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IHF single stage single suction fluorine  plastic  alloy chemical centrifugal pump

(is shorted for IHF Fluorine Centrifugal Pump ) is designed and maunfactured combine with  non metallic pumps in accordance with international standard . The pump body is made of metal and sheel lined with PED (F46 ) .The Pump Cover, impeller , sleeve  are  full  made embedded pieces of metal sintering  suppression   of overall outsourcing of fluorine plastic. seal exterior stype with advanced bellows mechancial seal.static selection of 99.9% almina ceramic ring  (or Silicon Carbide )Moving ring are made of PTFE filled materals , its  excllent corrsion-resistant seal wear .

The inlet and outet  of pump  reforcement of  cast steel body , in order  to increase pressure of pump .

This pump has a lot of  advantages of  corrosion- resistant , wear-resistant  , high-temperature -resistant , No-aging  ,running stable,resaonable avanced  structure  ,available seal performance ,assemble and disassembled   mainternance easily,long service life etc..
Operation temperature range :-20~150 degree
Flow range :3m3/h~1000m3/h
Head range :5m~125m
Motor : 1.5 -90 kw

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Q:How many fish have parrot fish 24 hours open oxygen pump
Fish can be doubled by adding oxygen to the pump. Without pumping, artificial agitation of the best water surface, not the more bubbles, more oxygen, the fact that the fastest melting oxygen, the best
Q:Air compressor or small pump is how to determine how much spray guns can be equipped with the wind?
It's better to buy an air compressor with a variable frequency, but provide the amount of air that doesn't use the spray gun and the wind, and how many times you use it! Do not give you a larger air compressor, you say you do not use so much, to provide a small, you certainly do not say enough.
Q:Open oxygen pump goldfish why are you always floating in the water floating a few days and then he died.
The goldfish is always floating in hypoxia.The oxygen pump is also anoxic, because the oxygen shortage of fish is not necessarily the lack of dissolved oxygen in the water, but also because the fish can not breathe enough oxygen from the water.For an easy to understand example, the oxygen content in the air has almost always been 21%. Why do so many people in the hospital have to absorb oxygen? Because of physical reasons, they can not make enough use of oxygen in the air for the time being.The same is true for fish. Diseases such as illness, infection, trauma, poisoning, etc. can cause insufficient oxygen to be used in the water. So, it may be the following:1, chlorine poisoning - tap water before use2, drug poisoning - change the water, do not indiscriminate use of bactericidal drugs3, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite poisoning - change water, strengthen the filtration system4, infectious diseases - the right remedyGoldfish in fact very good breeding, new easy problem is two points, one, breeding density is too much. Two, equipment input too little.
Q:The oxygen pump is on, but the fish swim on the water itself
You say the situation is similar to the fish floating head, is hypoxia phenomenon, but your aquarium is small, but the fish is not too much, the oxygen supply is more than sufficient, I think if it is not due to the hot weather caused it is hypoxia. You have to feed feed a little more than a few remaining, sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen on the bottom of microbial decomposition produced, especially hydrogen sulfide are dissolved in water, is a great harm to the fish body. On the other hand, the excrement of fish remains in the pool, and the change of water is not in time, and the oxygen in the water will soon be consumed, and the fish will be poisoned. In this way, the efficiency of the filter pump should be strengthened, and the water will be changed slightly. The action of an oxygen pump is to make air into a vesicle, which increases the area of contact with water and more effectively dissolves oxygen in water.
Q:How can I solve the water in the air pump?
Air pump, that is, air compressor, are specialized water switch, as long as the things connected, the waterproof screw off, you can put the water off. The general drain screws are at the bottom of the air pump.
Q:The car isn't cold enough. Is it related to the air pump?
Cold air pump is one of the kinds of snow, room temperature, screen, electronic fan, thermostat and so on will affect the refrigeration
Q:How does the CHINT CJX21210 control the starting of the air pump?
The control circuit has nothing to do with the pressure gauge. The pressure gauge acts as a monitoring function and controls the pressure automatically by the pressure switch.
Q:What is the main function of the air pump in the sauce packing machine?
The air pump for sauce packing machine mainly needs fillingThe filling sauce without air pump is not very goodSo, what's the choice of the sauce packing machine or the filling part?Able to clean materialIs the measurement standard, whether there is leakage at the sealing place, etc..
Q:What kind of fish can live without inserting oxygen pumps?
Cold water fish, such as fish, tropical fish in Manlong, large fish kissing, and some varieties, will be a breath of air, the extraction of oxygen from,
Q:My fish are always upstream. Should I buy an oxygen pump or a filter?
Of course, filter Oh ~ ~ I have always used the filter ~ ~ ~ with the filter does not need oxygen pump ~ ~ I was so raised ~ ~ rest assured that ~!

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