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Mixed gas water pump is suit for clear water,handling foamy,vloatile liquids,and mixture of liquid,vapor and air.
This kind of pump owns some advantages such as;compact small shape,light weight,simple structure,low noise,convernient for fixing.The axis seals are sealed by machinery.Thus,its sealed effect is very good.Motor Power 1.5~4KW, flow 4.5~17(m3/h), head3~48m。

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Q:Make two air pressure air pump start and stop at the same time, how to connect
Connect the starting line of the two air pump with the stop circuit in parallel. It is better to remove one of the starting stop parts of one of the pumps
Q:The difference between an air pump and an aerator used in a fish tank
The difference between air pump and aerator is that water depth is used by air pump and shallow water aerator, and its function is the same.The aerator is a driving component of a motor or a diesel engine through the air system, "oxygen" quickly transferred to the aquaculture equipment, it can be integrated with physical, chemical and biological functions, can not only solve the pond because hypoxia caused the fish floating head, but also can eliminate the harmful gas exchange, promote the convection of the water, improve water quality, reduce feed coefficient, improve fish activity and primary productivity, thereby increasing stocking density, increase the intensity of feeding, breeding objects to promote growth, the yield is greatly improved, fully achieve the purpose of increasing farming.Product type aerator is more also, its characteristics and working principle are different, the oxygenation effect difference, the scope is not the same, producers can according to the needs of the dissolved oxygen in different breeding systems, selection of aerator suitable to obtain good economic performance.
Q:Do not let fish hypoxia, in addition to oxygen pumps and plants, what else?
You simply build a small fish pond, and want to make up the oxygen, only those two methods, and then higher point estimate in the future will appear...... Can you get some weed and mud in the river? Isn't it convenient? I keep it that way
Q:What is the glass tube that the air pump connects to the air compressor?
It's called a pressure regulating valve! Go to the mechanical and electrical market, and remember that the pressure is the range of that gauge. Then the size of the interface, dozens of domestic, imported only 800
Q:The gas oxygen can replace the pump?
The gas is used in high-pressure oxygen, compressed air pump is playing, is not the same thing.
Q:An air pump is not switched on and the voltage is normal
Do not only measure the voltage, such as lines too long or there is a virtual place, the voltage is not enough, the starting current increases, the line loss increases, the voltage of the pump is not enough. You can measure the voltage when you start the pump. If the voltage is not a problem, use the meter to measure the pressure relay, that is, whether the voltage control is normal or not. If the voltage control is normal, you should see if the motor coil is burned. In addition, the single-phase pump should pay attention to the capacitor, three-phase should pay attention to contactor is normal.
Q:Should the air pump in the tank keep open all the time?
Carp are considered to be aerobic fish, and your 80 largest round cylinder, if you keep ten carp, I'm afraid it's too dense. If you do not have long-term oxygen open filter, otherwise, you back a week, even if the fish die, will be very dirty. So please think twice.What's more, I don't know if you're a combo pump or a separate oxygen pump, and even the 21, these aquarium equipment, are able to fit in for long periods of time.
Q:What is the inflatable pump on board?
This is the 2014 air pump rankings, for reference purposes only. 1 car 2 wind king 3 unit 4 days 5 to 6 and 7 sub sub saiwang 8 Weika 9 Austria to shun our shield
Q:How much pressure does the inverter plasma cutter need to pump the 150psi?
Yes, usually as long as the plasma can be started and the minimum starting pressure is above 0.5MPa
Q:What's the price of the truck mounted inflator?
I bought the onboard pump in the past few days. It's very good and the quality is very good

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