Stainless Steel flanges (big welding neck flange,ss flange)

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1) Wall Thickness: SCH5S - SCH160S
2) Grade: 301, 321, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 317, 317L                

Stainless Steel flanges (big welding neck flange,ss flange)

Stainless Steel Flange:

1) Wall Thickness: SCH5S - SCH160S

2) Grade: 301, 321, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 317, 317L
3) Standards: ASTM/AISI/DIN/JIS
4) Size: DN10 - DN1,200mm


wooden case, or as per customers' requirements.

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Q:How to draw a line of six equal parts
Cross the center of the flange Using the center point, draw the circle line of the position that needs to be punched in the flange. The distance from the neutral to the circumference of the circle is the radius, and the circle line on the cross line is used to draw two points on the circle line The radius of the compass stays the same, and at the new cut point, draw the tangent point with the compass, And when you're done, you can get 6 points on the perimeter of the circle, which is the position of 6 holes in the flange.
Q:How do the flanges work
Also useful for the flange of the equipment import and export, for the connection between two devices, such as reducer flanges. Flange connection or flanged joint, which refers to the disconnection of a combination of flange, gasket and bolt.
Q:What are the characteristics of welding and flanged connection
Use this kind of connection is mainly used for cast iron pipe, plastic lining, nonferrous metal and valve flange connection, flange connection of process equipment and use flange connection. The main feature of flange connection is disassembly convenient, high strength and excellent sealing. When installing flanges, the two flanges should be kept in parallel, the cover of the flange should not be touched, and should be cleaned. The gasket of flange is chosen according to the design regulation. Connection mode flange threaded connection (wire) flange and welding flange.
Q:How is the amount of flanged piece calculated in the fire pipeline?
Flanges on the valve: the set of the sixth volume, valve, flanged separately, valves, bolts and flanges; When the eighth volume is set, the flanges and bolts are auxiliary. I am liaoning, the seventh volume of liaoning quota also has valves, flanges and bolts are also auxiliary materials. If it is a groove flange, simply replace the main material or auxiliary material
Q:What is the output flange? What's the effect?
Flange connection is the two pipes, fittings or equipment, fixed on a flange, a first between the two flanges, plus the flange gasket, bolt fastening together, complete the connection. Some pipes and equipment already have their own flanges, which also belong to flange connection.
Q:The difference between the chassis and the flange
Flannel quality requirements. The lamppost chassis is usually square, and the flange is round.
Q:What is the advantage of the washing machine flange process?
What good? Flanges generally require the round and the radial beat to meet the requirements
Q:The quality of rolled flange is good and the forging flange quality is good
The winding flanges cut the middle plate into the right sliver, and the length of the strip depends on the size of the large flange. Then the coil is rolled into a circle and welded to the seams. And then flatten it with the press, mud bed for processing line and chamfering, etc, finally is to use dial cooperate with drilling machine in bolt hole punching processing. The winding flanges cost less than the forged ones. But some large flanges are not forged. This type of product is heavily weighted by the theory weight, and is calculated without the weight loss of waterline, stop, bolt hole, and Angle. The price of the tablet is lower, but if you have large flanges such as a swallowtail, the price will be higher. The theoretical weight is calculated by the formula above. That is to say, big general or curly! Or the cutting board! Small, mostly forged! But overall! Forged is better than volume! Forge a lathe to process a car! The roll is bad processing! The car is very expensive!
Q:What is the standard expression of flanges?
The common flange has flat welding flange and welding flange. The stiffness of flat welding flanges is poor, applied to the situation of pressure p is not equal to 4MPa. The welding flange is also known as the high neck flange, which is rigid and applied to high pressure temperature. There are three types of flanged cover: flat surface covers, which apply to situations where the pressure is low and the medium is not toxic. Embossed cover, applied to a slightly higher pressure occasion; It is suitable for inflammable, explosive, toxic medium and high pressure situations
Q:What kinds of materials do you have for flange?
Carbon steel alloy steel stainless steel can be made flanged as long as you can think of material

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