HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2003 Head Lamp,Crystal Head Lamp for ELANTRA 2003HEAD LAMP

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$20.00 / pc
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20 PCS pc
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1000 PCS/MONTH pc/month

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Product Description:




1Specifications of Head Lamp For Elentra:


Production Name



Hyundai metalbody parts 


black, crystal


Africa, South, America, Mideast, Europe, etc






2Applications of Head Lamp For Elentra:



3 Advantage of Head Lamp For Elentra:


 1.Small  MOQ: It can help your marking business very well.


2.Continuous development of new products   .


3.Good Service : We treat clients as friends.


4.Good Quality :We have strict quality control system & good reputation in the market.


5.Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have great discount from forwarder (Long-term contract ).


4Packaging & Delivery of Head Lamp For Elentra:


Packaging Detail: strong cartons and wooden cases, can pack according to customer's requirements.


Delivery Detail: in 20 days

We have the following hyundai auto models:


              ELANTRA '07 

          ELANTRA '03 



          ELANTRA '08 






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Q:What is the role of car parking lights?
European brand models unique hidden features - roadside parking lights, many European countries, the law stipulates that at night in the absence of street lights on the side of the roadside parking, you must open the outside parking lights, in order to lower visibility in the case of other vehicles Warning effect.
Q:Car headlamp insurance is always blown what is going on
Car headlamp insurance is always blown, indicating that your lamp current is too large, too power. How many wings do you use, 100w?
Q:Car headlight repair
Brother, look at the point, the light bulb or the original, you change the shell is also nothing Well Scratches will affect the projection effect, simply say it is not clear or not far enough it It is not, looking for professional maintenance place to open the headlamp sealant, scratched lens for a change, nor is it to replace the headlamps.
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Q:How to upgrade the car headlamps
Modified xenon headlamps it does not use tungsten wire, there is no concern for oxidation and blown, very durable; it is high brightness, is the general brightness of the lamp 2 to 3 times. As the xenon lamp is the use of high-voltage current activated xenon and the formation of a beam of arc light, between the two electrodes can continue to discharge light. Ordinary car light bulbs power to 65 watts, while the xenon lamp only 35 watts, down nearly 1 times. So it is more energy than ordinary light bulbs. Xenon lamp without tungsten wire, no oxidation and burning concerns, its life is 5 times the ordinary light bulb. Greatly reducing the loss of plastic lamps around, reducing the cost of car.
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