Automatic Door Glass Sensor for New Decoration

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Smart Automatic Door
(1)ISO 9001 & CE Certified
(2)Silent working
(3)Modularization design
(4)Easy to install and adjust

our operator  has below 6 new technology which any other operators have not

1soft _start

As common automatic door,once open ,the motor speed up suddenly.the door not only swing terriblily but also have big noise.but we adopt slow_starting technology,the motor start slowly ,then speed up with frequency conversion in the base of the door are smooth.

2:automatic search

When the door knock someone or object,it will rebound swiftly,then search whether it be off slowly.

3:automatic protect

When search 3-6 times ,and insure the persone or object still there,the door machine will stop operating .

4:automatic .reset

After insure everything is safe,no need to close the power ,only push the door to opening position,the door will recover operating automatically

5:motor lock

Common automatic door locking force   >200N

But ours is >350N(equall strong electromaqnetism lock)

6:not increase the pressure when it is not work. high Efficiency and energy saving  

power consumption when work :220v  1.35A

power consumption when at waiting status.:220V 0.09A

For common automatic door ,when it is in waiting status.,the motor has electricity,not only have noise also heat effect motors life ,high power consumption.but we adopt excitation current,instantaneously pressurize technology,when the door donnt move,motor donnt have electricity.when someone wrench,motor has excitation current pass to the controller.then the controller will give a inverted strong current on the motor within 0.01S


light  type

heavy  type

Door  body  type

single  panel

double  panel  

single  panel

double  panel

Door  fan  weight

max  150kg


max  250kg  


Door  width





Installation  style:

surface  mounting  and  concealed  mounting

Power voltage and frequency

AC100v-250V.       50-60HZ

Open  door  speed:


Close  door  speed:


Slow  speed


Open  time


Close  force:

200N< F< 400N

Manual  force

< 100N

Power  consumption

< 150w

Operating  temperature

-20~+50° C

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Q:Why do star hotels use revolving doors?
Revolving door of his air tight parity, especially the two wings revolving door, the indoor and outdoor air separated to reduce the waste of indoor air conditioning energy. High-end revolving door search safety factor is relatively high, user-friendly design. There is a high-end hotel will choose and their identity to match the door.
Q:How do you open an automatic garage door from the outside?
Did you try Open sesame? Kidding. I assume you don't have the remote, and there's no keypad on the outside wall? Or some older ones had just a key slot? No? I've heard that some locksmiths or garage door pros have a universal transmitter. Which is like a master key for AGD transmitters. Whether it's true or not, I don't know. I've never needed one. But the theory is sound. I can't think of any other way, without seeing it, other than cutting through the door carefully and repairing it. If you can reach the release cord somehow, that would work too. Good luck.
Q:Can the electric door be turned on by hand?
Yes. But very complicated.
Q:How do my world do automatic door automatic door production method
You can use brush strange cage, snowman in the temperate terrain can not move, the player close to the characteristics of jump to build.
Q:Can I install an after market keyless entry/start up system in my car if it doesn't have automatic door locks?
Yes. Call up some custom car stereo shops to shop for a good price.
Q:Automatic door is how to do when someone came to the door?
Mainly by the door above the sensor, the sensor is generally two, a far-infrared, a microwave, far infrared light affected by the relatively large, so not stable, microwave self-induction moving objects can not Induction of prohibited objects, that is, if you stand in the middle of the door does not move, the door will automatically shut up to hold you, then the best way is to install the microwave sensor and then in the middle of the door to install a set of infrared on the radio Closing the door. Microwave sensors are currently more popular, and far out of the basic infrared has been eliminated.
Q:I have a Dodge Grand Caravan and the Automatic Passenger Doors wont open why?
Sorry to hear you are having a concern with the automatic passenger door on your 2004 Dodge Caravan. I checked for Technical Service Bulletins but could not find any concerns regarding the automatic door. You may want to consider having the vehicle diagnosed by your local authorized Dodge Service Department or a trusted mechanic. Lisa Customer Care Chrysler Group LLC
Q:My automatic garage door is not working properly. What is the problem?
well have the same thing going on with mine, but my remote is older and the transmiter i think is bad, i just have to get another one, but for you, all automatic door's have a deactivating lever, you should go into the grage, while the door is closed, and you know that little red string that uve always see but never pay attention to, if some one had pulled that down, it would have deactivated the door, so when u hit the remote it sounds like it gets the signal but the power chain had been releasedu have to push the lever back up into the rail, that shoud work
Q:What is the meaning of the jogging of the electric door?
Electric door remote control jog to the receiver or intelligent motor, the general situation is click on the remote control (almost 1 second), the electric door will automatically run, and usually need to enter the setting mode will be a little dynamic state, the specific Need your receiver or motor manufacturers, they should have a detailed description of the operation.
Q:What is the remote control switch used by the automatic door?
220-volt two-way wireless remote control receiver controller, can control the equipment to reach the motor is positive and negative; or switch on and off conversion and a variety of special control procedures. Mainly used in electric doors, windows, lifting equipment, gates, lifts, industrial control and security industries and other fields. Technical Parameters Working voltage: AC220V Operating frequency: 315MHz 433MHz Maximum load: 10A Receiver sensitivity: -100dB Encoding Type: Fixed Code Work: Jog, interlock, self-locking Size: 50 * 70 * 18mm Output mode: two groups of 220 volts / two sets of switching signals Features: 1. The remote control switch with IC seat, easy to replace the function. Such as in exchange for the interlock function to be replaced by a temporary function, just replace the original L4 chip M4 chip can be. 2. Reserved data bits to adjust the solder joints, can be easily equipped with different manufacturers of remote control, to avoid changing the remote control circuit trouble 3. With a buzzer instructions to facilitate the determination of the switch working status. On the Puda good. I recently went to them to buy several times, many varieties, good service. The price is not expensive. You can ask the next reference

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