APP Control Safe Security Alarm System

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1.2 wired and 100 wireless defense zones
2.RFID+Touch Keypad
3.Editable Alarm SMS
4.Android APP Control

I. Newly Innovative SZ 188G  Alarm Host

1. Support bi-lingual audio, shift by one-key control;

2. Support 10 RFID Cards, which can disarm and control the relay switch;
3. 100 wireless zones, 2 wired zoned, and 10 remote controllers;
4. 20 seconds voice recor;
5. The main panel can be used as a wieless telephone;
6. Low-power alert and tamper alarm;
7. Alarm SMS is editable;
8. Power Off/Recovery/Low Power Alert.

Standard Package: 1 Main Panel, 1 Wireless PIR Detector, 1 Wireless Door Sensor, 2 RFID Chips, 2 Remote Controllers, 1 Siren, 1 Power Supply, 1 Manual

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