APP Control Safe Security Alarm System

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1.2 wired and 100 wireless defense zones
2.RFID+Touch Keypad
3.Editable Alarm SMS
4.Android APP Control

I. Newly Innovative SZ 188G  Alarm Host

1. Support bi-lingual audio, shift by one-key control;

2. Support 10 RFID Cards, which can disarm and control the relay switch;
3. 100 wireless zones, 2 wired zoned, and 10 remote controllers;
4. 20 seconds voice recor;
5. The main panel can be used as a wieless telephone;
6. Low-power alert and tamper alarm;
7. Alarm SMS is editable;
8. Power Off/Recovery/Low Power Alert.

Standard Package: 1 Main Panel, 1 Wireless PIR Detector, 1 Wireless Door Sensor, 2 RFID Chips, 2 Remote Controllers, 1 Siren, 1 Power Supply, 1 Manual

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Q:does anyone know how i can lock the car without turning on the alarm? i have 2 really big dogs, and whenever i leave them in the car, they set off the alarm (maybe its motion sensors? or because they are so big, they rock the car when the move around.) thanks! and i've tried just turning the lock, not using the actual remote lock
Use 1 part household ammonia 2 parts water with a little dish washing detergent. Wet the floor and let it set for a 10- 15 min. then scrub. Make sure you have good ventilation.
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A hard wire smoke detector is there to protect you and your family on the event of fire. Even when they are AC hard wired, they also have a 9 volt battery that when is bad will warn you by making sound until you replace the battery. It's illegal to de activate a fire device. On the event that you live in an apartment and you have a fire your landlord is liable, cause of you de activating that device. If you live on your own property, your insurance most likely will not cover in a similar situation. I will not recommend it but if you still want to do it, just twist the device counter clock wise around to remove it from the wall base and then pull the wire harness off. Good luck!
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The whole Unlock your car with your cell phone thing is fake. It is NOT possible. Anyone who knows how car alarms work, knows this is not possible. There's even a video going around the internet, but it's a fake. You can clearly see the rim from the car in the video where the person calls the other phone and presses the button, and it's the same rim of the car from the beginning and end of the video. He is CLEARLY in range for the remote to unlock it by it's own signal reaching the antenna of the alarm. Below are a couple of links that prove it's fake.
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