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Bathroom decoration into this, underwater to leak, how to do
Give you the decoration of the master is definitely a layman, so simple things are not good, the bathroom floor drain is 3 to 5 cm. But also how to do, knocked on the red! Hope to adopt!
Can be the toilet water to the ground leakage of things
For the floor drain can understand the use of gravity under the principle of design is very core leakage
In the water pipe around the formation of a circle of water seepage, downstairs buckle plate closed, will form a lot of small water droplets, the formation of leaking, looking for people to repair the 3 times is not essential, has been leaked, urge the masters pointing ah, The!
Hello, I am dry construction. In the bottom of the root of the root with the gold soup does not leak around the root of a bit on the line to use the method is very simple: find a waterproof material to buy a bag of gold soup does not leak 15 yuan / bag plus water 1: 2 ratio and good. Note that this thing solidified quickly, run out within 2 minutes.
Meaning is the two words, that is a thing?
Floor drain, in the water supply and drainage volume
Because do not understand the general knowledge, in the hardware store casually purchased a bell-style floor drain, the beginning of the bath when the water can be smooth out, not long, the floor has been completely no water, and this leakage if the replacement of how to replace it?
The consequences of the removal may not be deodorant. You can try.
Bathroom floor drain is not the lowest floor of the floor, the bath finished the tiles above the water flow to the ground how to do
Every time the water is wiped clean
Leakage of water, their own water is also down where the problem is not
And the ground drain connected to another water container (such as: wash basin, bath) of the ground drain in the U-tube after the blocked. So the washbasin or bath when the water will leak to the water.
How to be fixed
The floor drain installation is usually carried out at the same time as the floor tiles, and the corresponding floor drain is selected. A layer of cement is cast on the opposite side of the floor drain panel.