Manufacturer of HID xenon kits- HID bulbs and HID ballasts,12V 35W ,Ultra bright.AC ballasts and AC big ballasts

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100% Shockproof

100% Waterproof

Model: AC12V/35W

Working Voltage Scope: 9-16V DC  9V-32V

Rated Voltage/Current: 12.5V/3.2A -+5A   3.5A

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 105°C, ≤3000M Altitude

Store Temperature: -40 ~ 150, ≤3000M Altitude

Max. Start Voltage: 23kV

Switch Time : >100000 Times

Working Output: 35W±3W

Working Efficiency: ≥97%

Working Load Output Voltage: 85Vdc±10Vdc

Luminous Flux: 2500-3500LM (3X More Luminous Flux Than Halogen)

Lifespan: Above: 2500h (Up To 5 Times Longer Than Halogen)

Power Consumption: Saves You 57 Over Halogen

H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 880/881, H4L, H13L, D1S, D2S, D4S etc. Are the types of our bulbs. We just listed one model

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Q:OSRAM light bulb and Philips which is good?
OSRAM is better, but many people do not know, commonly used bulbs are Philips. OSRAM slightly more expensive, some people like to use more modified. Thank you
Q:Car headlamp old how to do?
Is the shade is corroded it, the lampshade for a good!
Q:What does the car light mean?
To remind you to the opposite car, this is a warm reminder, you can improve the driver's driving consciousness, to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents! This flashing light, especially in the back overtaking when used, because the turn signal in the back when the driver can not cause the attention of the other side, so the use of headlights, is a warning signal - I want to overtake, beware!
Q:Which auto mechanic shop deals w/ SRS light?
The airbag system is not a smart area of the car to be concerned with saving money when safety is at stake. Take it to the Honda dealership who knows the car and be done with it. Parts store do not service or repair cars, though you can have them connect to the OBD-II system and see what the error code is, usually for free.
Q:Car headlamps, open source licensing okay
Open source of the fine, the main car to do the car halogen headlamps and fog lights, and now also do xenon lights and LED small lights, halogen headlamps are used in the quartz material pipe, temperature and explosion-proof performance, 1988 Since the beginning of the year to do headlights, products sold at home and abroad, and several other domestic product quality are ranked first in the domestic line, with the quality of such as Buddha lighting, three workers, Baoji North, Zhenyu (military), gold, , Clay, Wright, and so are the domestic first-line brand, have reached the European standard and exports to Europe and the United States (some manufacturers have been partially closed down), in recent years the plant has introduced the H4 import automatic production line, the quality is getting better
Q:Which brand of car light brand is good! Cost-effective
Philips, but now fake too much, pay attention
Q:My engine light is on in my 01 escort zx2. went to advance auto for a computer test it came out system lean?
it could be the 02 sensor. unhook the battery, unplug the wire that goes to the sensor, take a wrench and unscrew the sensor and screw the new 1 back in, hook up the wire and the battery.the sensor is usually either on the manifold or in the exhaust pipe.
Q:What is the meaning of the car headlamps?
The headlamps also include a wide light for driving in the evening. To tell other drivers, their own position. Played a safe role in driving at night. Headlight installation and headlight assembly in the middle position. In general, the car headlamps on a light bulb, which has a near light filament, as long as the control of light switch light beam near and far. At present, many car headlamps are equipped with automatic lighting controller. The beam can be adjusted automatically when the car is in the vehicle. Do not interfere with each other. Improved driving safety.
Q:Car bulbs
6000K 8000K refers to the color temperature of the lamp is not the brightness of the brightness of the unit is lumens really admire upstairs 50,000 Renderado have come to say so you see a lot of xenon lights are blue and halogen light is not so blue more blue On behalf of the higher the color temperature at noon the sun color temperature is about 4300K 6000K color temperature looks a little blue 8000K is relatively blue and there is the brightness of the HID are generally more than twice the halogen so do not worry about the light and focus Do better than the halogen and so much better than the color temperature, then about 6000K or so there is the higher the color temperature, the ability to penetrate the less the lower the color temperature penetration of the better if it is foggy night is too Big impact so the color temperature can not be too high (upstairs said more than 80,000 is estimated that you can see the UV?
Q:PLEASE HELP! 97 isuzu rodeo, auto 4x4, wont start, and multiple dash light problems.?
Check your wiring is my first thought.... maybe someone tried to hack in a stereo system and the electrical tape finally came loose. You have a short somewhere, try looking behind the stereo head unit, most of the dash and trans hump circuits go through that area.

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