted gland between the overflow port port and sllide block may improve the sealing performance;

3) Sealing material: Imported sealing ring and PTEF V ring;

4) Valve material: stainless steel;

5) Joint pipe bore:G1/2-G2";

6) Indication of valve open or close position

7) Angle structure of valve body can realize mass flow capacity compared with general stop valve. Compact structure makes quick response available

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Q:How about the number of angle valves?
Two, angle valve briefly introduced:Angle valve is angle globe valve, angle valve and spherical valve similar to its structure and characteristics are modified by the ball valve. The difference between the globe valve and the angle valve is that the angle valve is at the right angle of 90 degrees from the inlet.
Q:Angle valve which brand is good?
I recommend that you consider the following two aspects, the first is to choose the amount sold the big stores, big consumption can explain this shop hard angle valve favored by customers; second is a look at the user's evaluation, evaluation not only play, but also the favorable rate must be high, the customer will generally purchase experience to say, therefore, I recommend you take a look at the angle valve sales in the network: This is the day before the sale of the best of several angle valve.
Q:Toilet water seepage may be the cause of angle valve?
If the angle valve and wall buried pipe joint Water Leakage position, even if there is a small amount of Water Leakage can also detect, will touch the wet feeling, use toilet paper to wipe the watermark, this situation is very common, it is also very good, making some raw materials with tightening on the line.Now the decoration, mostly used is PP-R water pipe, if the wall is buried in the wall of the pipe elbow Water Leakage, common two kinds, one is when the defective pipe, there is not easy to detect the dew point, Water Leakage in the wall, repair can destroy the wall to melt; the other is a PP-R in the elbow of copper insert is too large due to external crack damage, also need to destroy the wall of the replacement, but the damage is easy to detect, there will be water seepage.According to your description, I estimate that when PP-R pipe is buried, some elbow of the pipe is leaking, and the leaking point is the top pipe of the wet wall next to the wall. It can test the pressure of your pipeThis answer is adopted by the questioner
Q:General triangular valve is a bit of caliber
Triangular valve size:A 3/8 is a 3 point water hose (usually used for 3 taps on a water inlet) with 3 taps.
Q:What are the differences between angle valves and stop valves?
Angle valve is also called 90 degrees quick opening valve, the cut-off valve inside the top rod and screw rotation
Q:Is triangle valve good with copper or 304 stainless steel?
Triangular valve selection skills:First look at the material. Preferably copper material will be relatively heavy, excellent material, greatly extended the life of the product; zinc alloy on the market, although relatively cheap, but with a year of easy fracture, maintenance is uncomfortable.Second, look at the spool. Ceramic valve core is generally used, the valve core is the product's heart, the prison firmly, life expectancy depends entirely on it, especially the sealing ring and ceramic chip. But generally we can not see, had to try the hand, and feel too heavy, switches are uncomfortable, feel too light, not long before the water leakage, soft feel longer life.Finally, look at the plating gloss. Pay attention to whether the product of foaming, gloss, scratch, good product surface smooth shiny, smooth and flawless touch. In addition, the market corner of the salt fog experiment can not meet the requirements of GB18145-2003, not to mention that this is just a kind of equipment installed in the toilet, very few people pay attention to.
Q:Faucet triangle valve 6 points, import 4 points exportAnonymous browsing | 954 times
Domestic are 6 points interface; imports of 4 points
Q:What do you do in the off angle valve inside the elbow.
This is very troublesome, if water pipes buried in the wall, with a special tool to beat small Zan, hammer. You can't fix itIf you're outside the wall, change the elbow.
Q:Can the tap water valve be used on the gas pipe?
Can not.Angle valve, that is, angle stop valve. In home decoration, it is often used as a buried water and gas pipe, and an outlet switch is used to control it.Gas is a general term for gaseous fuels. It can burn and emit heat for urban residents and industrial enterprises.Gas for some materials with corrosion and dissolution, therefore, for a variety of equipment and materials are required by gas can avoid the corrosion and dissolution of materials; in addition, because the gas has the certain risk, for a variety of equipment, gas materials are required in accordance with the above general purpose standard to make.Because of the particularity of various equipment and materials used for gas, it is not possible to replace them with other equipment and materials at will.
Q:Carlos warm water separator, ball valve or angle valve is not clear
To put it plainly, you take it half open and half closed, and its flow is not about 50%, and fluctuates greatly. In addition, if the ball valve will be half closed, it will damage the ball valve, greatly shorten its life. Ball valve is mainly used for heating hot and cold water inlet pipe.Angle valve is called "angle valve", because its inlet and outlet are 90 degrees angle perpendicular to each other, rather than straight into the ball valve straight out.
Our company has strong technical force, advanced technology and perfect equipment, which guarantees product quality. Our products have won a good reputation not only in domestic market, but also in Europe, Asia and the USA.We are a professional manufacturer of valves and sanitary wares which are made of copper, zinc and stainless steel.

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