Small Electric Slurry Water Pump

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:50WQ15-10

  • Theory:Centrifugal Pump

  • Structure:Single-stage Pump

  • Usage:Water

  • Power:Electric

  • Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

  • Fuel:Electric

  • Pressure:High Pressure

  • Application:Sewage

  • Material:Cast Iron/201,304,316 Stainless Steel

  • Color:Orange Yellow

  • Discharge Diameter:50mm

  • Flow:15m3/h

  • Head:10m

  • Power:1.5kW

  • Certificate:ISO9001

  • OEM , Design Service:Accept

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:wooden box packing
Delivery Detail:5-7days after payment confirmation or as customers' requirement


small electric slurry water pump
Flow range:5~300 m3/h
Lift range: 5~240m
Diameter range: 25~500mm
stock products,OEM ok

small electric slurry water pump

1. WQ sewage submersible pump is nonclogging sewage pump

(1). developed on the basis of the foreign advanced technology,

(2). now is the most advanced internal sewage water systems

2. Features:

(1). Notable energy saving effect

(2). Non-clogging

(3). Anti-winding

(4). Strong particles passing ability

(5). Automatic installation

(6). Automatic prosecution.etc.

3. WQ series submersible sewage pump is power irrigation equipment united by the motor and the pump

especially the swirling impeller and double channel impeller matched with spiral type centrifugal pump body

(1). pump body have extremely strong drainage capacity

(2). The motor part adopts mechanical seals of hard corrosion double end face ceramic, which have very good effect of

seepage prevention, its protection level is IP58 and designed insulation class is grade E (75 K), motor running more safe,

reliable, and long service life, convenient installation.

4. Product features:

(1). Compact structure, easy to move ,easy installation;

(2). Specially adopting cyclone type and double flow type impeller ( high lift pump adopts centrifugal type), strong pollution

      discharge capacity;

(3). The motor adopt hard corrosion-resistant single and double end face ceramic seal ,good anti leakage effect, the motor

      running more safe and reliable;

(4). Adopting cooling sleeve type WQS water filling pump makes they can run above the liquid level for short time and drain

      the ground liquid.

5. Product usages:

(1). Enterprise wastewater discharge;

(2). Drainage system of city sewage treatment plant

(3). Drainage station of subway, underground chamber, air defense system

(4). Sewage drainage of hospitals,hotels,high-rise buildings

(5). Sewage drainage station of residential district

(6). Thin mud drainage of municipal works and construction site

(7). Water supply equipment of water plant

(8). Sewage drainage of farm and agriculture irrigation of village

(9). Mining exploration and water treatment equipment supporting

(10). Replacing the shoulder carries to deliver river mud

6.Using condition:

(1). Based on the impeller center, the underwater depth that the pump was placed shall not exceed 5 m

(2). Temperature of the transport medium not more than 40°C

(3). Transported medium's PH value for 4 ~ 10, and pump shall not carry high corrosive liquid

(4). The transfer medium's solid volume ratio under 20%

(5). The movement viscosity of transport medium for 7×10-7~23×10-6m²/s

(6). The biggest density of transfer medium for 1200 kg/m ³

(7). WQ submersible pump, motor must be dived into the underwater to operate

Capacity range(m3/h)


Head range(m3/h)


Outlet size(mm)





Cast iron, SS302,SS304,SS316

Shaft seal(mechanical seal)

SIC,TC, ceramic,graphite...


up to 120 degree




Movalbe or auto coupling type

Water leakage probe

float switch

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Q:Can the water from the fire pump enter the roof fire tank? Why?
This should be divided into two cases, the key depends on the use of your water tank!If you fire water tank roof is a constant pressure water tank fire control system, the requirements must be set on the water tank outlet check valve, which can only flow from the tank outflow, then pump the water can not enter the roof fire water tank.If the roof fire water tank acts as a water transfer tank and uses it to transport water to a higher building, the fire pump water can enter the water tank
Q:Why does the water pump in the tank pull out the power supply and then plug it in?
Unplug the power, pump into the water, exhaust air, and then connected to the power supply
Q:96 vw golf gti water pump?
This Site Might Help You. RE: 96 vw golf gti water pump? I have a bad water pump on my golf gti.Engine is 2.0L. I just would like to know how hard is it to do it myself. And also is there some special tools that I need.How much time usually takes to get this done? Thank you
Q:can a 2000 lincoln water pump fit a 2001 lincoln?
never and type in your data. hit radiator. click on product and hit the compatability button. if its the same, it will be listed almost surely.
Q:who can recommend me some good water pumpS?
Water pump. ( Pond ) Sump pump. ( Flood prevention ) Auto water pump. ( Radiator ) What is the specific purpose of the pump.
Q:Intelligent pump controller, water is full water transfer automatically shows the next pool of water shortage, what is the matter?
The sensor is out of order or the line is out of contact.
Q:Help with damaged water pump causing car to overheat?
If you have electric fans to cool the radiator down you can turn on the airconditioning or the defrost which will make the fans run continuously keeping the water cooler for a longer period of time
Q:doubt about water pump..?
Is the motor of the pump built-in so that the pumped fluid flows through the motor also? If the answer to the question is yes then do not use the pump for pumping kerosene. However, if the pumped liquid does not come in contact with motor then you can use the pump for pumping kerosene. But ensure that the pump shaft seal is of mechanical type (so that kerosene does not leak from the shaft sealing area) with parts (specially any rubber parts) compatible with hydrocarbons (use viton rubber parts instead of EPDM)
Q:Broken Dishwasher Water Pump?
Before you replace the pump, make sure that the hose to the pump is not blocked with food. This is a common problem. You probably have to match pump for pump. Google the part on line, they will mail it to you. OR check the yellow pages for dishwasher parts, they will answer you questions, and usually tell you how to fix it if you buy the part from them.
Q:Trouble with Cam Seals and Water Pump! Help!!?
change the water pump and the timing belt. the belts on any car should be changed at 100000 miles. make them show you the water pump and explain what the problem was with far as the cam seals just keep an eye on them and keep the oil checked.a little oil leak is no big deal with that many miles. go to your local parts store and ask them about oil addittives that might help recondition the seals.

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