High Lift Submersible Pump

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High lift submersible pump manufacturers

We specialize in the production of QJ type submersible pump, sewage pump of WQ type, QZB type axial flow pump

QJ submersible pump produced by our company is mainly in the market of mining, wellused, power plant, water conservancy department, reservoir.

Equipment advantages

-- careful assembly in a factory to ensure the on-site installation fast and reliable

- the use of multiple impeller, low noise

Check valve - built-in, control the water hammer.

Single stage high lift, can reduce the entire unit height increase the operation stability, the pump shaft with a diameter of 28mm increased the torsion resistance performance of the pump shaft.Bush is made of pure natural rubber material more resistant to wear, and is equipped with hardbearing of imported materials.

- lift can reach 800 meters, in the case of high lift, we will give customers free plus two grade high carrier, convenient assembly, easy maintenance, according to the size of the axial force of pump assembly step by step, so that the motor from the axial force, motor protection, prolong the service life.

For high lift submersible pump products:

AT150QJ10-372 10 tons per hour, lift 372 meters;

AT200QJ40-630 40 tons per hour, lift 630 meters;

AT250QJ100-500 100 tons per hour, lift 500 meters;

AT300QJ160-432 160 tons per hour, lift 432 meters;

AT350QJ300-252 300 tons per hour, lift 252 meters.

Welcome to the company on-site inspections. seeing is believing. Here you will believe we can do it.

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Q:What is a submersible pump and how does it work?
It a waterproof pump that go underwater without shorting out. It uses an impeller to move the water. Some impellers look like a star and some look like the Impeller on a car water pump. There different designs depending on the amount of water the pump will pump.
Q:When the pump is connected in parallel, will the head and flow change?
Depends on how you do it.If you have a pump, the original network is the same, you add a pump, the result is the head and flow increases, the efficiency also changed, increase the number of head and flow, depending on the network characteristics, network characteristics such as steep increase, economy is also poor, which is not recommended. In fact, the actual flow of two pumps plus the actual lift equal, the problem is that the head, flow point of operation has changed.If it is new design, according to the required flow calculation of the required head, according to the head, half of the flow to select the pump, that is, two pumps flow volume, lift equal.
Q:Need help with 95 bmw water pump removal!?
You need a viscous cooling fan spanner (32mm) and something to hold the water pump still. The cooling fan has a left hand thread by the way and will need a sharp blow with a rubber mallet to shift it. BMW have special tools for this job which are 11 5 030 and 11 5 040. Viscous cooling fan spanners are available in shops and I dare say you can find or make something to brace the water pump bolts. A large screwdriver or breaker bar have been known to work. Whichever method you use watch your knuckles!
Q:2000 Ford Focus - water pump?
This Site Might Help You. RE: 2000 Ford Focus - water pump? I have a 2000 Ford Focus with 82k miles on it. The car is leaking coolant intermittently. The radiator was replaced about 3 yrs ago. The car doesn't overheat but when I turn it off I can hear a boiling sound and it smells like something is burning. It's not a strong smell but it's...
Q:What made my water pump lock up?
I would check for the warranty for your water pump. I had an 89 GMC pickup and I kept blowing alternators and pulling front cover bolts that supported the power steering pump.. Your belt even snapped!?! Mine split. These are all symptoms of the serpentine belt being too tight. My automatic belt tensioner was at fault. Your water pump has probably got the belt around the pulley about 3/4 of the diameter. That equals a heavy load on the bearings resulting in them failing and locking up. Get yourselt a new belt tensioner this time.
Q:Water pump and pressure tank question..?
I would go with a ½ hp jet pump which normally come with a 30-50 pressure switch Check out Home Depot I believe they sell the Flotec. which will run about 260.00. It will give you much better pressure upstairs and if you want to increase the pressure you can chance the pressure switch (24.00) to a 40-60. As for tanks I would look at the 42 gallon. If you have any more questions about tanks and pumps…feel free to e-mail me
Q:Water pump help it buzzes when it pumps or something
many times the diaphram is torn. This time of year if it freezes the diaphram is made up of plastic and could tear. for this reason humming and no pumping. whether it doesnt freeze the diaphrams purely have a limited existence to them. you additionally can desire to ascertain the front and go out of the pump the place the water is going in and is derived out. examine for blockage. something from leaves to sticks to moss could be in there. maximum pump diaphrams can relatively get replaced. you are able to order a sparkling diaphram online without needing to interchange the finished pump. many times 3-6 screws and watch intently the way it comes aside and positioned it back at the same time the comparable way. the first human can do it with little hassle.
Q:Water is pumped through a pipe of diameter 13.0 cm from the Colorado River up to Grand Canyon Village,?
a) Pressure is the weight of a 1 meter square column of water. The height of the pipe is 2311-564 = 1747 m volume is 1747 m³ density of water is density of water at 20C = 0.998 g/cm³ = 998 kg/m³ mass of water is 1747 m³ x 998 kg/m³ = 1744000 kg weight of water is 1744000 x 9.8 = 17090000 N Pressure is 17090000 N/m² or 17.09 MP b) Cross sectional are of pipe is A = πr² A = π(.065)² = 0.0133 m² one meter of pipe has a volume of .0133 m³ 4300 m³ are pumped per day The water in that one meter of pipe has to be changed 4300 / 0133 = 324000 times per day to handle the flow That is 324000 / (24*3600) times per second or 3.75 times per second. Since the section of pipe is is 1 meter, that is 3.75 meters per second.
Q:1991 Ford Taurus SHO water pump?
that will depend on the type
Q:How to rebiuld a water pump?
Dont waste your time rebuilding it, just buy one from napa or some auto parts place with a life time warrenty, on something like that your time is worth more then the water pump, and since the pump is having to deal with hot water and corrosion it's possible it might go out again soon or never but with the warrenty it wont hurt so bad.

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