Horizontal Multistage Fire Pump (XBD-W)

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Performance & Advantages
Water supply of fireplug Water supply of sprinkler system Stabilizing pressure for fire system Cleaning on other occasions Liquid transport.

Range of Application
Water supply for hydrants and sprinking, pressure stabilization and other locations to handle clean liquids.

Technology Parameters

Flow: 5-120L/S

Rotary Speed: 1450r/min

Calibre: Φ50-Φ150

Temperature: 10~50 degree centigred
Working Pressure: ≤ 1.3MPa

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Q:Is the water pump or the air pump for fish farming?
The air pump is used for inflating and increasing oxygen. It is used in the case of more fish.Water pumps are used for filtering and pumping. They are normally used.40 of the cylinder, if only fish, you can buy a multi-functional submersible pump, both filter and beat oxygen.30 or so, you can buy a nice one...
Q:The difference between an air pump and an aerator used in a fish tank
The same thing, the name is not the same, are the air through the pump into the water, in order to increase the water in the air contact surface, and to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water
Q:How to install the inside and outside chamfer of piston ring of air pump?
The piston ring is chamfered outward, the piston ring is flat in the cylinder liner, and the interface must have a certain opening gap. The piston ring shall be mounted on the piston, and in the ring groove, there must be a certain clearance along the height. The chrome plated ring shall be in the first line, and the opening shall not be directed towards the eddy current pit at the top of the piston. Each piston ring opening is staggered at 120 degrees, and the piston pin hole is not allowed to be facing. Taper section piston ring, the cone shall be upward when installing. When installing the twist ring, chamfer or chamfer shall be upward. When installing the combined ring, the axial lining ring shall be installed, and then the flat ring and the wave ring shall be installed. The wave ring is provided with two flat rings, and a flat ring is arranged at the lower part, and the openings shall be staggered with each other.
Q:Make two air pressure air pump start and stop at the same time, how to connect
Two air pressure pump when the pressure is lower than the normal pressure can start at the same time, if the premise is the same as the air pressure of two, two will have to pump gas together, then switch using a set of pump, so you can complete synchronization. Friend。 Consider the capacity of the switch.
Q:My air pump doesn't pump up automatically
Most of them are electromagnetic relays. Try another one
Q:Is the screw air compressor more energy efficient than the air pump?
Screw air compressor, in fact, that is what you call the air pump, air compressor is now called, before people call it the air pump! The screw opportunity is much more energy efficient than the piston machine! Less supplies!
Q:How can I solve the water in the air pump?
1. set up a slightly larger air storage tank, so that the water droplets in the compressed air and oil in the tank naturally sink, and then discharged through the valve2., there is a special water switch, as long as the things connected, the waterproof screw off, you can put the water off. The general drain screws are at the bottom of the air pump.Air compression, the release of pressure, condensation of water in the air to form water, which is a normal physical phenomenon.
Q:10Kg air compressor is equivalent to the big air pump
The size of the air compressor depends on the amount of gas it produces. The size of the compressor does not determine the size of the compressor!
Q:How can the refrigerator compressor be converted into a high pressure air pump?
Of course, two low pressure air inlet, a high-pressure pipe vent, after modification, the pressure can reach 16 kg / square centimeterI will change one, but pay attention to the flow when the machine is hot, the trachea contains compressor oil, inflatable time to be careful, hope to transform successfully
Q:What is the main function of the air pump in the sauce packing machine?
This is filling, pneumatic filling, high accuracy, performance and stability, is very common

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