200QJ32-119-18.5KW Deep Well Submersible Pump

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Product Description:

For example: 200 qj32-119/7

32 means for borehole diameter not less than 200 mm

(if used in pools, lakes, and mine environment need not consider, as the case may be to add dome simulation wellbore < >).

Q said diving heading letters (pinyin); J well represented by heading letters (pinyin);

32 indicates flow is 32 m3 / h; 119 said head is 119 m; 7/7 said impeller series.

Scope of application

Apply to irrigation, water, garden fountains, landscape, water recycling system, mine drainage, emergency rescue, urban water supply, enterprises and institutions mentioned in underground water. The equipment is low noise, high efficiency energy saving.

Technical parameters:

Outlet diameter is divided into 2 "3" 4 ". The retaining bolt quantity for: 6, models of 12 x 60 (8.8), bolt center distance is 150 mm. For the convenience of users to install and use, factory specially equipped with consistent with the unit outlet companion flange piece (diameter 178 mm diameter 2 "3" 4 "mm thickness of 16 mm) spot welding joint pump by users themselves short tube.

Allow the medium range

1: no impurity in water, chilled water/cooling water, rain water, coal, iron ore, metal, such as underground water, drinking water, mineral water and etc.

2: the allowed working temperature range + 5 to + 25 ℃

3: solid impurity content (mass ratio) is not greater than 0.01%

4: PH value (PH) 6.5 to 8.5

5: the content of h2s is not more than 1.5 mg/L

6: the content of chloride ion is not more than 400 mg/L

7: work units must be completely invasion not water.

The motor parameters

Submersible motor for water lubrication, before use must give motor cavity filled with clean water, (note: be sure to fill or will reduce the service life of the motor) if forget to add water motor will quickly burn out.

Motor protection grade: IPX8

The power supply

380 v / 50 hz, 660 v / 50 hz if customers need special voltage or frequency of special need to inform us in advance.


Impeller: cast iron HT200, or tin bronze (grades) such as: ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1

Pump casing: cast iron HT200, or stainless steel, such as: 2 gr13. 304

Pump shaft: 2 gr13 cold-drawn steel chrome plated or stainless steel (1050 ℃ tempering treatment, strengthen the torque)

The motor seal: rubber sealing o-ring; Sealing machine.

Motor rubber expansion regulating sac.

Equipment advantages

- carefully assembled at the factory to ensure the rapid and reliable field installation

- using multistage impeller, with low noise

- built-in non-return valve, the impact of the prevention and control of water hammer.

- single stage high lift, can reduce the height increase the stability of operation of the whole unit, pump shaft phi 28 mm diameter increased torsional performance of the pump shaft. With natural rubber material is more wear-resisting, bearing and hard bearing shell is equipped with imported materials.

Scope of supply

Submersible pump units (including pump body with submersible motor in two parts), the built-in one-way non-return valve, outlet companion flange, 12 x 60 bolt 6 (8.8), the use of maintenance manual 1, 1 certificate 1 copy of packing list and outer packing.

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Q:Water pump maximum flow and standard flow?
According to my estimate, a pump has the best working point, then this standard flow I think should refer to the best working point, that is to say you want to flow 480l/h, choose this pump is best
Q:My water pump went, and car overheated. Can there be any other damage?
If its starts, runs and drives its probably ok. Sometimes the engine block can crack--- if so you might notice that you are loosing oil or antifreeze---- and/or they are mixing together inside the engine. Also, if you see a lot of white smoke coming from the tailpipe then you have a problem. Otherwise, even if it was overheated it should be fine as long as it wasn't driven for extended periods, over and over. Often what really causes damage to overheated vehicles is when people add cold water to an overheated engine, which can cause it to crack as well. The spark plugs probably got the worst of it... Change the spark plugs and your oil. Good luck and best regards.
Q:Kia Sorrento 2003 water pump issue?
Well, you can definitely go to an independent mechanic and knock that price down to about $3000 for an engine replacement. I would definitely get a 2nd opinion on damage to the engine, I never heard of the water pump failing causing the timing belt to break. I guess you kept driving when the temperature gauge was rising and caused the engine to seize. Another shop may also be able to rebuild the damaged engine which could save you a lot of money. I don't know if you bought the Sorrento used, but if you bought new, now you know why a loan longer then 5 years is a no no no.
Q:How to I know if I need to replace the water pump?
Remove the belt and try to turn it by hand. If it makes a growling noise or you can feel roughness in the bearing, then you should replace the pump. Also, look for any leaks anywhere around the water pump that would suggest it needs replacement. If there's no roughness or leaks at the pump, look elsewhere for a leak. Also check your radiator cap to make sure it's holding the proper pressure. Also check your thermostat to make sure it isn't starting to fail. Check to make sure your radiator fans come on too.
Q:What causes a water pump on a car to go bad?????
on this particular model, the wires to the water pump relay short out by rubbing on the EGR mounting bracket. You can repair it w/ two small lengths of wire(16 gauge) and four crimped connectors. It will only take about a half hour. Good Luck!
Q:25KW what is the lift of the pump?
2 floor, the following formula is not accurate, the margin of safety is too large.N=Q (L/s), *H (m), /102/ (0.6~0.85), /0.85As follows: for reference only: (pump flow * pump lift) / (367* pump efficiency) * pump motor power safety margin (constant general take 1.1-1.2) = pump power.Unit: flow M3/H, head MNow you know the power of the pump, but you do not know the efficiency of the pump and flow, so the pump head can not be calculated.Can the normal operation of pump flow velocity detection using ultrasonic detection equipment, combined with the calculation of pump diameter of the flow and shaft power testing equipment can use foreign advanced measure pump, electric motor with related input parameters to calculate the pump efficiency. Then use the formula above to calculate the pump head.The simple way is to ask the designer directly about the design parameters.
Q:2006 chevy impala water pump?
2006 Chevy Impala Water Pump
Q:Bad water pump diagnose?
There is a weep hole on water pumps that will leak coolant when the pump goes bad. The housing could be cracked or there could be a leak in the gasket. When it's running, see if you can see where the coolant is coming from.
Q:2000 bmw 323i water pump?
Oh you found one doe 60 bucks good for you. Lot cheaper than the dealer quoted you. When a water pump job is done the fan and belt are removed anyways. So all you will have to buy is the new fan, the belt if you want. The other parts you listed are probably fine. The tech will inspect them when doing the water pump (if he's on top of things) and he'll let you know.
Q:Which is the better option for a home water pump?
In case of pump failure, it's much easier to repair/replace a floor based pump plumbed with isolation valves and unions. I've replaced a few due to motor failures and flood damage. Arguably, the submersible pump wouldn't have suffered damage due to flooding. Another consideration is vertical pump height. A floor based pump has to draw a vacuum to induce water to flow up to the impeller. This limits the practical draw to between 25 and 30 ft. Much more than that height and the vacuum will exceed the vapor pressure of the the water, boiling it rather than pumping it. A special device can be used to boost the lift: an ejector is placed down the well. Water is pumped down to the ejector, which pulls additional water back up using the venturi effect. This method suffers from additional friction losses but has clear advantages. If you need to pump water up a well more than 20 feet vertical, you should consider a submersible pump, particularly if you are concerned about the possibility of the water table lowering.

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