Multistage Centrifugal Pump TSWA

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Product Description

The series of pumps are new model produets developed by our company. Which have rational configuration and long useful life work with high efficiency and Less noise and do well in resisting cavitation.

The TSWA seriesconsist of 5 varieties. That is 40 specs.
The followings are their working range:
T(temperature of llquids)<=80'C.

The liquids should be clean water or similar to water in chemical and physical properties.

The pumps are especially adapted to water supply of air-eondltione r eauipped in hotels and restaurants.

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Q:Maximum pressure of air compressor pump
Pressure is mainly organic, is installed in reverse, /0.25 can play 12 high voltage, to the money, a cylinder back loaded Caixing Oh!
Q:Does the heating machine have to use air pump?
Q:The 7.5kW motor pumps the generator and directly uses the diesel engine, which is economical
The direct drive of a diesel engine with an air pump is certainly the most economical and simple. The main reasons are as follows:1, from the cost of equipment, eliminating the generators and motors, greatly reducing the cost of equipment.2, from the energy conversion and efficiency comparison, from the diesel engine - Generator - motor - pump in the middle of the energy consumption is relatively much greater.3, from the maintenance cost and use of operation considerations, diesel engine direct drive more economical.
Q:My air pump doesn't pump up automatically
You'd better stop the machine and stop using it before the trouble is solved, otherwise it will burn the motor! As you say, the phenomenon should be that the magnetic starter is missing. It is recommended to replace the magnetic starter. The current value must not be lower than the original configuration!
Q:What is the air pump for?
A device that excludes air from an enclosed space or adds air from enclosed spaceThe air pump is divided into an electric air pump and a manual air pump, and people usually use manual or foot air pumps in their daily lives, which are used for inflating balloons.A large amount of oxygen is pumped out and then carbon dioxide is added to increase the intensity of photosynthesis
Q:How does the CHINT CJX21210 control the starting of the air pump?
That is greater than 0.8M contact is usually open without gas, the pressure is equal to 0.6 to 0.8M pressure, you need to open the compressor gas, this signal by the pressure gauge with contact type XY100 switch. I want to ask you, master contactor after live, it is necessary to self-locking to gas to 0.8M, but after the 0.8M, you need another contactor, the front of the self-locking contactor disconnect And how do A1 and A2 connect to the L line or the N line? Specific wiring diagram, it is better to have a diagram indicating SORRY
Q:How is three-phase air pump changed into single phase?
Domestic power in our country is a phase of three-phase electricity as a line of fire, in conjunction with the ground zero line voltage of 220. When the three-phase voltage is 380, the Japanese motor should be three-phase, with 200V single-phase 110V. A transformer is needed to change the power of each phase from 220 to 110 and then to the motor.
Q:Air pump air compressor 0036 what does it mean?
Should be the amount of exhaust, that is, the output per minute can be 0.036 cubic meters of gas
Q:Fish tank oxygen pump does not have to open all the time?
Yes, not often, but if your fish swim on the water and breathe out, it proves to be oxygen deficient, so if you don't have enough oxygen, you'll have to start the oxygen pump. If the fish do not like the above case of oxygen can be less open, but I personally recommend or open 24 hours, not how much electricity, if it is too noisy sounds can change a submersible pump, smaller in a voice, there is a long time accumulation of fish waste in the water, is harmful for fish, try not to have anything to use fecal accumulation, water pump filter (it is recommended to use less filter will be filled with feces, feces into powder filter to filter, causing water pollution). If you don't want to drive all the time, it's fine for a couple of hours, 30 minutes before and after the meal, at night when you're sleeping (at night, with lower oxygen levels in the water), and a rainy day
Q:What kind of fish can live without inserting oxygen pumps?
The water surface is relatively large, the fish body is relatively small, the number is also small, you can use the air pump. Tropical fish, too. But the condition is bad, the fish is also bad, affecting ornamental. If there is a water circulation system, it is straight or can not pump.

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