blind flange (welding neck flange,weld neck flange)

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Stainless Steel Flange
1) Wall Thickness: SCH5S - SCH160S
2) Grade: 301, 321, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 317, 317L                

blind flange (welding neck flange,weld neck flange)

Stainless Steel Flange:
1) Wall Thickness: SCH5S - SCH160S

2) Grade: 301, 321, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 317, 317L
3) Standards: ASTM/AISI/DIN/JIS
4) Size: DN10 - DN1,200mm

Knitted package in bundles or wooden case, or as per customers' requirements

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Q:The effect of a car flannel
Flange connection is an important connection of pipe construction. Flange connection is easy to use and can withstand greater pressure. In industrial pipelines, flanges are widely used. In the home, the pipe is small in diameter and is low in low pressure, and no flange connection is visible. If you are in a boiler room or a production site, there is a lot of flanged piping and equipment. In general, the effect of a flannel is to keep the connection of the pipe in place and seal
Q:What is flange mostly used for?
The flange connection consists of a pair of flanges, a gasket and several bolts nuts. The gasket in between the two flange sealing surface and tighten nut, washer on the surface of a pressure deformation after reaching a certain value, fill and seal surface uneven, not connected closely. Flange connection is a removable connection. Product specification: dn15-dn2000 Product packaging: wooden cases or other Product color: metallic color Product characteristics: anti-corrosion, acid alkali, long service life, reasonable price calculation, smooth surface, high temperature and high temperature, good appearance and strong texture Production process: professional overall forging, forging press, medium plate cutting, middle board, etc Processing: high precision CNC lathe turning, plain lathe, argon arc welding, etc It's called the sch-5s, sch10s, sch20s, sch30s, sch40s, etc Manufacturing standards: national, American, Russian, Japanese, etc Material: 201,304.316l.0cr18ni9.321.202 USES: widely used in water conservancy, power, power station, pipe fittings, industry, pressure vessel etc Connection: flange nut, bolt connection.
Q:What does flange do?For what?
The device or pipe connection is used, so the flange has a bolt hole for the bolt connection.
Q:What does the flange do?
(flange, flange connection to be) by a flange, a gasket and a number of bolt and nut. Gasket in between the flange sealing surface, tighten the nut, washer on the surface of a pressure reaches a certain value after deformation, fill and seal surface uneven, not to join. Some have attached flange, pipe fittings and equipment is also belong to the flange connection. Flange connection is an important connection mode of pipeline construction.
Q:Where is the flange connection
Flanges are usually connected by connecting two pipes, so that they can be assembled easily, and the specifications 15mm - 8m can be customized according to demand.
Q:What does flange column do
In fact, the column is the main body. The flange is just an accessory in the column. Flanges had only one thing in the column: That's a tight and supportive role. Flanges are usually made through four holes in the flannel, fixed on the ground or on the wall. The column is directly in the flange seat.
Q:What is a silk flange
That is the call basket that the axles can connect to.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:Is the flange a pipe? Urgent urgent
Flanges, or flanged flanges or flanges. The flange is the part of the pipe that is connected to the pipe and is used for the connection between the end of the pipe. Also useful for the flange of the equipment import and export, for the connection between two devices, such as reducer flanges. Flange connection or flanged joint, which refers to the disconnection of a combination of flange, gasket and bolt. The pipe flanged flanged is a fitting flange for the piping device, which is used to refer to the equipment's import and export flanges. There are holes in the flanges, and bolts make two flanges. The flange is sealed with gasket. Flange threaded connection (thread connection) flange, welding flange and clamp flange. The flanges are used in pairs, and the low pressure pipe can be used with wire flanges, and the welding flange is used for more than four kilograms of pressure. Between two flanges, add a gasket and tighten the bolt. The flange thickness of different pressure is different, and the bolts they use are different. Water pumps and valves, when connected to pipes, are locally made of these devices, also known as flanges, also known as flanges
Q:What is the main difference between flanged and flanges and flanges and flanges?
Flange a, flange b, in the pipe fittings, only call different. Plastic flanges flange root, root for plastic pipes or composite pipe connection, a connection surrounding edge and connection in combination with surface, connection around the edge no connection bolt hole, its connection in combination with surface has a circular groove seal installation. The utility model by setting the circular groove equipped with sealing ring, make plastic flange sealing of root connection becomes easy, sealed performance is good, also need not too much for connecting flange of locking force, easy construction, protection of the flange, greatly extend the service life of the flange, alternative steel flange is used, the utility model is particularly suitable for the mine negative pressure suction gas pipe connection. The Flange is also called a Flange or Flange dish. The flange is the part of the pipe that connects the pipe to the pipe. Flange connection or flange connection, it is to point to by the flanges, gaskets and bolts are mutually connected as a set of sealing structure detachable connection, pipe flange refers to the plumbing for piping flange, used in equipment refers to the import and export of the flange of the equipment. There are holes in the flanges, and bolts make two flanges. Flanged is a kind of PE pipe, flanged piece is called the steel flange, and the flange is called cast-iron pipe.
Q:Are the couplers and flanges of fiber optics the same thing?
Fiber coupler is removable (activities) between optical fiber and optical fiber connection device, it is to put the fiber of two surface precision docking, so that the optical output of light energy to maximize the coupling to the receiving optical fiber, and optical link and its intervention to minimize the effects on the system

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