Flange Adaptor with Epoxy Coating

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Product Description:


universal for uPVC,AC,CS,CI & DI pipe
WRAS certificated EPDM
ISO9001 factory

Flange adaptor  universal type for uPVC,asbestos-cement,carbon steel,cast iron,ductile iron pipe

Materials:  GGG50 body and gland

                   EPDM rubber gasket

                   carbin steel bolting grade 8.8 with rubber protection caps

Size available:   DN40--DN600  (1-1/2"--24")


Working pressure: PN10/16/25


Ductile iron pipe is magnesium or rare earth magnesium combined with golden agent in molten iron pouring before joining, nodulizing graphite, stress concentration is reduced, so that the pipe with high strength, high elongation, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, the advantages of good sealing; wall using cement mortar lining, improving water conveyance pipeline

Environment, improve the water supply capacity, reduce energy consumption; pipe adopts the flexible interface, and the pipe itself has larger elongation, the piping flexibility, can the soil around the pipeline and work together in the buried pipeline, improve the stress state of the pipeline, thus improving the reliability of pipe network operation. Therefore, at present our country water industry usually uses the ductile iron pipe as the competent material

The design requirements

The buried depth of pipeline shall be determined according to the degree of freezing, external load and other factors such as pipeline crossing. In general, buried depth may be frozen at the line 0.2 meters below, and meet the following conditions: when the diameter is larger than 100mm, the top of the pipe of minimum depth is 1.20 meters.

Design of trench bottom width is generally pipe outside diameter of 0.5 meters, and according to the soil condition, determination of excavation slope (I) of nodular cast iron pipe and other pipe like, uniform flow of water head loss along hf= lambda /dv2/2g, the difference is only "lambda" (the hydraulic frictional resistance coefficient), i.e., the head loss can be calculated according to the the original cast iron pipe the local resistance loss.

Nodular cast iron pipe and other pipe like, uniform flow of water head loss along as well as hf= lambda /dv2/2g, the difference is only "lambda" (the hydraulic frictional resistance coefficient), i.e., the head loss can be calculated according to the original cast iron pipe the local resistance loss. The emergence of ductile iron pipe provides a new pipe with excellent performance for our water supply industry. In order to apply the ductile cast iron pipe is better in engineering, design and construction personnel should be familiar with the characteristics of nodular cast iron pipe, constantly discover and solve the problem, to make the design more reasonable, the construction is more standardized, so that the new pipe to play a greater role in water supply project.


Strong corrosion resistance, withstand bending, convenient, no peculiar smell harmless water joint health etc.

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