Aluminum Casement Window with Double Glass and Soundproof

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Product Description for Aluminum Window and Door


ProfileAluminum :6063-T5, thermal-break and non-thermal-break can be choice
Thickness :1.4mm-4.0mm profile thickness.
Can be customized
Surface Treatment :Powder coated / Electrophoresis / Anodizing / PVDF etc)
Color :white,gray,black,silver etc 
any color is available by INTERPON or COLOR BOND
Can be customized
GlassType :Tempered Glass / Laminated Glass / LOW-E Glass / Tint Glass etc
 Thickness :Single: 5/6/8/10mm..., Double: 5+6+5mm/6+9+6mm/5+0.76+5mm etc…
Color :Clear, Frosted, Obscure, Green, Gray, Blue etc…
HardwareBrand :China Brand, German Brand, Australia Brand ,Italy brand etc
Color :White, Black, Silver etc…
Sealant :EPDM, USA glass silicon etc…
Other Parts Can Be AddedMosquito net, stainless steel screen, rolling louver, etc…
Inside shutter
Grid, Decorative design
PackingAir bubble film+wood crates / carton+plywood / can be customized



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Q:Plastic doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows in the installation of what is the difference
Finished window: The installation is not much difference, are fixed by the size of the hole, the use of long nail connection, and then fill the gap between the elastic blowing agent, hardened after the repair Qi Qi call plastic.
Q:Is the window plate having the specified thickness?
The size of the sill plate, the measurement should be noted that the size of the actual window than the actual large, increase the width of the exposed wall and the length of both sides of the ear. Such as the size of a single window, usually in the length of two more than 3 to 5 cm can be, commonly known as "ears"; In addition, the front also to explore a few centimeters, that is, the actual window width than the windows under the wall thickness, 3 cm. Window plate width = actual window width + widened width 3.5CM; Window plate length = actual window length + ear length (3 ~ 5CM) X2 side;
Q:Is it first fitted with marble windowsill or first fitted with aluminum windows?
First install the windows, in the installation of marble windowsill, to make the junction, more compact, good-looking, from a practical point of view, you first install the windows, in the installation of marble, waterproof function will be better.
Q:What can the windowsill use in addition to the marble countertops? The windowsill is relatively low, with a stone out of the side, can be made and wide as the windowsill?
The windowsill can be made of wood finishes, tiles and so on. Multiple sides are normal, will not affect the beautiful.
Q:Brick and concrete structure in the top and bottom of the set of long-term cast-in-place reinforced concrete window sill in the length of what is the meaning, how to set up?
Window beam generally refers to the bottom of the window beam, through the long window sill, refers to the same plane, beam long through the external walls. When set, set along the external walls.
Q:What are the general use of the blinds in the building?
There are aluminum louvers, solid wood louvers, there are PVC lobes, etc. ,, PVC price is relatively cheap. Solid wood louvers relative cost is relatively high. 1: high density, from outside interference. 2: adjust the light, anti-ultraviolet, create a comfortable, romantic home environment. 3: heat insulation, wind and dry, shading and ventilation function synchronization, enjoy nature. 4: Made according to actual size, no invalid area is generated. 5: selection of high-grade wood materials, care, easy maintenance, long life. 6: classic fashion, taste reflected. Io's solid wood shutters are of good quality.
Q:How to determine the size of the marble window window board
Not necessarily, the shorter the better, there are 10 cm to do, but also do 2 to 3 cm, but a beautiful problem
Q:How to pick the windowsill stone ah
If it is bay window, you also want to sit up and wait for the god of horse, then choose a good natural granite, hardness is relatively high. If it is a general sill, artificial stone on the line, more than the color, better match. As for the quartz stone, it should be artificial stone, quartz is the common name of silica, the common glass is quartz, but the purity is not high, more brittle.
Q:Artificial stone windowsill how to clean the table
Artificial stone table drops of soy sauce or dark stains, usually within 10 to 12 hours to clean up, more than this time often from the surface of the surface leakage to the depths, it is difficult to care. In addition, a large number of bleach and scale, the residence time for too long, will make the table color lighter. For white markings, you can use cooking oil with dry wipes wet wipe the surface, over 5 minutes dry, and then wet wipes and soapy water to take care. Note that the acid cleaner can not be used, which will corrode the surface of the artificial stone.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and aluminum package wood What is the difference? What are the doors and windows better?
Aluminum package of wood prices on the high grade, see how much money you want to spend, as long as you out of the money, all the bulletproof are

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