Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump 2X Bipolar Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

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2X-type rotary vane vacuum pump for the two-stage structure, its performance from the high pressure stage and low pressure stage parts, it's connected to a vacuum suction device or vacuum vessel, the gas inside the container will be a lot of suction and discharge when running. When the equipment to obtain vacuum, high-level chip will be closed exhaust valve, high pressure level and the gas will be transferred to the second level, and by the second stage suction and discharge, vacuum equipment available certain vacuum. Technical parameters of the vacuum pump 6 × 10-2pa. According to user usage, can be equipped with vacuum booster, 2X rotary vane vacuum pump as before the pump, due to the booster pump suction force to strengthen, before the pump continuous extraction can make your device a higher vacuum.


   The rotary vane vacuum pumps used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electric light vacuum, vacuum coating, food packaging, pharmaceuticals, plastic, electronics, and other fields dry use.


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Q:Do you need filters and oxygen pumps for small tanks?
Small tanks require the use of filters and oxygen pumps. This can greatly reduce the artificial burden of feeding. Let's take a look at what these two things play in a small fish tank:1, small fish in normal life will continue to breathe, reduce the dissolved oxygen content in water, in natural waters, because the surface area of water contact with the air, oxygen can quickly dissolved into the water to supplement. But in a small bowl, because the water and air contact area is small, and the feeding density is relatively high, so the content of dissolved oxygen decline will be relatively fast, once dropped to below 3ppm, the fish will continue to float, did not improve the fish will die. Oxygen pumps can increase water contact with air, increasing the rate of oxygen dissolution.2, the residual fish food, fish feces will decompose and decay under the action of microorganisms, forming ammonia and nitrite substances which are toxic to fish. When the concentration of ammonia nitrogen is greater than 0.02ppm or the concentration of nitrite is greater than 0.2ppm. Fish die of poisoning. The filter allows the flow of water to pass through the filter material, so that the nitrifying bacteria on the filter material oxidize the substance to form a basically non-toxic nitrate.If you do not have these two devices we can only rely on water for fish, more frequent to hypoxia and harmful substance accumulation, with these two devices can greatly reduce the frequency of the water, reduce the burden of artificial feeding.
Q:What type of air pump does the car spray paint have?
Automobile air pump is divided into the following two types:Nitrogen booster pumpPneumatic booster pump is divided into gas-liquid booster pump, gas booster pump, booster pump principle is the use of large area of piston pressure to produce a small area of high hydraulic piston. The nitrogen booster pump is one of the pneumatic booster pumps. Driven by gas, no arc and spark can be used in dangerous places. Compared with other gas drive pump, Deco booster pump can accomplish the same tasks, but the small parts and sealing, simple maintenance.Miniature vacuum stamping pumpWith the development of instrument and meter industry, small size, oil-free, environmental protection micro vacuum pump and micro air pump are more and more widely used. How can we choose the most appropriate product in a wide range of micro pumps, first of all, we should make clear the use of micro pumps. If you just use a micro air pump to produce compressed air. In brief, it is to use it to inflate and inflate, and the exhaust port of the pump is not necessary. This situation is relatively simple, according to the output pressure from large to small, followed by optional: PCF5015N, FAA8006, FAA6003, FAA4002, FM2002, FM1001. Of course, we should also refer to the flow index and other related technical parameters.The pump is also called pump, pump, air pump through the operation of the motor to motor, pumping when the connector is atmospheric pressure impulse valve open, gas into the pump, and to boost the morale of the tire air pressure pump, the valve has been closed, the gas into the tire. It also uses the principle of atmospheric pressure to inflate the car, rubber ball and rubber boat.
Q:Air pump has been installed oil-water separator, in the process of spraying, there are small dots, how to do?
1, do you use an oil pump or an oil-free air pump?;2, the ordinary oil-water separator can only remove part of the oil or water;Terms of settlement:1, choose oil-free gas pump;2, replace a good oil-water separator;3, the daily maintenance of the air pump needs to be done. The gas tank is regularly drained
Q:Can aquarium filters instead of oxygen pumps?
Yes, this is because the fish tank filter can filter the water at the same time into the tank into the oxygen.However, depending on the density of aquarium fish, if the density is too large, you need to join the oxygen pump, in order to ensure adequate oxygen, beneficial to the growth of fish.The following is the introduction: aquarium aquarium filter box filter is a device used for water purification equipment in fish oxygen, the purpose is to remove fecal water dirt, keep the water clear and sufficient oxygen, no harmful substances, no pollution, suitable for the growth of fish. The aquarium has a good filter to keep good fish and less water.
Q:The difference between an air pump and an aerator used in a fish tank
The difference between air pump and aerator is that water depth is used by air pump and shallow water aerator, and its function is the same.The aerator is a driving component of a motor or a diesel engine through the air system, "oxygen" quickly transferred to the aquaculture equipment, it can be integrated with physical, chemical and biological functions, can not only solve the pond because hypoxia caused the fish floating head, but also can eliminate the harmful gas exchange, promote the convection of the water, improve water quality, reduce feed coefficient, improve fish activity and primary productivity, thereby increasing stocking density, increase the intensity of feeding, breeding objects to promote growth, the yield is greatly improved, fully achieve the purpose of increasing farming.Product type aerator is more also, its characteristics and working principle are different, the oxygenation effect difference, the scope is not the same, producers can according to the needs of the dissolved oxygen in different breeding systems, selection of aerator suitable to obtain good economic performance.
Q:How can the oxygen pump in the tank be out of oxygen, or pumping water, but without oxygen?
You are using a three in one pump! It has two outlets, through a filter, another boost to the water cycle, with a pipe interface at the outlet, the use of negative pressure high speed water flow will generate air suction and blowing in order to achieve the effect of aerobics, there is no bubble flow for the following reasons: 1 the pump placed too deep, 2 outlet dirt, especially is the root of the intake pipe, 3 tracheal blockage.
Q:For crayfish, does the oxygen pump take 24 hours? Will it burn out?
Add a water fairy bar, long-term open no problem, it is best to buy some brand goods
Q:380V air compressor (air pump) connected to the pressure switch and AC contactor, how to connect the two thin wire?
Look at the diagram of the control loop. Is it normally open or closed?..
Q:Yuchai engine pump
To show them your car 4S shop
Q:What lubricant does the air pump use?
The inflator pump should use the special lubricating oil for the inflator pump". Special lubricating oil has excellent thermal oxidation stability, low temperature fluidity and excellent hydrolytic stability, low carbon residue, the evaporation loss is small; special lubricating oil has strong rust corrosion resistance, not easy to form sludge, paint quality; special lubricating oil with high viscosity index and elastic seal to ensure excellent compatibility. The pump of long service life.The pump is also called pump, pump, air pump through the operation of the motor to motor, pumping when the connector is atmospheric pressure impulse valve open, gas into the pump, and to boost the morale of the tire air pressure pump, the valve has been closed, the gas into the tire. It also uses the principle of atmospheric pressure to inflate the car, rubber ball and rubber boat.

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