Angle Valve for Water

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Export standard package

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Specifications of Angle Valve for Water


1.CE, ROHS certification


2.Export to German, Spain, Poland, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Morocco,   Argentina, Mexico before


Usage of  Angle Valve for Water


(1)The basin mixer(basin faucet) is made of brass,chrome finished,high quality and durable use.

(2)Can be used for cold and hot water.

(3)Inner packing:Cloth bag + white / brown box;Outer packing: Kraft carton.

(4)Many other patterns and full ranges of mixers are available.


Angle Valve


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Q:What's the reason for the small water flow in the toilet corner valve?
If fitted with angle valves, remove the cleaning. The toilet is equipped with a filter and needs cleaning.There are impurities in the water supply pipe of the new building. The valve or toilet filter is blocked.
Q:How about the angle valve? Is it a famous brand?
Shield operation valve is the brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, I have seen the products are pure copper do, copper extrusion stem is made of raw materials, the quality is certainly no problem, 7 years warranty, rest assured.
Q:How about a triangle valve for water pipes?
You take your triangle valve, you need to buy what, the owner of the hardware store will be ready for you
Q:The water heater in the house is leaking from angle valve. Can you change it?
Also don't twist the head, the difference 1, 2 buckles can.Then open the water, hear the water into the heating cylinder, power, open the water valve, check whether leakage.
Q:Where do I need angle valves?
Water pressure is too big, can be adjusted on the triangular valve, turn it down a little;The function of the switch, if the faucet leaks and so on, you can turn the triangle valve off, you do not have to shut the main valve;Handsome and generous. General new house decoration is indispensable plumbing fittings, so when decorating a new house, designers will also mention.
Q:Does electric water heater have to use angle valve?
Hot and cold water also need angle valve of water heater each need a large flow angle valve angle valve ~ this thing is the quality of durable products bought that if you bought a little good can be used for many years with poor quality with less than a year on the bad Jomoo ciasia angle valves are good you can go online see
Q:Basin hot and cold water outlet what specifications, angle valve?
2, flow resistance is small, the flow coefficient is larger than single seat valve, equivalent to the flow coefficient of two seat valve;It is suitable for use in high viscosity, suspended solids and granular fluids, or in places requiring rectangular tubes. Its flow direction is generally bottom, side out.Under special circumstances, it can be reversed, that is, the flow side into the bottom.Triangle valve hot and cold two (to blue, red mark distinction), its material is the vast majority of manufacturers are the same, hot and cold signs, mainly to distinguish which is hot water, which is cold water.
Q:Where is the angle valve for the concealed sprinkler?
Sprinkler usually does not need to install angle valve.Sprinkler installationScrew the flower, sprinkle the sealing cover of hot and cold water outlet, install into S type joint, this kind of joint can adjust the direction, and convenient to connect with the shower head. Joints must be wrapped with tape, the number of laps can not be less than 30 laps, you can prevent leakage of water pipes.Before installing the shower faucet, you must install the filter screen first. The filter screen can filter sand and gravel from the water. Although there may be a blockage, the most important part of the guard head, the valve core, is not damaged by sand and gravel friction.Use horizontal ruler to measure whether the faucet is horizontal or not, then install sprinkler, rod and sprinkler.Some details should be noted during installation:1., sprinkler should be installed according to the actual needs of the owner: to determine the installation height of the sprinkler, the installation staff in accordance with the owners of the site trial, determine the most appropriate height, to facilitate future use of the owners.2 cloth protection: tighten the tap, tap careful people will use a relatively thick cloth or plastic film bag in the screw cap at the faucet, faucet is to prevent the wrench squandering.3. installed to clean up the scene dust: in the installation process will inevitably produce some dust, dust, should be installed after the completion of all work to be cleaned, to ensure that the site clean, and can be washed with water again.The answer is recommended by Lu Hongshuang, a healthy lifestyle classification
Q:What's the difference between Jomoo angle valves?
Jomoo wall rough angle valve, such as 7402.7405.4402.4406 series. Smooth wall, such as 7408.7409.4408.4409 series,. In fact, the smooth and rough because of the different processing techniques and formed. The rough is cast, casting is the liquid copper melted into the abrasive sand do, it will be more rough. Smooth is forged (commonly known as red blunt). Red rush is to burn the copper billet red, and then into the steel felt stamping. One is hot water, one is cold water, the red lid is hot water, and the blue cover is cold water. The average price is one yuan, and the hot water is more expensive.
Q:General valve at that location, the best bathroom, sanitary ware angle valve position height
The main valve is placed just in the riser of the water supply pipe, and the angle valve is 25 cm away from the ground. Installed in the toilet on the right side, cold and hot water mixing valve is 110 cm, 25 cm spacing, wash basin angle valve off 25 cm, 20 cm spacing. If you don't understand, ask again, what you said is too vague
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Liaoning, China
Year Established 2007
Annual Output Value Above US$ 0.8 Million
Main Markets Mid East, Africa, Europe
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Nearest Port Tianjin; Qingdao
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Factory Size: Above 4,000 square meters
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Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
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