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In my house. Any ideas regarding how much this is going to cost me?
You said water pump so i am going to assume your on a well. pumps range in price from $400-$1200. depending how deep the well is.Then you have the charge for pulling the pump, scince you have the expensive part done I would replace the rotten old well pipe and pump cable.by the time your done your looking at a bill from $900.00 to $2000.00. sorry. before you jump into replacing the pump I would contact a well drilling company that also installs pumps.We know about pumps and pressure tanks than ANY stupid plumber.
I have a 2002 honda civic with 85k miles the dealer says the timing belt should be replaced. But with the water pump timing belt tensioner also have to be replaced???
It relies upon on the vehicle, in diverse fashions, like maximum mitsubishis, you could desire to take the timing belt off to alter the water pump. So then that is an included operation and there is not any extra suitable value linked with the exertions to do the timing belt, it merely makes it a handy, value saving time to do it. there is not any rule approximately changing water pumps and timing belts at the same time. If that is not an included operation there is not any element to do them on a similar time. The timing belt is physically powerful preventative upkeep yet there is not any might desire to alter the water pump previously that is showing signs and indicators, and there are a brilliant style of them, that that is going to die.
me and my friends are contemplating going on a road trip.almost 20 hours of driving.but we dont have a water pump, can you drive without one?
you can drive 10 to 20 minutes with out one and then walk the rest of the way
I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cyl while driving home the other day my check engine light came on ,then I noticed my battery was loosing its' charge ,then I noticed my temperature gauge rising very fast.I stoped to see what the problem was.The vehicle had over heated and the serpentine belt was partially off Iet it cool down then I put water in it and drove it home which was about a quarter of a mile.I noticed no problems with the fan hitting the water pump pully until I put the belt back on .My water pump pulley appears to be off line how do I fix this?
your water pump bearing is probably worn out, unfortunately if this is the case replacing the water pump is the only option take the belt off again grab the fan if you can wiggle it forward and back its no good if its ok go to the belt tensioner, Its the next most likely culprit if it get out of line it will throw the whole thing out of whack good luck
How to install circulating water pump for cooling tower?
Water pump, cold water pump and hot water pump, the specific installation depends on the location of the cooling tower and the location of the heat exchanger, high cooling tower position, the need for hot water pump, heat exchanger position high.The cooling tower, cooling tower (Cooling tower), is using water as coolant, from a system to absorb heat emissions to the atmosphere, heat exchanged to produce steam, steam heat to volatile evaporation dissipation, convection and radiation heat transfer principle to disperse industrial waste heat or refrigeration and air conditioning to reduce evaporation cooling device therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the system, device as a barrel. The cooling tower can be divided into natural ventilation cooling tower and mechanical ventilation cooling tower according to its ventilation mode.
my heater in my 94 ford ranger went out about a month ago today i flushed the heater core and it worked for a while and started going out again after i was driving for 15 to 20 mins. the hose going into the heater core was warm but coming out wasnt. could it have gotten clogged again or could it be something else.
your right on the problem so to really figure it out take the hose off or lose enough to make a mess and see it flowing. Take it off at the water pump thats where it comes out at. the water pump pumps water into the radiator or up, not the other way around.
For a basement water pump that controls the toilet, shower and sink--- does it always have to stay plugged in and running??? I heard it make a weird noise and shut it off immediately.. Any help appreciated!!!
No this is normal when you flush it should come on
I received a call from my daughter who said that the water pump was making a grinding noise. She sent a photo to me showing 0 psi on the gauge. I came home to find it actually working again but after running water straight from the pump I found that it is really rusty. What is this caused from? Our water was nice and clear! We've had freezing conditions here. Still doesn't explain the sudden rust.
Ok there are several possibilities one is that since pressure went to zero you stirred up sediment in the surge tank especially if it is the old style before bladder type also if air got into pipes that will loosen rust but these are minor and will clear with time and use but i would worry what is wrong with pump that goes to zero and makes noise you better check that out or your at risk it wont restart next time