QJ Series Deep Well Submersible Electric Pump

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Overview of QJ Series Deep Well Submersible Electric Pump

QJ series submersible deep-well pump is new type high grade product developed and produced based on the American, Italy advanced electric pumping technology. Main parts adopt stainless steel, copper alloy, make the pump high efficiency, energy-saving, wear resistance, rust and pollution resistance, good appearance, convenient installation. Especially suitable for factories, colleges, industrial and civil, irrigation and extraction of groundwater.


Product Range of QJ Series Deep Well Submersible Electric Pump

1. 4" Submersible pump, The impellers and the diffusers are in plastic material(noryl),whereas the bearings are in ceramic/rubber lubricated by the water circulation.Check valve is incorporated in the delivery body with threaded outlet.The coupling Pump-motor is according to NEMA regulations.
2. 6"、8" Submersible pump, The impellers and the diffusers are in grey cast iron, (on request, the impellers can be supplied in bronze), whereas the bearings are in ceramic/rubber lubricated by the water circulation. Check valve is incorporated in the delivery body with threaded outlet (on request , it can be supplied flanged). The coupling Pump-motor is according to NEMA regulations.
3. 4"、6" Stainless steel submersible pump, the pump caising/impeller is made of stainless steel 304, 316.


Parameter of QJ Series Deep Well Submersible Electric Pump
Flow Range:2-200m3/h
Head Range:10-300m
Power Range:1.1-132kw
Material:Cast Iron、Stainless Steel
Work Pressure:≤1.6MPa


Q: If I increase the power of the motor, must I also increase the power of the inverter?

A: You must select the size of converter that allows maximum absorption of the electric motor.

Q: Do you have pumps with grinders?

A: Yes, the WQ models.

Q: How long is your warranty?

A: Unless otherwise expressly authorized in writing, by specifying a longer period or different conditions, CNBM states that, for a period of twelve (12) months from delivery date, all Products supplied are free from defects in materials and workmanship, and conform to the applicable specifications. Either the delivery documentation or the invoice must be provided to prove delivery date. In absence of such documents, the production date appearing on the product label may suffice.

QJ Series Deep Well Submersible Electric Pump

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Q:how do i know if i need to replace the water pump on a 2000 kia sephia?
Your water pump should definately be able to be spun by hand. Generally when a water pump goes, or starts to go, it will leak antifreeze and or you will be able to shake the pulley slightly. Double check and try to spin the water pump again without any belt tension on it. A water pump can go at any time however, if your car has less than like 80,000 miles on it, it's probably fine.
Q:how do I replace water pump so that water will be dispensed from refrigerator?
There is no pump in the fridge. Water is propelled by pressure before it gets to the fridge.
Q:How does a pump pump water?
Centrifugal pump is the use of centrifugal force to increase the pressure of water and make it flow of a pump. It is composed of pump shell, impeller, rotating shaft and so on. The motor drives the rotating shaft, the rotating shaft drives the impeller to rotate at a high speed in the pump casing, and the water in the pump is forced to rotate with the impeller to generate centrifugal force. The centrifugal force forces the liquid from the impeller periphery to throw, the high speed, the high pressure water flows through the pump shell outside the pump, the impeller center forms the low pressure, thus draws in the new water flow, forms the unceasing water current transportation function.
Q:Volkswagen...Leak from the water pump housing... or something else?
You say it has been below freezing for a while. *IF* it has been very cold and *IF* your pipes are not below the frost lines in your area, then the pipe could be frozen. That would cause the pump to likely trip out as it would over-work while trying to push water through ice (not easily done!) The good news is if the pipe is frozen, it is most likely frozen near the point where the water goes into or out of the ground. If you have access to 110 power in both of those areas, (or can get it there by some safe means) try this. Take a heating pad (like you use for sore backs/ knees) and wrap it around the pipe right at the point where it transitions into the ground. Tie it in place with string or yarn and turn it on at it's highest setting. After about an hour try turning on the pump. Still trip? Give it another hour. Still trip? Do the other end. Believe me this works surprisingly well, and once you get the water flowing, even just a little bit, the rest will melt quickly. Good Luck. James
Q:Engine ticking after Water Pump Replacement?
Chrysler's 2.7 Liter Engine is pure garbage!!!!!! They start ticking and knocking and then they die. Sorry, I've been a victim of the 2.7 Liter as well. I had a 2002 Intrepid with 101,000 miles. It needed a THIRD engine installed. All those 2.7's sludge up and die. I heard the water pump is built inside of the engine itself...
Q:Water pump leaking after replacing coolant recovery tank?
A leaky pump usually means that it has gone bad. Water pumps are not designed to last forever. If your water pump is leaking after it has been on your car for a while replace it weather it is causing your car to run hot or not. Not replacing it will only lead to more costly problems because it will only continue to get worse over time. It might be a good idea to have your engine pressure tested to insure that you haven't caused any major engine damage from overheating while only replacing your water pump will seal the pressure in the system and showing any major defects such as a blown head gasket. You should also preform a check of your other coolant system components such as your fan(s), thermostat, hoses, radiator, heater valve, belts, and recheck the reservoir. Good luck.
Q:Water pump is constantly running! please help!?
ITS A WATER LOGGED TANK, DONT REPLACE IT JUST DRAIN IT drain the tank, you need the air pocket in the tank. drain the pressure tank completely, let it fill it again, and have an air pocket in it. if it has a rubber bladder in it , the bladder could be leaking and all the air has been replaced with water, drain the tank and see if it feels empty after it is drained, if not the rubber bladder is full of water, new tank is needed. with no air pocket the pump is going to keep cycling on and off. the pressure switch comes on at 20 lbs, shuts off at 40 lbs. the only way it gets the 20 lbs difference is with the air pocket expanding. if all is well, lets say it takes 2 minutes for the pressure to drop from 40 to 20 with a faucet wide open. with no air pocket it will drop from 40 to 20 in a half a second, pump kicks on to pressureize it and its back to 40 in a half a second. pump is on and off, on and off over and over over. with an air pocket it will take the pump several minutes to bring it back up to 40 from 20.
Q:Solar panel requirement to run 1 HP water pump?
Hey R, if you have an existing pump you are trying to run that is designed for 220 AC, I would suggest going with the battery and inverter, but either way it will take about 1200 watts of solar. With no battery, the panels need to provide for the surge power to start up the pump, so now you're looking at at least 2000 watts of panel. Then as Caoedhen pointed out, one cloud goes by, it shuts down then starts again, this is not good for pump longevity, so you'll be spending more on replacement parts too. If you don't have the pump yet, and you want to go solar, I would use a slow DC pump, they make them strictly for solar panel operation, no batteries or special controllers. Windy Dankoff probably is the expert, do a google search for DC slow pumps, or look for Windy's website. Then you can get by with a lot less panel, and a better pump for them, plus no batteries. Take care, Rudydoo
Q:1991 Ford Taurus SHO water pump?
It's fairly simple and straightforward to replace a water pump on most vehicles. An older one like that will be even easier. Take off the belt and any other brackets or parts that obstruct the removal of the water pump and then unbolt the pump itself. Clean the gasket surface area, install a new gasket, and then reinstall in reverse order. You will need a good mechanics tool set with sockets and wrenches(mostly metric), a pry bar, a drain pan, and a good repair manual like a Haynes or Chilton and you will have a pretty easy time with it. A garage will charge about $90 to $105 an hour for any job. You can call a dealership and ask them and they will give you a price based off of the estimated time and part cost. Since most private garages and the dealers charge about the same hourly rate the better choice is almost always the dealer.
Q:where is the water pump on 97 ?

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