Sliding Aluminium Door with High Quality Exterior

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1.Description for Aluminium Sliding Door


2)top grade accessory 
3)various of patterns 

DESCRIPTIONaluminum slding door
GLASS PATTERNtransparent+lattice
Surface Treatmentimitative wood grain/black walnut
Wall thickness(MM)1.2/2.0
Standard Size (W*H)4500mm*2000mm
Profile width80mm
Accessorieshandles, lock and ect (Chinese top grade accessories)
PackagePlastic foam+strong carton or wooden crate

2. Detailed information of Aluminum Sliding Door






Aluminum Alloy Door

Durable, Light-weighted, Rust-free, Waterproofing,Corrosion Resistant,Easy toclean/maintain,Unflameable,Non-magnestic;clean/maintain,Unflameable,Non-magnestic.



Balcony, kitchen, dining room, garage ect.



Double Tempered Glass;


Glass Pattern

Transparent glass with lattice bar , ice-sculpture, ampair ,coloured sculpture, ice slush, dull polish



aluminum alloy



Zinc alloy lock with 304 Stainless Steel Lock Cylinder



We can do the size according the customers' requests



Stainless steel hinge


Ground Rack

Rack and Non-rack (National Patened Products)


Door Leaves

We can do 13 leaves at most


Surface treatment

Silvery White Anodizing, Electrophoresis Coating, Powder Ccoating, PVDF Coating, Wooden Texture Coating.

Can be processed in multiple or different color based on our clients.



3. Our Services

One-Stop Solution


1, Own factory : We have our own factory. Products would not go through any dealer.

                          Better quality control & lower price .

2, High Quanlity & Reasonable Price

3, Customizable - meet your any requirements

4, Easy to Install as the good system design !!!

5, We can send engineers to help you do the measurement & installation


 4. Photo for Aluminun Door














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Q:The balcony of the windowsill generally high from the ground? Floating window
Balcony windowsill generally off the ground 600-650mm, the window from the ceiling is generally 100-300mm distance, the window is 500-550mm
Q:What is the pressure on the roof pressure?
Construction requirements 1, according to "masonry structure design code" Article 6.3.3 provides: To prevent or reduce the bottom of the building wall cracks, the following measures can be taken: A, increase the thickness of the foundation ring beam. B, in the bottom of the windowsill under the wall of the gray seam set 3 welded steel mesh or 2 Φ6 steel, and deep inside the window between the walls of not less than 600mm. C, the use of reinforced concrete sill plate, windowsill plate embedded on both sides of the wall of not less than 600mm. 2, Jinshan Huacheng windowsill pressure top only use the end of ribs. Reinforcement with 3Φ8 steel bar, into the wall on both sides of the gray stitch 60mm, for the pressure elevation, according to the drawings window, height of 100mm or so, ranging.
Q:Can window tiles be tiled? How to deal with the side?
Radiation, omnipresent, the radiation of the stone about 30 cm below its surface, and on a window table, Buzhi Yu, do not need so fear ah, the tiles are not ok, decoration or look at personal preferences, and comfortable and practical.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum windows and doors cost-effective
Insulation broken aluminum alloy is the principle of aluminum in the middle of the insulation through the bar, the aluminum cut off the formation of broken bridge, effectively prevent the heat conduction. This made of doors and windows frame fan, equipped with insulating glass, hardware, stealth Shachuang, glass glue, styrofoam, seal, etc., so that the production made of portal windows, called broken aluminum doors and windows.
Q:Can I play a corner bag window
The baseboard, as the name suggests, is the wall area that is kicked, so it is more vulnerable. Do the baseboard can be better between the wall and the ground between the solid, to reduce the deformation of the wall to avoid damage caused by external forces. In addition, the baseboard is also easier to scrub, if the drag on the dirty water splash, scrub is very convenient. The skirting line, in addition to its own function of protecting the wall, occupies a considerable proportion of the proportion of the beauty of the home. It is the contours of the ground, the line of sight will often fall naturally above.
Q:Bedroom and balcony connected to the windowsill was 20 cm lower, interrupted 4 with steel, help ah neighborhoods!
Under the windowsill if it is steel, then there should be a lot of vertical reinforcement and should be in the concrete under the windowsill on the bend, you said the situation under the windowsill is the top of the pressure, generally I 150mm to 250mm thick, set four 14 ~ 18 steel and then equipped with stirrups, and then down is the masonry, the windowsill is non-load-bearing structure, destroyed no problem.
Q:What is the difference between a windowsill window and a window window?
Such as the windows on the metal hulls, have become windows without windowsill. Such as windows used in the formal residential housing, it becomes a window window, the corresponding wall thicker, which part of the window extension, when the window and the wall in two planes, it produced a windowsill, The bottom of the window small platform, there are narrow and narrow, some people like to put something like decorations or some small things in life, by the external walls of the windowsill now most people will do more wide, put some bonsai or sun The But also beautify the housing environment and facilitate life.
Q:The windowsill marble countertops are thicker
The thickness of the different. Artificial stone has 1 cm 4 and 1 cm 7. Natural stone has 1 centimeter 2 and 1 centimeter 8.
Q:Is it possible to shop quartz on the windowsill?
Can Yeah, quartz stone without radiation, high hardness, noble and beautiful, scratch does not spend, do not seepage, but also on the grade. Very suitable for interior decoration.
Q:How to choose marble? Shop windowsill
I am also in the selection of materials. I chose 80X80 tiles. Do not know if you are a balcony or a terrace. I turned in the decoration market several laps, asked N more, the cheapest 80 bricks between 10 to 20, and finally decided to use the cheapest. Because 80 brick color similar, only need to consider wear and waterproof on it. Most businesses say that low prices are not equal to low quality So the landlord does not need to buy any brand. 30 yuan a piece of already enough. Suggestions, 80X80 brick color is very small, the optional degree is not high. Recommended landlord with 30X30 brick, style patterns particularly large, after all, balcony Well, you should get a little dynamic. The price of 2 yuan a piece of no problem.

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