Clean Water Pump

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Product Description

Commodity :   Centrifugal pump
Model No:SCM-22
Power Supply :Single  220V / 50 HZ

Output power :  0.5HP (0.33kw)
Highest Lift : 23M
 Max Flux:  90   (L/Min)
Highest Suck Stroke 6- 8 m
Feeding Pipe /drainpipe :1 " / 1":

1 . Supply Cleaning water for Civil , agricultre and industry system .

2. For heat and cold water Cyc and water supply for residence ,industry , cooling water andso on .

3. Irrigation for graden ,farm ,etc. and drainag for Pool , water jar ,well canal,etc..

if you have any problem ,please let us to know.
Clean Water Pump

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Q:The oxygen pump is on, but the fish swim on the water itself
I don't know what kind of fish you have. What's the size of it? In addition to some upper water fish, the water quality is also a key problem, if the local water is alkaline, the mineralization scale more devastating, with pure water and tap water up against the water, or by direct drinking machine out of the water line, and even see the water is very clear, but also a certain water quality well, because nitrogen in water containing ammonia gas is toxic, but can not see with the naked eye, it is best for a week for a two week cleaning water, a filter, the general fish will not die
Q:The tank after the power failure, how to do water pump
Check valve or raise the air pump!
Q:What's the difference between an air pump and an air compressor?
The two functions are the same! But there are differences, too! Container pump generally no gas storage once the use is always running, which is real-time with air compressor and gas storage, as long as there is gas under the condition of the motor will not run with almost waiting for gas will run to inflation
Q:How can the oxygen pump in the tank be out of oxygen, or pumping water, but without oxygen?
There's a good chance you're out of gas. It's blocked up. Just get a wire through it......
Q:How does the air pump spray the water gun (the principle of the car spray gun)?
Compressed liquid inside cylinder block.Or the water jet is decreasing......
Q:Should the air pump in the tank keep open all the time?
General fish are often open, not only inflatable, but also purify the water quality.1, submersible pump is best to open normally, stopped nitrifying bacteria will die, disappear, adverse to water.2, the aquarium to keep more fish, fish density is large, you often have to open the inflatable pump.3, even blow the kind of submersible pump can blow that function off, small fish in this excitement for a long time, will soon die from excessive fatigue.4, it is best to have two or three oxygen pumps open alternately, because the internal structure of the oxygen pump has a rubber cover is used to compress the air. Motor motor running for a long time, especially in summer, over heating, damage life. In short, the above two cases will have their service life.
Q:How can the refrigerator compressor be converted into a high pressure air pump?
Do not know how high pressure you want to hit, if it is relatively high, such as greater than 30 kg, one is to change the line to pressure, or reduce the diameter. Also, the compressor to re shell, or the pipe does not burst, compressor body will burst
Q:My aquarium oxygen pump does not add oxygen. What's the matter?
That depends on whether the oxygen pump is still working, and if you are still working, the other is still running down, then it proves that your pump needs a change of position, and that the plastic pipe outside the link needs to be inserted again. If the oxygen pump does not work, you need to take down and clean the pump body, if not work, may be the oxygen pump motor burned.
Q:Raising goldfish can change water several times a day without an air pump
If that is the cylinder type small best 2 days water for the best water in the sun after more than 3 days plus the circular tank within a short period of time a long time under the goldfish can also raise the basic difficult to keep live
Q:What kind of air pump is good?
Mute is the Shanghai Jaguar or Zhejiang's Austria (actually all the same, on the brand distinction). A while ago, I entered a Jaguar 2530 silent mute in Shanghai. It was very quiet indeed. In pursuit of small size, if it is mainly used for nailing, it is recommended that Jaguar 1509 (new model is FB-36/7) (motor 550 watts, cylinder 9 liters, gas production 102L/ minutes), enough nails. The model size of the gas cylinder is 1524 (motor 550 watts, cylinder 24 liters, gas production 102L/ minutes), nail and small area spray enough. I was 2530 (power 780W, 30 liters of gas cylinders, 165L/ minutes), a large area of painting is smaller, if not used in professional painting, with their own is enough. Another big number is 3540 (power 1100W, gas cylinder 40 liters, gas production 200L/ minutes), gas production is large, should be relatively cool with. The models listed above are for Jaguar in Shanghai. Buy air compressor, the most important thing is to look at gas production (and motor power related), followed by the volume of gas cylinders. Nail guns in pneumatic tools, the amount of gas consumption is minimal, so the general air compressor can do. Spray and spray gas consumption is great, the consumption of gas and spray nozzle diameter, large caliber high gas consumption, and professional paint, spraying with basic is the large diameter, so professional painting to large volume of air compressor. Own in home with fun, it is recommended to use the following 1 caliber spray gun, so you do not have to buy high-power air compressor. For example, if the amount of gas consumed by the nail gun is 20 litres per minute, and the amount of gas you buy is 80 litres, then nailing is enough. If you buy a 1 caliber gun, the gas consumption is 100 litres, compressor and gas production you buy is 80 liters, so when painting is very difficult, you have to wait for the process, if the compressor gas production is 120 liters, it is fully competent.

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