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Type LKX(S)(1)\LBX(S)(3) pumps are newly researched and developed on the basis of absorbing the advanced technology of domestic and foreign similar products. They are provided for delivering clear water, rainwater, sewage and seawater below 55 deg C. The pumps hand been used for handling circulating water in large scale power stations, metallurgy, water supply &drainage
Of civil engineering and farmlands as well as mining drainage.

Performance range
Capacity Q: 900~25000m3/h
Head H: 7~95m

The serials pumps are single stage or double stage vertical mixed flow pumps. They are vertically installed with the inlet vertical downward and the outlet horizontal extending. The rotor elements can be pull-out or non-pull-out, the axial thrust of pump carried by the motor or carried by the pump according to requirements of customers. The bearings of the pump is rubber bearings or Thordon bearings, when the rubber bearings are used, the shaft has shaft sleeves with pressure clear water in for lubrication.

Materials of tolerance parts: Impeller: Cast iron, cast steel or stainless steel
Shaft: High quantity of carbon steel or stainless steel
Others: Cast iron, cast steel or steel plate welding
Description of pump type
For example: 350LKX(S)2-95A
350_Pump outlet diameter (mm).

L_vertical mixed flow pump.
K_Represents pull-out rotor, B represents non pull-out rotor.
X_Represents outlet is under pump foundation.
S_Represents outlet is above pump foundation.
2_No. Of stage
20_Head at design point.
A_Impeller diameter is the first cut.

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Q:General pump can be used in the model airbrush on?
Recommended with gas tank, so that spraying will continue to be uniform. It is not recommended to use this kind of car to fill the air source.. Beijing Yihai model.
Q:How to make a simple oxygen pump?
The oxygen pump doesn't know, but water goblin is OK
Q:How to use vacuum compressor bag air pump
Method for using vacuum compressor pump:I. charging method:1. connect the pump to the 220V power supply.2. connect the inflatable fittings to the inflatable opening and turn on the switch to start charging ("-" means open, start charging, "O" means closing, stop inflating).3., pay attention to the inflatable valve should not be blocked, otherwise, the pump may be damaged by overheating.4., be careful not to use the air to inflate, please close to see our baby show in the suction port and inflatable mouth position.Two 、 evacuation method:1. open the air outlet for pumping the gas2. connect the right sized fittings to the suction port of the vacuum pump (if the suction port of the pump is just the right size, you don't need the three fittings). Connect the interface, then turn on the switch and start pumping ("-" means open, start pumping, "O" means "stop", "stop pumping").3., pay attention to the air valve should not be blocked, otherwise, the pump may be damaged by overheating.
Q:Air pump motor operation, but not how to do the air pump?
What is your type of pump, oil free piston pump if that happens, it is the main source of air leakage, there are several aspects, one is the piston ring, a valve plate, there is a sealing ring, these words, it needs to put the top cover open the three places each check again, which is bad for which OK, I said that this figure, if this is just to do as I say Ok, if what do not understand, I can call on the name.
Q:How can the air conditioning compressor be refitted into a pump?
No suggestions for change. Although a lot of people do this, it is unreasonable and dangerous.There are at least two things in an air conditioner compressor that are not used in the air because there is water and oxygen in the air:The first is the motor, the motor insulation is mostly used for polyester material, meet high temperature and water called hydrolysis phenomenon, insulation failure; the generation of high temperature, because the design of this motor, considering the cooling is achieved through the refrigerant flowing through the motor coil with heat, so that the current density of the motor design is very high in the air. It is easy to appear the phenomenon of high temperature.The second is oil (also known as frozen oil), oxygen oxidation, water also has the acidification results are, oil deterioration, on the one hand can make the mechanical part produce rust, deterioration of one aspect of the carbide will connect the electricity generating terminal short circuit, electrical safety problems; at the same time, oil discharge do not know what time should complement what kind of oil.In contrast, the air compressor is clear, the motor and mechanical compression parts are separated, the motor is a general motor, compressor parts have oil mirror, can be repaired and replaced, the air inlet has dry filter, the exhaust has a storage tank.
Q:Does the compressor of the refrigerator pump explode when it is compressed?
The compressor housing interior is same and inlet pressure, low pressure area, only the exhaust pipe is high, as long as you're not from the exhaust pipe connected to the high pressure, will not explode, but if the output pressure, may lead to burst or cause fragmentation of internal high pressure pipe valve. 20Mpa, or give up, compressor will be broken, 2Mpa, no problem
Q:The family has a high pressure air pump that has been used to inflate tires
Buy another vacuum cleaner and foam machine, and towels, car wash and other small pieces
Q:Air pump card owner does not turn, but the motor is transferred, how is it?
If the motor and pump with no problem, and is directly connected through the shaft, when starting the motor current should be increased, a long time to burn the motor, so attention must be paid to the operation time of the motor in the test and inspection, and strict control of motor current.If the motor and the air pump are connected by belt, check that the belt is loose Adjust the tension of the belt.If the above problems are normal, it is necessary to disassemble the air pump, check the bearing of the lower air pump is good, especially the lubrication state of the bearing. General rotating machinery failure, most of which are caused by poor lubrication, if the bearings are worn, it is necessary to replace; if the lubrication is bad, it is necessary to clean bearings, re lubrication. But as you describe the pump running with a rattling noise, I think the bearings of the pump should be replaced, because there was no refueling and maintenance for a long time. Because the pump bearing wear, pump will appear large vibration in the operation set, then we should pay attention to whether there is a collision phenomenon between the impeller and the volute pump, if any will repair repair, otherwise the clearance between the impeller and volute large, air pressure does not go on.
Q:Tanks do not open at night filter, do not open the oxygen pump OK?
Don't put the room in the tank, especially the big cylinder. The sound of the pump is very big, and the sound is louder when you sleep.The external filtering barrel and a voice, just put them in the closet bucket loud, don't believe what 1M did not sound, I 1.5M cylinder DICOLOR EX120 daily sleep too sound, but at night hear pump sound, not to mention the domestic brands.In order to ensure sleep or you will put on the cylinder hall proposal.Not really, I recommend you use ADA submersible pump 3W, 35 or so, adjust the intake port properly, the sound is really minimal. Turn off the pump at night and drive the submersible pump.
Q:What is the overheating of the printing press air pump?
First, it is possible to put the air pump in a less ventilated placeSecond 、 the fan of the air pump is faultyThird, the specific circumstances have to be determined

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